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«BEHOLD A PALE HORSE Milton William Cooper And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat upon him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And ...»

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In the spring of 1988 I saw a magazine that made reference to a document discovered by the research team of Moore, Shandera, and Friedman that outlined the government's knowledge of a downed saucer, dead alien bodies, and an operation called Operation MAJESTIC TWELVE. I knew that Moore and Friedman were government agents and the document was a fraud. I had never heard of Shandera. I knew this because I had seen a list of agents who were to initiate a contingency plan called MAJESTIC that would lead investigators off the track when such a need arose.

I decided that it was time for me to enter the arena and expose the cover-up and the disinformation. First it was necessary to convince the known agents that I was just a kook who didn't really know anything. I prepared some bogus information, mixed it with some true information, and passed it to Moore and Friedman through Jim Spieser, the operator of a computer BBS network called Paranet. Spieser was told that the information was to go only to Moore or Friedman; no one else was to see it. I wanted to buy time by convincing these agents to report me to their case officers as harmless, thus allowing me to get the real information out to the public. None of that information was intended to go to the public. Spieser turned out to be working with Moore, however, and posted the files on the computer networks. Spieser then went to Los Angeles, conferred with Moore for three days, then returned and barred me from the Paranet system.

Friedman called and elicited my address, the name and address of my employer, and a lot of other personal information. I knew that I was being checked out through the intelligence network and played along. About one week after talking to Friedman two Defense Investigative Service agents showed up at my home and confiscated all my floppy disks. The only thing that prevented them from taking my computer was the fact that it was an XT with no hard drive. I knew that my plan had worked, because they didn't take me.

With the help of Annie and a few very close and trusted friends, I prepared the real information, as true and correct as I could remember, and together we did a mailing that, all total, cost me $27,000. We sent the packages to people all over the world. That is what prevented the government from arresting me or harming me. Any move by them would be interpreted as total confirmation of everything that I had revealed. I also uploaded the information onto computer bulletin boards all across the William Cooper • 29 nation. At the same time I publicly stated that Moore, Shandera, and Friedman are government agents and that the Eisenhower briefing document is a fraud. I was attacked by everyone. They insisted that Moore, Shandera, and Friedman were above reproach.

I resigned effective April 15,1989, from the college where I was the Executive Director after Jaime Shandera was seen poking around the grounds. That story is included later in this book. The loss of income was a serious blow. Stan Barrington, the head of the college security department, came to our aid. Stan gave us $5,000 to help out. I was deeply moved by his faith and trust in me, and so I gave him 24% of whatever was to come out of my efforts down the line. Neither of us ever expected much, and so far we have not been wrong. I have, however, paid Stan back his money, and now whatever he earns is extra. Stan is in charge of printing information and the sale of my papers and tapes. Stan Barrington is my only authorized representative.

Moore was proved to be an agent when by his own admission on July 1, 1989, he stated he had participated in spying on fellow researchers, had changed documents, had put out disinformation, and had helped run a scam on Paul Bennowicz that had resulted in Mr. Bennowicz being confined to a mental institution. Moore stated that he had been recruited by an intelligence agency and that he knew he had been recruited. He was a witting agent. No one acknowledged that I had been right.

From that point on, my Annie and I were followed and harassed.

Death threats began showing up on our answering machine. The phone would ring several times during the night, but no one would reply when we answered. Sometimes a man would deliver another death threat.

Government cars would park in front and well-dressed men watched the house. The strangest people began to show up at our door, sometimes in the middle of the night. I purchased a.380 automatic for Annie and a 9-mm for me. I taught Annie how to shoot, and she will not hesitate to kill anyone who attempts to harm me, her, or our little daughter.

Annie and Pooh (Dorothy's nickname) are the lights in my life. Annie and I were married on July 4,1989. Pooh was born on May 30,1990. My most touching memory of Annie is of the time after 12 hours of labor when we were finally in the delivery room. She had taken no drugs. She had not been given a spinal tap. She did everything naturally. She was drained of energy and was experiencing great pain. She was numb. After a really hard push she looked up at me with all the innocence and trust of a little child and asked, "Did the baby come yet?" It was very hard for me to tell her that the baby had not yet been born, but that is what I did. She seemed to waver for a moment, but only a moment. Annie quickly regained her 30 • BEHOLD A PALE HORSE composure. I could see the love in her eyes as she looked up at me. I squeezed her hand. She took a deep breath and pushed Pooh's little head out into the world. The doctor suctioned the baby's mouth, then Annie gave her all, a push that seemed to come from her very soul — and little Dorothy popped out, announcing her presence with a great cry. I am so proud of Annie. She is my hero. And Pooh is my always and forever friend.

