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«No 5 – 29 May 2015 Welcome It is amazing how quickly time passes during a term at school. We are now half way through with three weeks to go until ...»

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The Year 9 Special Interest Football Class have not participated in two of four sessions of the PLAY program working in partnership with the Adelaide Football Club. Current Adelaide players Ricky Henderson and Kyle Hartigan conducted the lesson with students undertaking a number of introductory activities. Students are looking forward to the future sessions and have shown a keen interest in increasing their knowledge of and strategies for improving their mental well -being.

Glen Little, Leader PE and Health

NEWSLETTER NO. 5 – 29 May 2015

YEAR 8 CAMP I love being out in nature, and having the opportunity to share that with our students at the Year 8 camp at Arbury Park was a highlight of last week. Along the way there were many stand-out moments: watching a group of students weave through the bracken and fire-scorched stringy barks, sharing a moment of silence on the slopes of Mount George, seeing their strategies for building a fire, and witnessing their evolving appreciation of the land, and sustainable ways of living with it.

The real treasures of camp, however, are the positive relationships which form during the week. Students learned to appreciate each other’s hidden talents, and saw their teachers in a new light.

I have gathered some of their reflections below, as well as some very positive feedback from the camp coordinator.

Dr Tinsley, Year 8 Leader.

–  –  –

YEAR 9 ASSEMBLY In the Year 9 assembly on Monday 18 May we welcomed Margaret Riches from STS Student Exchange Program.

Margaret let students know of the varied opportunities available to them to live and study in another country. This included length of overseas stay and countries available. Many students took away information packs. Further information is available in Student Services.

Janet Bradley, Year 9 Leader YEAR 10 WORK EXPERIENCE Most students have now organised their Work Experience Placement for Week 8 of this term (June 15-19). Please note that there is a program running at school during this week for students who have placements at a different time or who were unable to find a suitable placement. This program will provide students with a range of suitable opportunities to meet the requirements of the compulsory Personal Learning Plan (PLP) and to explore the SACE Capabilities.

Students undertaking Work Experience must also have completed and had signed, by their Care Group teacher and a parent / caregiver, that they have completed at least 5 hours of training and instruction. This will be recorded in the Work Experience Booklet that will be provided to all students in the lead up to their placement. This training can

include hours from any or all of the following, but must add up to at least five hours:

 The Year 10 Orientation Day (Week 1, Term 1) – 1 Hour  The Year 10 Careers Day (Week 2, Term 2) – 2.5 hours  The online Passport to Safety (Weeks 5 – 7 Term 2) – 2.5 Hours  VET Course Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) training – up to 2.5 hours  White Card Training – 6 Hours (completed by some student through their vocational training programs) Passport to Safety – ‘How to Enrol’ and complete the Passport to Safety will be provided to all students via Care Group this week. Students may be provided some class time to complete the certificate; however any work not completed during school hours must be completed for Homework. Certificates must be completed and handed to the Care Group teacher no later than Week 7.

If you have any queries, please contact me via the school.

Luke Northcote, VET and Work Experience Leader


Brainstorm Productions presented the play ‘Cheap Thrills’ to the Year 11 students in extended care group as part of the Year 11 Pastoral Care Program. ‘Cheap Thrills’ is a one man show which highlights the difficulties adolescents encounter in the face of peer pressure to indulge in unsafe behaviour. It dispels the myth that drugs, alcohol and fast cars are cheap

–  –  –



SAPOL’s Road Safety Section recently attended Blackwood High School and delivered a road safety presentation to Year 12 students entitled “Getting Home Safely”, presented by a currently serving police officer. This presentation is designed to empower young people to make informed choices, educated decisions and to foster change through open discussion on subjects such as peer group pressure, choices, risks and consequences associated in driving a motor vehicle. The session documented an actual fatal crash which occurred on ‘Muck-up Day’, the final day of school when an 18-year-old driver crashed the vehicle he was driving while unlicensed, drink driving and speeding. The crash killed one friend and seriously injured the driver and another friend. SAPOL’s presentation explores the crash and the subsequent social and legal consequences with the students.

