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30 JuLY 2011YLC - A tAStE OF thE BARReport prepared by Joanne Leong and Johnson Lim

On 30 July 2011, the KLYLC hosted the inaugural dining session, themed “Taste of the Bar” with senior members of the Malaysian Bar. Held at Smokehouse, Bangsar, approximately 30 young lawyers across Kuala Lumpur had the opportunity to meet and dine with senior practitioners namely Chen Kah Leng, Tommy Thomas, Robert Lazar, Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan, ng Sai Yeang, Jennifer Cheong and Mariette Peters. The afternoon event was also graced by the presence of former Court of Appeal Judge, Justice Dato’ Shaik Daud who took the time to share his vast experience with the young lawyers.

The aim of the dining session was to provide a platform for junior and senior members of the Bar to meet and interact with one another. The event began with an opening speech by the organising Co-Chairperson, Yohendra Nadarajan followed by a short welcoming note by KLYLC Chairperson, Kenneth Wong. Participants then began their 3 course meal. Over the meal,

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As the event drew to a close, Aston Paiva, representing the junior practitioners present at the dining session, proposed a toast paying tribute to the seniors for their continuing effort in upholding the finer traditions of the Malaysian Bar. This was followed by a toast by Tommy Thomas, who responded on behalf of the senior practitioners present. He urged young lawyers to find passion and inspiration in their work and to always strive towards promoting the rule of law in the country.

6 AuGuSt 2011 YLC - A DAY With thE YOunG LAWYERS At AtC Report prepared by Joanne Leong The annual KLYLC’s “University Visits” series kicked off with its first visit to Advance Tertiary College (“ATC”) on 6 August 2011 (Saturday). The event was in collaboration with the Bar Council Constitutional Law Committee (“BCConstiLC”) and the KL Bar Pupils Welfare Committee (“PWC”). The event started at about 10:30am with an introductory speech by Kenneth Wong, Chairperson of KLYLC.

After the brief speech, the participants, comprising approximately 80 law students, were divided into two groups for an “icebreaker” session entitled “Where do you stand?”. One group, led by Aston Paiva, remained in the auditorium, while a slightly smaller group, led by Yohendra Nadarajan, was ushered to another room.

During the session, Aston and Yohendra posed a series of questions to their respective groups that resulted in the participants scuffling around the room to make their “stand” on whether they agreed, disagreed or were uncertain of their position in relation to the topics discussed. Some of the questions, such as “Should the death penalty be abolished?” and “Should preventive detention laws be repealed?”, saw an equal number of students taking the positions of “agree” and “disagree”, thus sparking an interesting exchange of comments during the sessions.

All participants subsequently congregated at the auditorium for a question-and-answer session, particularly in respect of the legal practice for young lawyers. There, pupils-in-chambers, young lawyers and members of the BCConstiLC, some of whom were students introduced themselves before answering a barrage of questions from the floor. During the discussion, questions that were posed by the participants predominantly centred around working hours, starting salaries and areas of legal practice.

During this session, the committee members from the respective committees shared their pupillage experience as well as experiences as young lawyers. HR Dipendra and Richard Wee then gave their views from an employer’s perspective. There were also enquiries regarding the development of the proposed Common Bar Course which saw HR Dipendra giving an insight on the proposed Common Bar Course. A rather unusual question, perhaps tied to the popularity of a recent television series on mediators, was raised when a student enquired about the mediation process and its role in Malaysia, thus prompting Richard Wee to explain the mechanism of mediation and how mediation was perceived among litigants.

The final session was a short presentation entitled “Activism”, by Syahredzan Johan, a young lawyer as well as the Chairperson of BCConstiLC. It was a lively and interactive session that surely inspired students to be more involved in activism work!

Each student left the event with not only invaluable information, but a set of the MyConstitution Campaign’s Rakyat Guides booklets and a copy of the Pupillage Handbook, courtesy of the KLBC.

–  –  –

The KLYLC organised its annual “Majlis Buka Puasa” on 11 August 2011 at Hales Kitchen, Plaza RAH, Kampung Baru. The event was aimed at fostering closer ties between the lawyers and pupils during the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

The invitation was sent out a week prior to the “Majlis Buka Puasa” to all members of the KL Bar and pupils. With a promise of authentic Kampung and Western delights for the attendees at a reasonable rate of RM35 per person, the participants were spoilt for choice with a buffet consisting of mouth watering delights such as creamy mushroom soup, pecal, mixed green salad, potato salad, ‘kerabu’, ‘ikan masin kurau bercili’, ‘telur masin’, ‘nasi beriyani’, ‘ayam rendang’, ‘ikan cencaru sumbat’, ‘daging masak hitam’, ‘ikan masin masak lemak nenas’, mixed vegetables, ‘roti canai and kuah dalca’, curry mee, ‘kerang rebus’, chicken casserole and Malaysians’ all time favourite - satay! As for desserts, attendees were treated with various


50 ANNUAL REPORT 2011/12 • flavours of ice-cream, ‘ais batu campur/ais kacang’, ‘bubur jagung’, a variety of ‘kuih-muih melayu’, pudding and jelly, bread butter pudding and vanilla/caramel pudding. Drinks such as ‘teh tarik’ and sugarcane were also served throughout the night.