Anne and Dorothy William Cooper • 31 At one point I became very upset with the intimidation. I went out to the government car at the curb. I showed the man in the car my 9-mm pistol and told him that we were fed up with their intimidating tactics. I told him that if he or anyone else wanted to know something about me, they should come to the house, sit down, have a cup of coffee, and I would be happy to tell them anything that they want to know. I informed him that if any further attempt was made to harass me or my family I would not hesitate to use my pistol. I then walked behind his car and wrote the license number down. He started the car, drove off, and we have not detected any overt signs of surveillance since that day.

They did not give up on us. No one knew the location of our new house when we moved to Arizona. However, when we drove into the driveway, a government car showed up right behind us. The man got out and said he was lost and wanted to know who lived here. I asked him why he wanted to know. He stated that he was a census taker. He said it was his job to ensure that no one out here in the country was left out of the census.

He asked my name. I told him to get off the property and to not ever come back. He protested, but left when he saw that I was serious. (I merely asked Annie to get my pistol out of the car.) Now, many people would say that I was paranoid in this instance — until they discover that census takers DO NOT DRIVE GOVERNMENT CARS.

I was at the post office one morning when a county sheriff's deputy asked the clerk at the window next to the one where I was buying stamps if "William Cooper" had rented a box. I smiled as the clerk handed him my rental agreement and he copied the information. He didn't learn anything, as we live in the country where there are no addresses. The form had only "Stolen Blvd." listed — a lot of people live on Stolen Boulevard.

We have been taken advantage of by every crooked con man, TV producer, scriptwriter, author, and flim-flam expert that there is in this country. I have learned that the TV and print-media reporters and producers that I have met are a pack of liars. They are not objective and don't give a damn about the truth. The only really open media left to the public is talk radio, and even talk radio won't discuss certain subjects. My material has been copied, changed, and even plagiarized. A lot of people have used my material to make money without my knowledge or permission. A Hollywood producer wanted to buy the exclusive rights to my story for ONE DOLLAR!

Bill Hamilton begged me to let him include my material in his book entitled Alien Magic. He pretended to be a friend and I let him. I asked for no money and he offered none. His entire book consists of other people's material. He now accuses me of stealing "his" information. Bill Hamilton 32 • BEHOLD A PALE HORSE turned out to be just another UFO flake. I have since learned that I am not the only person of whom he has taken advantage.

The most damaging scam was perpetrated by two old, has-been actors turned con men, named Michael Callan and Douglas Deane. I doubt seriously that you will remember either one, Callan was a regular in the cheapy teen beach-blanket movies and Deane never got beyond bit parts and chorus lines. I got involved with them when another actor named Bruce Reed called and asked if I would consent to meet with him and a friend who preferred to remain anonymous. I agreed that they could come to the house where we could talk on familiar turf. I was not eager to meet with someone that I did not know, and especially with an anonymous person away from familiar surroundings.

Reed and friend showed up at my home, and the friend turned out to be Michael Callan. They told me that they had read my material and wanted to help. What a joke that statement turned out to be! They told me that they knew how to get me in front of millions of people where I could deliver my message. Callan was slick; he told me he was only interested in helping spread the information, but talked me into signing a five-year management contract that gave him a full 20% of the gross of all of my earnings no matter what the source. He swore that if he didn't show results within six months he would tear up the contract.

The first thing that Callan did was shaft his partner, Bruce Reed. He cut Reed out of the action. To prevent me from finding out that he had done it only to get Reed's half of the 20%, Callan told me that Bruce was a drug dealer. Callan said that the public would find out eventually, and Reed's drug involvement would damage me. Everything Callan told me about Reed turned out to be a lie.

Stan Barrington called me next, wanting to know why I was trying to dump him. I didn't know what he was talking about. It turned out that Callan was trying to force Stan into giving up his 24% so that Callan could form a 50-50 partnership with me. I told Stan that I had no intention of dumping him. I told him that his 24% was his, that he could keep it, sell it, or give it away and that he did not need my permission. Stan felt much better after that conversation and told Callan to go fly a kite. At that point Callan began working on me to get rid of Stan. I refused. I also told him that he had nothing invested and therefore did not warrant anything. His job was to manage according to our contract.

