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«BEHOLD A PALE HORSE Milton William Cooper And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat upon him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And ...»

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[Note: MAJESTY ADVISORY messages were sent by CINCPACTLT to update or inform the President personally of beginning, ending, or ongoing operations that could result in serious repercussions to the United States, i.e. the bombing of North Vietnam after the President had informed the American people that no more bombing would occur.] Randy: Now after doing this I was on for four hours, then off for four then on for four. We did a rollover like that for the whole Apollo-Soyuz mission. The other thing that I saw that tripped me off a little bit was the term "IACs."

Bill: Identified Alien Craft!

Randy: They...that was never...they never spelled out the acronym. It was just IACs.

Bill: Fantastic!

Randy: It was recurring through all of this message traffic that I was sending.

Bill: Randy, you are a godsend... Where have you been hiding all of these years?

Randy: Well, it's...how I came about getting your document is a long story as well, but when I read through it, it was just like a floodgate opened up and all these memories kept coming back.

Bill: Right.

Chapter Eleven Coup de Grace • 187 Randy: Now, at the end of it, after the Apollo-Soyuz mission concluded, the five operators, myself included, were given 50 days basket leave, which in the Navy meant they give you leave for free.

Bill: Sure. Yeah.

Randy: They didn't dock you for it.

Bill: Go home, get drunk, forget about this.

Randy: Exactly!

Bill: Yeah.

Randy: And when I came back 1 was taken from third class to second class spot promotion, and I was moved to the teletype repair shop, which was quite prestigious at that time.

Bill: Yeah. If s quite normal when you're exposed to this material.

They either snuff you or promote you.

Randy: Well, I've lost contact with the other — well, I mean we had a ship reunion a couple a years ago, and it never occurred to me about these other guys. But I don't...I don't have a conscious memory of seeing them.

But as I said when I read through this, it was rather startling to see things that uh, that I'm aware of.

Bill: Uhhuh.

Randy: I, I'm really interested in that missing page, actually.

Bill: Yeah. Was there anything else that you can remember thatRandy: No, thaf s, I mean, at the time it didn't mean a damn to me. I mean, being a radioman, we pumped so much traffic through that ship.

Mount Whitney is an amphibious communications command ship.

Bill: Yeah, I'm familiar with it. Were you in the Navy at the time that Nixon resigned?

Randy: No, I was not.

Bill: Hmmmm.

Randy: I was acting as a consultant to a company that was doing work for the U.S. Marine Corps, though.

Bill: Uh huh. Were you in communications at that time?

Randy: Yes, I was.

Bill: Do you remember a message that came to military commands?

Let me see if I can remember the exact words. I believe the message said... uh.

Randy: "Upon receipt you are instructed to no longer accept direct orders from the White House."

Bill: Right!

Ran d y : Actually, they didn't use the term White House. They used the term "TOP HAT."

Bill: TOP HAT. I remember "White House" in the one that I saw. I 188 • BEHOLD A PALE HORSE William Cooper was aboard the Oriskany when I saw this.

Randy: I was working with a Lt. Col. A. P. Finlon as a civilian consultant on a device called the MCC-20, which is a multiplexer device.

Bill: His name was Finland or Fin...?

Randy: Finlon...F - I - N - L - O - N, and he was the recipient of the message. He was the S-3 operations director for the 6th Marine Amphibious Brigade.

Bill: Okay, you realize the implications of all of this, don't you, Randy?

You know whaf s happening.

Randy: Yeah, I've taken a liberty with the documentation you sent me and I've forwarded it to someone else.

Bill: Okay, I am in dire need...I'm trying to do this as quickly and as cleanly as I can to get the people in this country to wake up, or we're gonna lose it. And if s...I'm fighting a battle pretty much on my own. There are people rallying around and they're helping out, and I'm getting bits of information here and there. I need people who have the balls to stand up with me and say what they saw. And I understand that, you know, when anybody does that they're putting themselves in danger. But I don't see any greater danger than the loss of our Constitution and what they have in store down the road. They've literally thrown it in the trash can already, anyway. And what, I guess what I'm asking is for your help. Would you be willing to go public with what you just told me?

Randy: I already have.

Bill: You have?

Randy: I forwarded your manuscript along with exactly what I've just told you to Lt. Col. Robert Brown, the director of the Soldier of Fortune magazine.

Bill: Fantastic!

Randy: I spoke with his secretary on the phone, described what it was all about, she in turn passed it on to him. He said, "Send it to me quick."

Bill: Fantastic!

Randy: If anybody...Soldier of Fortune magazine has the biggest military following of any publication in the world. If anybody was in the service who saw this stuff, it'll be them.

