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«BEHOLD A PALE HORSE Milton William Cooper And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat upon him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And ...»

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Here are the designated sites: Tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains of centeral Pennsylvania is a bustling town of approximately 10,000 people. Fifteen to twenty years ago it was a sleepy village of 400. Allanwood, Pennsylvania is linked to New York City by Interstate 80. It takes up approximately 400 acres and Is surrounded by a 10-foot barb-wire fence. It now holds approximately 300 minimum security prisoners to keep it in shape. It could hold 12.000 people from one day to the next.

Thirty miles from Oklahoma City, on U.S.66, is El Reno, Oklahoma with an approximate population of 12,000. Due west, 6 miles from town, almost in sight of U.S.66, is a complex of buildings which could pass for a small school. However, the facility is overshadowed by a guard house which appears to be something like an airport control tower - except that it's manned by a vigilant, uniformed guard. This a federal prison camp or detention center. These camps are all located near super

-highways or near railroad tracks or both.

Chapter Six H.R. 4079 & FEMA • 137

The federal proson at Florence, Arizona could hold 3,500 prisoners. It is presently kept in condition by approximately 400 legally convicted prisoners.

Wickenburg, Arizona is famous for its municipal airport, which was once government owned. It is now occupied by a private party. It is rumored to be capable of being taken beck by the federal government without notice.

Now there are a couple other of these facilities which are probably existing under the same arrangements. This particular rumor of instant taking back without notice has existed for about 9 or 10 years. The only way it can actually be established is by looking at the local contract for the Wickenburg Municipal Airport itself, and the parties that have possession of it.

As I mentioned previously, these names were ratified by the provost marshal of the Fifth Army, who is in charge of the 300th Military Police POW Command. He is the one who verified them. He said, as I mentioned before, "Well at least you've got that right."

Some of the other locations are: Tule Lake, in California - now in private hands. It can be retaken without notice. Some of the others: we have Mill Point, West Virginia. I couldn't find a thing on Mill Point, but in that area we have all kinds of prisons. Among them are: Alderson, West Virginia, a woman's federal reformatory;

Lewisburg, West Virginia, a federal prison; Greenville, South Carolina, in Greenville County, is now occupied by the State Youthful Offenders Division. Even that is a mystery to the people of the area.

At Montgomery, Alabama, we have a federal civilian prison camp at Mazwell Air Force Base. Now does that sound right? There's one at Tuscon, Arizona, David Munson Air Base. In Alaska, we have Elmendorf at Eielson Air Force Base.

And that brings us to a facility in Florida called Avon Park, Florida. I sent a representative to see what was at Avon Park. He found the Avon Park Bombing and Gunnery Range, which is also listed as the 56th Combat Support Squadron of the U.S.

Air Force; which is also listed as the Avon Park Correctional Institute. No one is permitted entrance and probably there is no overfly permitted because it is a bombing and gunnery range. This was one of the places ratified by the provost marshal of the Fifth Army.

In 1976, as well as on March 20, 1979, I went to the Sheriffs Dept in Houston to see if our local Sheriffs Dept had been infiltrated by these plans. Well, it appears so. I was put in contact with a Lt. Kiljan, who is in charge of some secret unit in the department. I asked him if he had participated in military training or in training with military personnel here in the Sheriff's Department. He denied it and, when I asked him if he would testify so under oath he became angry and stated, "You are just an ordinary citizen. I don't have to tell you anything." I later descovered that Lt. Kiljan is the ex-director of the Houston branch office of the U.S. Secret Service. Now where does his money come from? The area is administered by the Houston-Galveston Area Council.

In this regional-government plan, each federal region is divided into state

–  –  –

clearinghouses, and each state clearinghouse is divided into area clearinghouses. And for our area we have the Houston-Galveston Area Council. It serves as a conduit for federal funds in two major areas: L.E.A.A. and H.E.W.

Most everbody thinks this organization (the Houston-Galveston Area Council) is for the development of the area - the geographical area here in Houston. But it is not.

It is for the development of L.E.A.A. and H.E.W. projects. Now this finds its counterpart in every community across the U.S. It provides for these agencies a liaison for inter-governmental communications, interaction and coordination Mental Cooperation in Takeover Plans I examined their projects to see what they were doing. This regionalgovernment program distributes federal funds for two major purposes: (1) Radio hookups between every police agency in the state to For Sam Houston: and (2) Mental health programs, including programs for the mentally ill having priority of beds and hospitals.

