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PWC’S JOint PROJECt With thE YOunG LAWYERS COMMittEE (“YLC”) This term, the PWC and YLC had worked together on the University Visits project. The PWC had joined the YLC for their University visits whereby during these visits young lawyers would share their legal practice experience with law students. The PWC also distributed copies of the Pupillage Handbook and Directory published by the KLBC to the law students who will soon be commencing their pupillage. With that, the students could better prepare for the 9 months pupillage procedure before they commence pupillage. During these visits, the PWC also took the opportunity to promote the highly anticipated annual Legal Career Fair.

iSSuE PERtAininG tO ADMiSSiOn tO thE BAR AnD SECtiOn 36(2) APPLiCAtiOn (COMMOnLY KnOWn AS “ShORt CALL”) PWC had been monitoring the Courts’ fixing of hearing dates for Pupils’ Admissions to the Bar and “Short Calls” throughout the year. PWC had found that on average the gap between the filing date and hearing date was three to four months which was an unreasonably long period. PWC together with the Civil Court Liaison Committee Co-Chairs had taken a progressive approach to address the issue before the Managing Judge and Deputy Registrar of the Appellate and Special Powers Division


36 ANNUAL REPORT 2011/12 • of the KL High Court. PWC will continue to do its best to ensure that pupils’ interests are protected.

POSSiBiLitY OF iMPLEMEntAtiOn OF MASS CALL in MALAYSiA PWC had been considering and is currently researching the Mass Call module from other jurisdictions. A proposed Mass Call is being considered wherein a total of 300 pupils will be called to the Bar together at the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya. PWC had been in communication with the Law Society of Singapore to share and exchange knowledge pertaining to the possibility of adopting the Mass Call module in Malaysia. PWC will continue to research on the suitability of the Mass Call implementation here in Malaysia. Meanwhile, the Law Society of Singapore is expecting to have an exchange meeting in the near future.

uPCOMinG EVEnt:-

PALACE OF JuStiCE ViSit PWC will be organising a trip for pupils to visit the Palace of Justice where pupils will be visiting the Court’s Museum, Library, Federal Court room, and will watch a video clip on the Malaysian Judiciary and the Malaysian Justice System. PWC is of the opinion that these visits will be beneficial to pupils to appreciate the Malaysian Judiciary and legal system.

COnCLuSiOn I wish to record my deepest appreciation to the members of the Pupils Welfare Committee 2011/2012 who have selflessly volunteered their time and acknowledge all their hard work done and cooperation they have given.

Further, I wish to thank the KL Bar Secretariat, the lovely people that I have had the pleasure of working with, especially the Executive Secretary Mary Tan, as well as Rajan, Indira and Melissa.

Last but not least, I take this opportunity to thank members for entrusting me with this duty and providing me an opportunity to work with many great teams of people and contribute my time in serving the KL Bar.

Jason Kong Chairperson Pupils Welfare Committee

–  –  –

GEnERAL The KLBC continues to maintain a badminton court at the SBA hall in Kampung Attap every Thursday from 6.00pm to 8.30pm to enable members and pupils to play the sport on a regular basis and to interact with other members.

–  –  –

The KLYLC organised its first social get together for the term 2011/2012 on Friday, 13 May 2011 at Werner’s on Changkat. To dispel the fear and superstition associated with Friday the 13th, the young lawyers were told to come dressed to impress.

Whilst the event officially started at 7.30pm, being the hardworking dedicated bunch that young lawyers are famed to be, most began trooping in straight from work well after 8.30pm. After a hard week at work, the lawyers were clearly in the mood to let their hair down as chatting and laughter quickly ensued.

It was heartening to see so many newly qualified young lawyers amongst the crowd.

For many, it was their first KLYLC event. It was also very encouraging to see that quite a number of senior lawyers and former leaders of the KLYLC had come to show their support. In addition, a number of young engineers from the Institute of Engineers Malaysia had come to join us on this fabulous night.


46 ANNUAL REPORT 2011/12 • It was not long before the enthralling beats spun by the house deejay began drawing the crowd to the dance floor. Both young and not-so-young were soon showcasing some awesome dance moves. Many continued dancing well into the wee hours of the morning.

All in all, the event achieved its purpose of getting young lawyers to meet and mingle and to introduce them to the KLYLC. It was encouraging to note that many had expressed an interest in getting involved in future KLYLC events.

28 MAY 2011 YLC ChEQuE PRESEntAtiOn (PROCEEDS FROM ChARitY niGht 2010) At RuMAh ORAnGORAnG tuA AMPAnG Report prepared by Lai Yee Fan A total of about 20 young lawyers and pupils-in-chambers from the KLYLC visited Rumah Orang Tua Ampang (“Home”), a home for the elderly, on 28 May, 2011 as part of KLYLC’s charitable project as well as for the purpose of disbursing the balance of the charity proceeds from last year’s Charity Night amounting to a sum of approximately RM23,000.00 (“Balance Proceeds”).