The participants started to arrive at Hales Kitchen from 6.30pm onwards and by 7.15pm, all the 3 long tables that were prepared for our “Majlis Buka Puasa” were filled up.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the delicacies prepared for that night together with great company from the members of the KL Bar and pupils. Many new faces turned up for the event which had made the event even more memorable.

10 SEPtEMBER 2011 YLC - A DAY With thE YOunG LAWYERS At inti, niLAi Report prepared by Kenneth Wong Poh Lim Continuing from the KLYLC’s “University Visits” series which kicked off with its first visit to Advance Tertiary College (“ATC”) on 6 August 2011 (Saturday), the KLYLC had the 2nd instalment of the “University Visits” at INTI University in Nilai on 10 September 2011. The event was a collaboration with the PWC. The event started at about 10:30am with an introductory speech by Kenneth Wong, Chairperson of KLYLC.

The participants, approximately 35 of them, were then introduced to an “ice-breaker” session entitled “Where do you stand?” which was led by Aston Paiva. An interesting exchange of comments took place during the session and it was an engaging session with the participants.

next, the participants engaged in a question-and-answer session with the KLYLC and PWC team, particularly in respect of the legal practice for young lawyers. During the discussion, questions that were posed by the participants predominantly centred on working hours, starting salaries and areas of legal practice.

The final session was a short presentation entitled “Activism”, by Daniel Albert, the Deputy Chairperson of KLYLC.

Each student left the event with not only invaluable information, but a set of the MyConstitution Campaign’s Rakyat Guides booklets and a copy of the Pupillage Handbook, courtesy of the KLBC.

17 SEPtEMBER 2011 YLC - A DAY With thE YOunG LAWYERS At uKM Report prepared by Kenneth Wong Poh Lim After visiting two private universities previously, the KLYLC’s “University Visits” series resumed at a local university, namely University Kebangsaan Malaysia (“UKM”) which took place on 17 September 2011. As per previously, the event was in collaboration with the PWC. The event started at about 10:30am with an introductory speech by Kenneth Wong, Chairperson of KLYLC.

Using the same mechanism and modules, the volunteer lawyers from KLYLC and PWC led by Yohendra and Aston kickedoff the visit by having the participants (approximately 80 of them) participating in a session entitled “Where do you stand?”.

An interesting exchange of comments took place during the sessions wherein the participants clearly have differing views in particular in respect of the University and Colleges Act provisions.

The participants were then given the opportunities to engage in a question-and-answer session with the KLYLC and PWC team, particularly in respect of the legal practice for young lawyers.

The final session was a short presentation entitled “Activism”, by Yohendra, the Co-Unit Head for YL Empower of the KLYLC.

His passion for activism, in particular human rights issues, is definitely apparent and infectious on most participants!

The students were also given a set of the MyConstitution Campaign’s Rakyat Guides booklets and a copy of the Pupillage Handbook, courtesy of the KLBC.

–  –  –

The most anticipated event on the KLYLC calendar for 2011 was undoubtedly the YLC Charity night 2011. Themed “The Bar Gives Back”, the proceeds from this event were to be given to Asrama Cahaya, Shelter (Home for Children), Children from the Chin Refugees Community and Somalia Relief Fund by Mercy Malaysia. With both lawyers and non-lawyers streaming into Seduction Club at Jalan P. Ramlee as early as 7.00pm, the night was expected to be filled with fun and excitement.

The event kicked off slightly after 8.00pm with an array of finger food to fill up the hungry stomachs of those who attended the YLC Charity night 2011. Shortly after that, the host and emcee for the night, Jason Leong from the Comedy Club, Kuala Lumpur took the stage and got the attention of the crowd with his witty jokes. He then introduced the Deputy Chairperson of the KLYLC, Daniel Albert to say a few words. Daniel thanked everyone for coming and officially launched the YLC Charity night 2011.

The performance started immediately with FourPlay taking the stage. Deafening screams could be heard when bandmember, Dinesh rapped his way onto the stage. After a rendition of Maroon 5’s “This Love”, screams asking them to stay on stage were heard but unfortunately, they had to give way for another spectacular performance.

