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Persons Interviewed Angove, Robert A., 16 November 2001, councillor and alderman, ACC 1980 – present Bannon, John, periodic informal conversations, 1998–2003, former Premier, Bell, Peter, 17 July 2000, 24 October 2000, 9 March 2001 and 28 May 2002, architectural historian, formerly with State Heritage Branch Beresford, Marcus, 6 February 2003, Executive Officer, CCSA, 1985–95 Birdsey, Peter, 2 July 2003, architect and founding member of Adelaide Residents’ Association Brine, Judith, 29 November 2000, former member and Chair of SAHC and member of CAPC Condous, Steve, 6 August 2001, councillor and alderman, ACC, 1968–87 Lord Mayor 1987–93 Connor, Francene, periodic informal conversations, 2001–2010, councillor and alderman, 1990–97 Crafter, Greg, 31 July 2001, former Minister for Urban Development and Local Government Relations, among other portfolios, in Bannon Governments Donaldson, Don, 7 February 2011, Manager, City Planning, ACC Douglas, Christopher F., 21 August 2001, councillor and alderman, ACC, 1987–95, 1997–98 Hamilton, Mark, 17 July 2002, councillor and alderman, ACC, 1982–89, 1989–90, 1992–93 Harrison, Michael J., 30 July 2001, councillor and alderman, ACC, 1983–95 Hodgson, John, 18 October 2001, City Planner, ACC, 1988–94 Jose, Jane Margaret (Rann), 22 July 2001, councillor and alderman, ACC, 1989–95 Kambitsis, George, 24 June 2003, developer Karidis, Gerry, 18 July 2003, developer Kooyman, Rob, 12 August 2003, lecturer, business studies, University of South Australia (former board member of (BOMA, later Property Council) Llewellyn-Smith, Michael J., 30 July 2001, City Planner, Town Clerk and City Manager, ACC, 1974–94 Lomax-Smith, Jane, 28 July 2001, councillor, ACC, 1991–96, Lord Mayor 1997–2001 Maras, Theo Steven, 19 June 2003, developer Reynolds, David, 15 July 2004, Auckland Area Coordinator, New Zealand Historic Places Trust Heritage Politics in Adelaide Rowney, Barry, 13 December 2000 and 14 December 2000, former heritage architect with State Heritage Branch Stark, Paul, 20 September 2001, co-author, City of Adelaide Heritage Study, 1981–83;

former Principal Heritage Architect, ACC, 1988–2003 Stratmann, Jim, 20 November 2003, architect Walker, Joe, 25 July 2003, developer, Harmony Corp. P/L Wigg, Carol, 6 December 2000, architect, former heritage architect with State Heritage Branch Secondary Sources Ashworth, Gregory, and Peter Howard, European Heritage Planning and Management.

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