The Home is managed by care-takers who are responsible for the house-keeping and daily routines such as cooking, cleaning and nursing the occupants who are unable to take care of themselves. The Home is equipped with 4 rooms where each room occupies approximately 12 residents as well as a small hall and dining area.

Hoping to offer a more personal touch to the occupants of the Home, the KLYLC decided to set aside a certain amount from the Balance Proceeds to be distributed to each of the occupants in the form of red packets as well as purchasing the necessities and groceries for the home such as rice, milk powder, milo and others. Having visited the Home previously, we noted that the occupants were in dire need of new closets to store their personal belongings. A consensus was reached by the KLYLC and with the consent of the KLBC, a portion of the Balance Proceeds were utilised to purchase new closets for each of the occupants. The remaining sum of RM15,000 were then donated to the Home.

Upon arrival, the KLYLC members were welcomed by the committee members and residents of the Home, led by Tan Sri Rosemary Chong, Chairperson of the committee of the Home. The cheque for RM15,000.00 was presented to the Home by Siti Fatimah Mohd Shahrom, Deputy Chairperson of the Community Project Unit of last term’s KLYLC and it was received by Tan Sri Rosemary Chong on behalf of the Home.

Tan Sri Rosemary Chong also gave a brief insight into the historical background of the Home. Needless to say, we were very impressed by all the hard work, passion and enthusiasm spent by the committee members of the Home in overcoming the hurdles merely to ensure that the Home survives as a shelter for the less fortunate elderly people.

Led by the caretaker of the Home, the KLYLC members then proceeded to meet the occupants of the Home and distributed the red packets to each of the occupants. The KLYLC members then mingled with the occupants and the interactions with the occupants were filled with humour and laughter. The occupants were genuinely glad to have visitors visiting and spending time with them. After spending some time with the occupants, we began to understand them more - very friendly and with great sense of humour.

Beneath each of the occupants, lies a remarkable and sometimes sad story. Some were abandoned by their families and found a shelter and friends at the Home, some were in the Home due to loneliness and longing to meet new friends and some were no longer able to earn a living due to old age. The visit came to an end at 1.30pm.

11 JunE 2011YLC ViSit tO ASRAMA CAhAYAReport prepared by Tham Hui Ying

Members of KLYLC and various members of the Bar descended upon Asrama Cahaya, one of the homes selected for the Charity night 2011 on 11 June 2011. Hidden in the corner of Bukit nanas, away from the hustle bustle of Kuala Lumpur, stands proud a colonial building 35 women call their home.

The KLYLC members arrived at 9am and were greeted by Sister Betty, the caretaker of the home. She explained that most of the residents of Asrama Cahaya have been there since they were born and abandoned as babies due to their disabilities. While they are dependent on the donations and goodwill of many to run the home, the residents are taught to be self sufficient and

–  –  –

The KLYLC members were then introduced to the wonderful residents of Asrama Cahaya. Many of the residents suffer from mental disabilities and they keep themselves occupied by playing jigsaw puzzles They welcomed the KLYLC members’ presence with open arms and were more than eager to share their puzzles with their newfound friends.

Other residents were eager to share their stories and showcase their singing talents while others were keen to pass on their ‘de-threading’ skills which were accompanied by a medley of hymns, nursery rhymes and Christmas carols.

It was very touching to see how close and helpful the residents were with each other. It was inspiring to witness how they have learnt to make the best out of their circumstances and to find joy in the simple things in life. The warmth and affection emanating from the home was not only restricted to the residents but shared with all of us who were present that day. Seeing how receptive they were to us ‘strangers’ shows how much just a little companionship means to them.

The lunch bell signalled the end of the visit and with heavy hearts the KLYLC members left. The residents reluctantly bade them farewell, blowing them goodbye kisses and repeatedly reminding them to return soon.

–  –  –

The KLYLC and the KL Bar Social, Arts and Culture Committee (“SACC”) had jointly organised an introductory dragon boat workshop on 18 June 2011 and there have been further dragon boat sessions since then. There has been a very enthusiastic response to the dragon boat sessions, all held at the Putrajaya Maritime Centre, with a team being formed and had participated in a competition in October.

Dragon boating can trace its origins back to more than a thousand years. Very Asian in origin, drawing from Chinese legends as well as Asian fishermen, dragon boating is now a global sport with more than 50 million dragon boaters worldwide. Its distinctive features are the brightly coloured dragon heads attached to the front of the boats along with long scales and a tail.