Having the bar set at such a high level, solo performer Iylia from RamRais & Partners did not fail to wow the crowd even more.

Serenading the crowd with her version of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, she got herself a few extra fans.

Aga & Co, ending up as a solo performance by Aga, was up next and he did a fine job in calming the crowd after 2 hot performances by singing Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney’s “The Girl Is Mine” and Tracy Chapman’s “Revolution”. Many were seen swaying to the beat of his soulful music.

Right after Aga & Co, O.I.T from Skrine decided to heat things up again with a hot dance number to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Donning with over the top costumes and heavy makeup, they definitely left a great impression on the crowd and immediately became the crowd’s favourite.

Backed by a throng of supporters, Boys Generation was up next and had an expectation to live up to and they surely did. They started with a sultry dance by the ladies, the tempo went quicker and 2 cross-dressers came onto the stage to ‘challenge’ the girls on some dance moves. They showed off some b-boy styles before ending their performance with their signature Korean-pop synchronised dancing.

As the temperature soared in the Club, a 10-minute break was given for the crowd to get their drinks and to do some mingling.

Soon after, performances resumed with Black Asphalt taking the stage. Immediately, the crowd was drawn to the stage because of a rendition of an original song with extremely meaningful lyrics entitled “Love and Unity” followed with a cover of “Feeling A Moment” by Feeder and “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry.

The highly anticipated band of the night, Barcode from the MyConstitution Campaign under the Bar Council Constitutional Law Committee took the stage and sang their ‘official theme song’ entitled “MyConstitution is Mine” followed by a cover of Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know”. The crowd went wild after the second song which saw a stage invasion.

Last but not least were The Skelchys. Faced with technical problem just after stepping onto the stage, lead vocalist and guitarist, Ahmad Fazly entertained the crowd with his amazing dance moves while his bandmates frantically tried to resolve the problem. Once the problem was resolved, the band professionally sang 3 songs, U2’s “Beautiful Day”, Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” and aptly ended their performance with Blur’s “Song 2” The surprise of the night was a special guest performance comprised mainly by some of the members of Elecoldxhot who won 8TV’s Showdown 2011, F.I.X did a stunning self-choreographed dance routine featuring many hip-hop styles and confirming their spot as one of the best dance crew in the country.

The night continued on with the resident DJ spinning away while the organising committee tabulated the amount collected.

Shortly after 11.00pm, the winners were announced and with a collection of RM6,047.00 Barcode was the 2nd runnerup while the 1st runner-up was FourPlay with a collection of RM8,629.00. For the second year running, performers from Lee Hishammuddin Allen and Gledhill, Boys Generation aptly took home the winners trophy as they collected a whooping RM13,696.00.


52 ANNUAL REPORT 2011/12 • The night ended with all performers receiving a certificate of appreciation from the KLBC Chairman, Brendan navin Siva and a huge applause followed when members of the organising committee took the stage to accept thanks from the crowd for their hard work and dedication in making Charity night 2011 a successful event.

The curtain-closer for the night was the winner’s performance. Boys Generation took the stage once more to end this successful and meaningful event.

21 tO 23 OCtOBER 2011 KL-BARBARiAnS At thE 2011 MiDBF Report prepared by Lesley Lim On the morning of 21 October 2011, a team of bright-eyed paddlers arrived at Putrajaya Water Sports Complex to compete in their very first dragonboat race at the 2011 Malaysia International Dragonboat Festival (MIDBF).

As a team that was barely 11 weeks old and having had only one race experience against an all-men Bangladesh team, we had no idea what to expect. We felt that we were in for a rough ride against teams like PDRM, DBKL, the Navy and MMU but a friend reminded me of the motto that every legal eagle knows, “Without fear or favour”.

Battling heat and exhaustion throughout the weekend, the team stayed united and went into each race with the aim of beating our personal best and to run the best race by giving our all.

In every race, placing no longer mattered as we battled against ourselves. We considered the competition a victory as a whole as the team consistently beat its personal best times set during our practice sessions.

Our best race was the Beginners Race (22-crew). We clocked an all-new personal best of 1:08:23 defeating teams like Country Heights, JTM, Ministry of Health and Golden Horse; to bring home the gold medal.

The KL-BARbarians’ women’s crew, nicknamed the KL-BARbies, struggled against seasoned teams like the British-German Dragons but are now even more determined to strengthen up.

Day 2 and 3 came along and the air was filled with festivities and friendly chatter. Besides having the opportunity to discuss with other teams about equipment and training, we also had the chance to support a good cause as the MIDBF was also the IDBF Cancer Survivors World Cup 2011.

The competition was truly a memorable one and what we brought away most from it was the bonds built and camaraderie shared amongst the team members.

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