There are a number of web sites which may be of further value to families and the students.

 raa.com.au  mylicence.sa.gov.au  sapolice.sa.gov.au  howsafeisyourcar.com.au For any further information on Road Safety please feel free to contact the Road Safety Section on 82076586 or by Email: DLSAPOLRoadSafetySection@police.sa.gov.au


Continuing our visits from Flinders University academic staff, the following course will be presented in upcoming sessions during Extended Care Group on Mondays.

Mon 1 June Environmental Science Mon 15 June Paramedic Science Mon 22 June BA (+Enhanced) In most cases a lecturer and current student/tutor come along to meet students in an informal manner. The sessions are an outstanding opportunity to get specific information and ask questions about possible study and career options.

Any student who has the slightest interest in these courses should definitely register their interest to attend on the sign-up sheet in the OSA.

Ben Dening, Year 12 Year Level Leader


Gaku Fukushima from Okazaki in Aichi Prefecture, Japan was an International Student at Blackwood High School from 2008 to 2011, when he graduated with the SACE. When he arrived, Gaku’s English skills were very limited. He says, “I didn’t know what people were saying, but I knew they were waiting for a response. In the beginning I was always looking downward.” But as time passed, Gaku’s confidence grew (along with his language skills) and he summoned the courage to start looking forward. Gaku credits his success to his helpful teachers, “Who were always willing to explain things to me in a way I could understand,” to the friends he made, his lunchtime soccer matches and to his kind host families. After graduating from Blackwood High School, Gaku returned to Japan to visit his family, but then came back to Adelaide and commenced an Engineering Science degree at Flinders University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

This year Gaku has returned to Blackwood High School as a part of the Inspire Mentor Program and spends time each week mentoring a group of our current Year 12 students. Gaku is delighted to have the opportunity to give back to the school community that supported him. Gaku’s dream is to work as an engineer in the area of water purification and he is hopeful of finding work in his adopted home, Australia.

Karyn Jones, Coordinator, International Student Programs

–  –  –

On Friday 22 June a representative group of our visual artists were able to join the performing artists for Blackwood High School’s contribution to the Come Out opening parade. For the students involved it was a very exciting moment to walk out of the Railway Station towards the Festival Plaza and see our flags flying high over the footbridge. Congratulations to all the students involved on a job well done.

Jennifer Remete, Jeanette Beadnall and Brigitte Esvelt

NEWSLETTER NO. 5 – 29 May 2015

ART NEWS (cont.)


You wouldn’t think that politicians and commercial artists had a lot in common, but in ‘Life, Arts & Politics’ you find that is not the case. What price the life of a mere ‘domestic employee’ versus a controversial and award winning piece of artwork? And in the race to be prime minister in a post-apocalyptic world, the consequences can be fatal.

As I flagged last newsletter, the Senior Drama class is now in rehearsals for the production ‘Life, Arts & Politics’ scheduled for June 23 and 24 tickets will be on sale in early June or at the door. Adults $10 and Students/Concession $5. We’re looking forward to using the new lights we had installed in the PAC over the holidays to add to the performance spectacle. It promises to be an entertaining evening!


On Tuesday, 26 May our senior Music students and Dance students came together for ‘A Taste of the Arts’ at Blackwood High School, in front of an audience of invited primary school and middle school students. The audience was greeted in the foyer and Drama Room with a display of skill and creativity from our Visual Arts students. In the auditorium the muse’s wowed the audience with numbers from two dynamite bands and an awesome solo guitarist, and the Dance Star teams dazzled in their amazing routines and fabulous new costumes (sewn by an intrepid band of teachers and parents in an ‘extreme’ afternoon session in Week 4) in their last public performance before the competition this Saturday 30 May at Norwood Town Hall.


We are delighted to be welcoming Jessica Reed to our staff of private music teachers. Jessica will be taking Vocal Group and also private or small group singing lessons for students who are not eligible for Government provided singing tuition. Any students who are interested in singing lessons should come to the Performing Arts Centre any lunchtime to leave details with me.

Robyn Trebilcock, Arts Leader ‘BIG SCIENCE’ AND ‘ICAS’ COMPETITIONS A number of our students from Year 8 to 12 have taken part in the national ‘Big Science’ competition. The online competition challenges students to think critically and solve scientific problems using everyday examples. The questions are aligned to the Australian Curriculum – Science.