With a drummer seated in front of the boat, the beating of the drum signifies the dragon’s heart beat as the dragon boat races across the water.

At the introductory workshop for the paddlers, a boat of 18 complete newcomers jumped straight into the history, the culture as well as all the technique behind dragon boating. The introductory words given to the newcomers were “We are not rowers.

We are paddlers.” With that, the newcomers went through a fun but intensive crash course into how to paddle a dragon boat.

Being a team sport, the essential element of dragon boating is being able to channel teamwork into achieving perfect synchronisation.

Various drills were carried out emphasising how every single paddler must work as a team. Every paddler must watch out for their team mates, trusting in their team mates and not letting anyone down. Any clash of paddles, any mis-timing, a stop in paddling due to tiredness; all of this would cause one’s boat to slow down.

There have been further dragon boat sessions since then and the KLYLC and the SACC had a team competing at the Malaysian International Dragon Boat Festival held in Putrajaya on 21 to 23 October 2011.

25 JunE 2011 YLC ViSit tO ShELtER Report prepared by Mohamed Hashim Abdul Rahiman and Nurhazwanie Bt. Mohd. Salleh The KLYLC had on 25 June 2011 made a visit to Shelter (Home for Children) (“the Home”), the second adopted home for Charity night 2011, which has been in existence since 1981 to help the abused, abandoned, neglected or at-risk children.

Shelter currently manages three (3) homes, Shelter 1 houses children between the ages 4 until 12 years old, Shelter 2 is a home for teenage girls and Shelter 3 houses teenage boys.

About 30 people, comprising KLYLC members and volunteers, made their way to the Home situated in Petaling Jaya and were warmly welcomed by the Home.


48 ANNUAL REPORT 2011/12 • After a short speech by the KLYLC Chairperson, the organising committee started the activities by having an ice breaking session involving the children, the KLYLC members and the volunteers. The mingling and ice breaking session clearly helped everyone to settle down and everyone certainly got to know each other better.

The organising committee then divided everyone into teams and briefed everyone about the next activity for the day - the “Mini Amazing Race”. To create a competitive atmosphere and to spice the game up, teams were required to come up with a name for their team, appoint a team leader as well as to come up with their very own team cheer.

Whilst on the surface, the Mini Amazing Race appeared to be about teams competing to solve puzzles, cracking clues and overcoming obstacles as quickly as possible, the intention of the organising committee was to educate the participants on the importance of working in a team, communicating well and working hard to overcome obstacles in life. Whilst prizes were given to the first two teams who solved the clues and to reach the checkpoints the fastest, everyone had a great time bonding and solving the puzzles together regardless of what position they ended up with.

With everyone in high spirits, the organising team divided everyone into new groups again for the next activity in line - balloon fight! 5 teams were divided according to favourite colours and a balloon was tied to everyone’s leg. The participants were required to protect the balloons tied to their legs whilst at the same time trying to burst the other teams’ balloons.

Though the energy level of the children was amazing, it was apparent that the KLYLC members and the volunteers were exhausted after the Mini Amazing Race and the balloon fights.

Lunch was kindly sponsored by Puan Arni Ariffin, Spice of India and Bisou and many of the KLYLC members took this opportunity to chat with the children and got to know them better. They discovered that some of the children have amazing talents despite the difficulties they face in life, and one good example was a little girl named Renu, whom despite her age, mesmerised us all with her piano playing skills.

The Bar Council Constitutional Law Committee then took over and led by its Deputy Chairs, Firdaus Husni and Joanne Leong, the children were introduced and exposed to the Federal Constitution in a fun way, via the airing of Rakyat Service Advertisements to the kids.

The purpose of the following session was to allocate time for the KLYLC members and the volunteers to spend quality time with the children and with that, the organising committee decided to have a free and easy session. Some of the children took this opportunity to show us their artistic skills with some fabulous drawings.

The final event lined up was a game of basketball involving some of the KLYLC members, volunteers and the children of the Home. They were split into 4 teams, wherein 2 teams were slotted against each other in the basketball game and another 2 teams were pit against each other in a cheerleading contest. Whilst the teams remain competitive throughout, everyone enjoyed the sweating out session.

23 JuLY 2011 KL BAR YLC ChARitY niGht AuDitiOn 2011 The KLYLC, in preparation for its Charity night on 30 September 2011, held the Charity night Audition on 23 July 2011 at

11.00am at the KL Bar Auditorium. As a result of this, 8 performers were chosen to compete on the Charity night. They were Aga and Co, Iylia, The Skelchys, Black Asphalt, Barcode, FourPlay, O.I.T and Boys Generation featuring Smelly Katz.

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