Bill: Fantastic! Great. Do you mind if I use the information that you've told me? Can I say that someone has corroborated what I've said?

Randy: Absolutely!

Bill: Can I use your name?

Randy: Yes!

Bill: What's your last name?

Randy: Terpstra.

Chapter Eleven Coup de Grace • 189

Bill: Let me get your address.

Randy: 130 Foothill Court, Morgan Hill, California, 95037.

Bill: Your first name is Randy?

Randy: My first name is Randall, middle name Wayne.

Bill: Okay, Randy. You're a godsend. If you were right in front of me I'd kiss ya. I swear to God, I have been hunting so hard for people to come out of the woodwork, because I know there's a lot of people out there who know.

Randy: They don't know it the — I mean, you've taken a lot of loose bits and pieces that I've had. I mean, thaf s the problem. Yes, there's a lot of people who know things, but they don't know what they know.

Bill: Yeah, I'm sure of that. And if s so compartmentalized that what they know, they don't believe is wrong.

Randy: Well, one of the things I'm really stirring up some controversy about is, I want more information about NRO, and the one person who can get it is Col. Brown. If that exists...

Bill: Well, NRO is the National Reconnaissance Organization that first put together the DELTA teams which were specifically assigned to security of the alien-tasked projects. They've since been used for all kinds of other things. Now, there's a different NRO that you have to be careful you don't get wrapped up in, and that's the National Reconnaissance Office, which is responsible for the spy satellites.

Randy: To even throw a little more smoke on it, do you know Col.

Charles Beckwith down in Florida?

Hill: No.

Randy: Col. Charles Beckwith was the one who came up with the whole term DELTA FORCE. That's that rescue, the hostage rescue group, the Green Beret unit?

Bill: Uh huh.

Randy: Now, he originally wanted to call it something else, and the White House pushed DELTA FORCE down his throat.

Bill: Do you know that I talked to Barbara Honegger? Have you read October Surprise?

Randy: No, I haven't. As a matter of fact, I've got your bibliography here and I was about to make a call to a friend of mine who runs a bookstore to place a rather large order.

Bill: Okay, Barbara Honegger wrote October Surprise and they refused to print one chapter. I met her at one of the talks that I give and we got very embroiled in conversation. She ended up coming over to my home, and we talked face to face. There were about four other witnesses there who heard her say this to me. She said, "At DESERT ONE, the first craft that was there 190 • BEHOLD A PALE HORSE William Cooper was an antigravity disc craft carrying DELTA personnel. Then the aircraft and the helicopters came in." And she said the purpose of the alien crafts, or the craft that we built from alien technology, or the alien craft that we're using was to ensure the sabotage of the operation.

[Note: Sometime later Barbara Honnegger related the same story on the Anthony Hilder "Telling It Like It Is, Like It Or Not" radio show. During the broadcast she said the antigravity craft was from a project named REDLIGHT. Ms. Honegger was a White House staff member during the Reagan and Bush administrations.] Randy: That makes sense, because I have some 8x10 glossies of that Jolly Green Giant that caught on fire and burnt.

Bill: Uh huh.

Randy: I have some real problems with that. I'm a military nut. I spent my time in the Navy, and I've since been associated with a variety of military groups.

Bill: Yeah.

Randy: I have some pictures of that photo, of that helicopter that were...they're black & white AP photos. And it shows a burnt pattern that starts at the nose of the aircraft and goes back across the fuel tanks. They don't originate in the fuel tanks. So how in the hell did that helicopter catch fire right at the cockpit and outside of the cockpit, out on the fuselage?

Bill: That's a good question. The alien beam weapons will do that though.

Randy: Now ask a new question.

Bill: Uh huh.

Randy: The beam weapons you refer to, do they leave a pattern on the material, a wavy, ripply pattern?

Bill: That I don't know. All I know about the beam weapons is this.

That they are only effective at short range; that they can paralyze a human being; they can levitate a human being; they can burn something out of your hands without hurting you, like an M-16; and fry you to a crisp and nothing but ashes is left. It can give you a sunburn. It depends upon the degree of how they want to use this thing as to exactly what it will do That's what I remember, and that's what my research has also confirmed At Ellsworth Air Force Base, in fact, one airman security patrol encountered an alien craft and aliens on the ground. He aimed his M-16 at them, and this weapon, this beam hit the M-16 and literally vaporized it.

He had burns on his hands, but otherwise he was unhurt.

Randy: Have you read or heard the reports about something called spontaneous human combustion?

Bill: Yes! That is caused by..in fact, it can, it can be done and it's a Chapter Eleven Coup de Grace • 191 weapon that we use. The intelligence community can get rid of some...