Douglas Deane entered the picture at the January 7,1989, lecture that I gave at the Showboat Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Callan brought him to videotape the lecture so that we would have a tape to sell for those thousands of people who pleaded with us to produce a tape. The agreeWilliam Cooper • 33 ment was that he would tape the event and the tapes would belong exclusively to me. In return, if the tapes turned out good, Deane would get a contract to produce future tapes. The tapes were terrible and I told both Deane and Callan that I did not want tapes of that poor quality being sold to anyone. They did it anyway behind my back and began the process of stealing my master tapes from all of my other lectures. At the same time Callan drained all the business accounts. He borrowed $1400 from Stan to produce tapes and then kept the money and the tapes.

A producer in Germany booked me to do a lecture in that country. To secure the agreement he sent $3,000 to be used for two first-class tickets and as a guarantee that when I got there I would not be cancelled. The producer cancelled when a German postal strike prevented him from advertising the event. Callan kept the man's $3,000. I did not find out about that until after I fired Callan.

At my lecture in San Diego at the Whole Life Expo I found out that Deane was selling tapes and asking people to make checks out to "Need to Know Productions," a phony company. I immediately fired Deane. I informed Callan that we were to do no more business with him whatsoever. I discovered that Callan was telling me that we were having tapes duplicated in Hollywood for $15 per tape, but in reality Deane was doing it on VCRs at his home in Arizona. I asked Callan to return all of my master tapes for all my lectures. He refused and I fired him.

When I got rid of Callan, he had stolen everything that we had. We were literally left penniless. He was in possession of all of our master tapes from all of my lectures. We were broke and homeless at that point. If it had not been for a few good friends in Minnesota, we would not have survived.

We would be in the streets today. Callan and Deane continue to injure us by selling tapes from my lectures. We get nothing from those sales. They are the most despicable con men and thieves that you can imagine.

I paid a visit to Deane's home one Saturday morning to ask him for my master tapes. He was not home, and after a polite conversation with his handyman, I returned to my home. A few days later the sheriff's department called and asked me if I had been to Deane's home that same Saturday. I told him that I had. He asked me if I had tried to break in Deane's home and I told him that I had not. He thanked me and that was the end of it. I had no idea what it was all about until I was served with a retraining order. It seems that Deane's guilty conscience had made him afraid that I would return. He slit his own tires, made a report to the sheriff that I had done it, and then procured a restraining order from the local court. I have never been questioned or accused by the police or sheriff other than what I have already disclosed. I believe that their goal from the 34 • BEHOLD A PALE HORSE very beginning was to try and destroy my efforts at educating the American people. They damn near succeeded.


–  –  –

The Illuminati's declaration of War upon the people of America.

[Above title added by WC] WC/Author's Note: I read Top Secret documents which explained that "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" is the doctrine adopted by the Policy Committee of the Bilderberg Group during its first known meeting in 1954. A copy found in 1969 was in the possession of Naval Intelligence.

The following document, dated May 1979, was found on July 7,1986, in an IBM copier that had been purchased at a surplus sale.


Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars An introductory programming manual Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1


This publication marks the 25th anniversary of the Third World War, called the "Quiet War/' being conducted using subjective biological warfare, fought with "silent weapons."

This book contains an introductory description of this war, its strategies, and its weaponry.

May 1979 #74-1120


It is patently impossible to discuss social engineering or the automation of a society, i.e., the engineering of social automation systems (SILENT WEAPONS) on a NATIONAL or WORLDWIDE SCALE without implying extensive OBJECTIVES of SOCIAL CONTROL and DESTRUCTION OF HUMAN LIFE, i.e., SLAVERY and GENOCIDE.

This manual is in itself an analog declaration of intent. Such a writing must be SECURED FROM PUBLIC SCRUTINY. Otherwise, it might be recognized as a TECHNICALLY FORMAL DECLARATION OF DOMESTIC WAR. Furthermore, whenever any person or group of persons in a Chapter One Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars • 37 position of great power and WITHOUT FULL KNOWLEDGE and CONSENT OF THE PUBLIC, USES SUCH KNOWLEDGE and METHODOLOGY FOR ECONOMIC CONQUEST —it must be understood that A STATE OF DOMESTIC WARFARE EXISTS between said person or group of persons and the public.


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