Another interesting fact to consider is that in the Pine Bluff Arkansas Arsenal "B-Z" is stored. It's a nerve gas which creates sleepiness, dizziness, stupor, and the incapacity to move about. According to the Associated Press, the agent can be sprayed by aerosol, injected or sprayed over large areas by a bomb. The Military has admitted that one potential use of the gas is for civilian control. So, whatever they have planned, they've also planned a way for you to go to your destination in a tranquil state of mind.

H.E.W., by law, is operated in conjunction with the United Nations through the World Health Organization. Back In 1948, the International Congress on Mental Health

- a U.N. organization - declared in its pamphlet, MENTAL HEALTH AND WORLD CITIZENSHIP, that "prejudice, hostility or excessive nationalism may become deeply imbedded in the developing personality without awareness on the part of the individual concerned. In order to be effective, efforts of changing individuals must be appropriate to the successive stages of the unfolding personality. While in case of a group of society, change will be strongly resisted unless an attitude of acceptance has first been engendered.

"Principles of mental health cannot be successfully furthered in any society unless there is progressive acceptance of the concept of world citizenship." the document states. "Programs for social change to be effective require a joint effort of psychiatrists and social scientists, working together in cooperation with statesmen, administrators and others in positions of responsibility."

The three phases of the development are: (1) Mental hospitals for segregation, care and protection of persons of unsound minds; (2) Community Mental Health Care Centers, so that persons may be treated in their own neighborhoods; and (3) Child Care Centers for dealing with early difficulties of nationalism in a child's life.

Two years earlier, Maj. Gen. G.B. Chisholm, Deputy Minister of Health In

–  –  –

Further, the reinterpretation and eventual eradication of the individual's concept of right and wrong - which has been the basis of child training - are the belated objectives of practically all effective psychotherapies. Now, if we digress even further, to Buria (phonetic spelling), the director of the Soviet Secret Police, in the 1930s, we see that he explained the communist political strategy through the use

of "mental healings" of psychiatry:

"Psycho-politics is the art and science of asserting and of maintaining a dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses.

and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations through mental healing. You must work," he stated, "until every teacher of psychology unknowingly or knowlingly teaches only communistic doctrine under the guise of psychology."

If you look at the Russian manual of instruction of psycho-political warfare, we see in chapter 9, "Psycho-political operations should at all times be alert to the oportunities to organize for the betterment of the community mental health centers."

Now, under the new national Mental Health program at this moment there are more than 600 of these community mental health centers across the United States.

The whole thing was promoted by Dr. Stanly F. Yolles, who was the director of the National Institute of Mental Health in 1969. And, he stated back then that the newest trend treating mental illness is care at local health care centers, where the patient is not Isolated from his (or her) family and friends. They have been working on this program for 46 years publicly and, now across the U.S. - through your tax dollars

- you have 603 centers (to be exact); Community Health Centers that are all part of this program.

And this is how they are part of the program. (It has already happened): In the mid-1950s, there was set into motion an interesting chain of events. About 1956, the Alaska Mental Health Bill was proposed and later passed. It granted approximately $12 million and 1 million acres of public land to Alaska so that it could develop its own metnal health program. Now, this was a little abnormal since Alaska only had a little over 400 people who were classified as mentally ill!

After the bill was passed, Alaska passed its own, enabling legislation to get into the mental health business. They started by adopting the essential elements of the Public Health Service Draft Act on the hospitalization of the mentally ill in the old "Interstate Compact on Mental Health" - now called the Uniform Mental Health Act.

There were no provisions for jury trial in it or anything else. You would just be picked up and taken to the Alaskan-Siberian Asylum - incommunicado - and the state would also confiscate all of your personal and real propertyl And they actually tried to do it as 1954 in the case of Ford vs. Milinak, which declared the act as adopted in another state (the state of Missouri) as unconstitutional.

140 • BEHOLD A PALE HORSE William Cooper But the act itself still exists - and modified - but essentially in the same form, the Uniform Mental Health Act, to which approximately 6 states subscribe. And, in passing month State Constitutions - if you will check them from the period of 1935 made a part of their constitution the practice of having a person submit to a 90-day mental examination to determine his (or her) sanity, without any provisions for a trial by jury. This was part of the national program at that time.