Randy: I respect you a great deal. You know things that you shouldn't know, but you're right.

Bill: Yes, I do know things that I shouldn't know, and hopefully I can get it all out before something happens to me. But you know, I just, I love this country so much, I love the Constitiution so much. What they've been able to do, and the way that they've been able to fool the citizens of this country...I don't care what happens to me. I've got to stop this. I've got to do everything in my power to stop this.

Randy: Well, I'm not one of — I don't know, for lack of a better term, I'm not one of these wild-eyed loonies that runs around doing the rest of it.

As I told Col. Brown, "Look, I'm just a guy. I work in the computer industry; I make modems. I travel around the world, I talk computer systems. I mean, that's about it. Okay? I mean, yeah, I like to go shoot my gun at the target range, and I'm an armchair commando, and I like reading Soldier of Fortune magazine, and vicariously living adventures through other people. So I'm not a holy roller. I mean, I have my own belief in God, but I don't go around espousing it to everybody. And I'm not one of these esoterics that run around talking about Maitreya and the Hinduisms and all the rest of this, the chakras and all the rest of it. I know those people are out there, I know they exist. As a matter of fact, I'm dating one of them, but that's her beliefs and if she wants to believe that, that's fine."

Bill: Sure.

Randy: When this came in out of the blue, I've had a lot of thought in my own head. You've galvanized a lot of them, especially the text where you were talking about the sudden influx of media and television on an alien presence among us in our society. I've felt that for almost two years, and I could never really verbalize it.

Bill: Oh yeah, they're desensitizing us so that when it happens, all of the things that they feared in the beginning that led to all the lies that led to all the crimes won't cause what they feared. It won't cause the collapse of our society and our culture and our religions. It will affect the economy, though, quite a bit.

Randy: The economy is out the door, anyway...

Bill: Yeah, and that may be what they're waiting for, to change into a cashless society so it can't have that kind of effect.

Randy: Yeah, there was an awful lot, you see. I have my sister and my mother are both, let's say God's Green Berets. You know, they're super religious types — "God bless you, come to church" type thing, and at their urging I went through the Bible and I read it. I read it four or five times, and every time I came back with it I kept seeing different things. And I 192 • BEHOLD A PALE HORSE William Cooper have my own views on life and on a variety of things. And until I read your material, it never really galvanized me into thinking things. Now, like I said, the only thing I can really relate to you is what I experienced during the Apollo-Soyuz shot.

Bill: That's great! Because what you experienced there is just confirmation of what I've been telling everybody. There is a secret space program. There is a control group called MAJORITY. The President is called MAJESTY in connection with these things. What you were getting, the MAJESTY advisory messages, were to keep the President updated.

Randy: You know, the real funny part about all of that is the guy who would come in and was using our facility. His name was Logan, Mr.

Logan. His title was supposed to be communications coordinator, but I never seen him do a damn thing except come into that room, read traffic, draft a reply, and then go back up to CIC. Now, we were in what was called the GENSER, general service side of communications. We weren't the spooks. The spooks had their own little quarters over on the other side of the ship.

Bill: Sure.

Randy: But we did have the KL-47 and the rest of the NASA types.

The civilian types would come down to — we had a message window in the hallway and they'd come up and they'd hand their outgoing messages in the window and they would go out on the general service circuits. The only stuff that we handled was the, was traffic for MAJORITY CONTROL with MAJESTY advisories and that was it. And a lot of it, like I said, was a lot of textual data. I mean, there was tons of text, and it was all couched in techno-babble that I didn't really understand. But I do remember the acronym IACs everywhere. I mean completely repetitious.

Bill: Oh yeah.

Randy: You know, thaf s as much as I can offer you.

Bill: Do you remember where the messages were sent for MAJORITY CONTROL?

Randy: No. The location of MAJORITY CONTROL was never disclosed. The only thing I can assume is that it was somewhere north. The ship was anchored — well, we weren't anchored, we were at what was called sea-anchor, which I am sure you are aware of. We were on an east-west axis so that all of our antennas could be brought to bear on the western horizon, because thaf s the way the spacecraft was coming around The antenna that was assigned to my circuit was an antenna called an RLPA or Rotating Log Periodic Antenna, which is a very, very directional antenna, and it was pointed north.

Bill: What was north of you at that point?

Chapter Eleven Coup de Grace • 193 Randy: Thule, Greenland.

Bill: Thule, Greenland! Okay, hmmmm, very interesting. Also, I'm glad you saw the message about Nixon, because everybody thought sure that if anything was whacko, that was the whackiest thing that I said.

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