Our students are also competing in two of the ICAS Competitions (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools). These are run locally by the University of New South Wales: the Digital Technologies round, which was held last week, and the Science round, which will be held Wednesday 3 June.

Good luck to all of our students.

Dr Rogan Tinsley, Science Leader.

–  –  –



On Wednesday 6 May Blackwood High School participated in the annual 9-A-Side Football Carnival. This year four teams participated including students from Years 8 and 9. As part of the Specialist Football Program we had a strong presence from students in Years 8 to 11 with a total of 87 students representing the school on the day. This included the Years 8s and 9s as players, Year 10’s as Umpires and Year 11’s as Coaches. The contributions from all football students enabled the carnival to run smoothly and also enabled students to further develop their leadership skills.

The competition comprised of 12 teams with Blackwood High School entering four teams. All teams played well throughout the day with every team winning at least one game. Blackwood 1 was the most successful playing off in the Grand Final against Brighton High School. Unfortunately, they went down in a nail biter by four points with a Brighton player kicking a goal after the siren to win the game. The final positions for our teams were Blackwood 1 finished second, Blackwood 2 in fourth, Blackwood 3 in seventh and Blackwood 4 in eleventh.

Liam Clarke, Pre service teacher


On Monday 11 May the Blackwood High School Year 8/9 Football team played Heathfield High School in the first round of the Knock-Out Cup. The game was played at Mount Lofty oval in wet conditions. The boys got off to a slow start and inaccuracy in front of goals saw them down by three goals at the end of the first quarter. The boys fought back in the third quarter with some good team work and some individual brilliance had the boys down by a goal leading into the last quarter. We had all the play at the beginning of the last quarter but were unable to finish off in front of goals losing by 15 points. The final score was Heathfield High School 6.9 to Blackwood High School 4.6.

Goal Kickers: Darnell Tucker 1, Jackson Pole 1, Reece Milsom 1, Troy Hocking 1.

Best Players: Hayden Kernahan, Ethan Dinning, Jai Brown, Byron Drage, Damon Nancarrow, Lewis Whitcombe.

Liam Clarke, Pre service teacher

NEWSLETTER NO. 5 – 29 May 2015


USHIKU SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, JAPAN – STUDY TOUR 2015 Planning is underway for our next Study Tour visit from Ushiku High School in Japan.

The school is located in a rural setting about two and a half hours by car from Tokyo in Ibaraki Prefecture. In 2013 Blackwood High School was selected to host the pilot Study Tour program for Ushiku. The twenty students and accompanying teachers had a very positive experience here and a study tour visit to Adelaide is now a permanent fixture on their school calendar.

The dates for this year’s visit are 18 - 29 August and the group will comprise 15 – 16 students and a chaperone.

During their stay in Australia, the Japanese students will travel to and from school each day with their hosts. At school they will have a full schedule of activities that will include English lessons, a chance to experience classes such as Aussie Sports and Home Economics and some excursions. Host students will be invited to join the Japanese students for some activities. On the weekend, our visitors will welcome the opportunity to experience our typical Australian lifestyle – a visit to relatives, a drive or short trip, watching their host play sport, a picnic in the park, a game of cricket at the beach, shopping or any routine family activity. Homestay families will also be invited to attend a farewell dinner for the visiting group.

A payment of $430 will be paid to each host family to defray expenses for the visit.

If you are interested in hosting a student or would like more information, please contact me at school via email karyn.jones@bhs.sa.edu.au or phone 8278 0900.

Karyn Jones, Coordinator, International Student Programs and LOTE


Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent Blackwood High School on a two week exchange visit in September to our sister city Himeji in Japan: Ethan Lambros, Amelia Needs, Lindsey Green, Aaron De Koning and Hattie Waters.

The exchange is reciprocal in nature and the participating students will host their exchange partner from Himeji for twelve days in August. In Himeji the students will attend school with their host, join in club activities, enjoy an excursion to another city (e.g. Kyoto, Nara, Kobe or Hiroshima) and experience a range of Japanese cultural traditions such as Shodo (calligraphy) and tea ceremony. They will also meet the Mayor of Himeji and have a tour of the World Heritage listed Himeji Castle. We wish the students well in their role as Cultural Ambassadors.

Karyn Jones, Coordinator, International Student Programs

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