In this act, the governor could have anyone picked up and sent to the Mental Health Institution in Alaska or elsewhere. The results, as rumors, back in the 1950s, were that there was in fact a sinister, Frankenstein-type mental health prison in Alaska. I wrote to Alaska (the officials that is) and asked them for a description of the land of 1 million acres that they were eligible to receive, under the Alaska Mental Health Act. And I also asked them for a copy of the inventory they ran for their facilities back at that same time. Well, so far no answer. And probably I will never receive an answer without a court order.

But through the years, there was a spot in Alaska that was continually referred to: Southeast of Fairbanks; Southwest of Fairbanks; northwest of Fairbanks

- somewhere near Fairbanks. Then I received information that a pilot had flown over the area once and had had his license revoked. And so, for $1.85 each, I ordered the low-level navigation maps from the federal government for Alaska and located the Alaska-Siberian Asylum for the treatment of enemies of the United States. It's right where rumor over the past 20 years had placed it: Southeast of Fairbanks. It stands out like a sore thumb! It's the only one of that geometric configuration within the state of Alaska, and you will note a black line running up through Fairbanks and down over near that area of the map. That is the railroad that the Department of Transportation would take the emergency operation of, under the Executive Order - if the Excecutive Order went into effect. And H.E.W. would be responsible for making a dermination of whether or not you were mentally disturbed because of your nationalistic tendencies, your love for the United States, or your adherence to any political or religious doctrine.

But let's look a little further into the type of program that the L.E.A.A. Is paying for through the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Prisons - located in the back woods of North Carolina, near a tiny village called Butner - is constructing a mammoth 42-acre research complex for prisoners from throughout the East. Who will be sent for experiments to test new behaviorial programs and techniques? Target date for completion of the entire system is ironically 1984.

And so, they're using right now, under the L.E.A.A. program, something called anectine. Punishment for troublesome behavior within the prison Is being done by drugs and shock, likely to be the most selected examples of programs that have made use of anectine - a derivative of South American curari. Anectine was originally used as a beginning factor to electro-convulsive shock. Such shocks applied to the head are so strong they can break and graze bones under the strain of resulting muscle contractions. Since anectine paralyzed the muscles without dampening consciousness or the ability to feel pain, by first injecting the inmates with it, researchers can turn up the voltage as high as they want without cracking the inmate's skeleton when his body is thrown into convulsions by the jolt.

Chapter Six H.R. 4079 & FEMA • 141

What the anectine does, in short, is to simulate death within 30 to 40 seconds of injection. It brings on paralysis first, with the small rapidly moving muscles in the nose, fingers and eyes, and then in the diaphram and the cardiovascular system. As a result, the patient cannot move or breath and yet remains fully conscious, as though drowning and dying. This from the 1974 publication, HUMAN BEHAVIOR.

The People vs. the Conspirators The federal government answered my suit, in June (1976), by filing an unsworn general denial of everything that I had alleged. I spoke with the assistant U.S.

Attorney in charge of the case and asked him if he had gone to the trouble to call any of the parties mentioned in the suits - since I had provided not only the addresses, but their telephone numbers to provide a faster means of investigation. He said he had not.

He had not even done a minimal amount of investigation of the case, but yet he filed a denial of my allegations.

I filed a motion, in the mean time, to take the deposition of the person who writes the training programs for the concentration cam guards, Mr. Richard Burrage the 75th Maneuver Air Command at Army Reserve Center at Houston, Texas - stating the, in light of all the recent activity of government agents, one of the agencies involved might attempt to murder this key witness, the author of the training camp program. The federal judge denied my motion, stating that I had not quoted enough cases to him justifying my request. However, he was also aware that there were no cases existing on this set of facts but, as you will see as I go along with this report, he chose to ignore it.

I then made an agreement with the assistant U.S. Attorney to take the deposition of Mr. Buirrage. After I'd made the arrangements, the U.S. Attorney refused to voluntarily go along with taking the deposition. It is very difficult to find justice in our system of courts. Law is usually practiced by the "buddy system," hence the court rules are overlooked or not followed.

On July 29, a hearing was held at the magistrate of Norman Black, U.S.

District Court in Houston. The courtroom was completely filled with spectators. And although the news media had been contacted, no representatives of the press were there. There is a new media blackout on this matter here in Houston.

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