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«BEHOLD A PALE HORSE Milton William Cooper And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat upon him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And ...»

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Kissinger responds, "That's a question of judgement. I judge that we will not get their support, and if we seek it and tell that fact, as we would have to, we would loose our negotiating leverage with the Soviets."

Zumwalt stated, "But isn't that the ultimate immorality in a democracy; to make a decision for the people of such importance without consulting them?' Kissinger stated, "Perhaps, but I doubt that there are 1 million who could even understand the issue."

Zumwalt responded, "Even if that presumtion is correct, those 1 million can

–  –  –

influence the opinions of the majority of the people. I believe it is my duty to take the other course."

Kissinger responded, "You should take care, lest your words result in a reduction in the Navy budget."

So we see what the intention of the State Department is regarding the People.

Another fact: On December 30, 1975, the California National Guard announced in a press release (which I have) that the state's Military Police battalions were organized and trained to provide immediate response to virtually every civil and man-made disaster, as well as to assist law enforcement officers in emergency situations; to carry out their law enforcement as well as their military mission. When I asked four of the defendants in this case for their mission statement they did not provide it although they say it is public information.

The training spoken of for the California National Guard covers such subjects as dealing with individual civilians/civil population, detention procedures, citizen's rights, and similar matters. And you know as well as I do that, when there is Martial Law, or Martial Rule, citizens have no rights - because the Constitution is pre-empted.

Even the uniforms of the National Guards who participate in this program are different from the regular uniforms. Army spokesman will not reveal more about the uniforms.

But the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department para-military units, who have received this training also, have army fatigues dyed black for their uniforms.

A further fact is the disaster preparedness plan for the Marine Corp Supply Center in Barstow, California. Quoting from that document" "Under the Constitution and the laws of the United States, the preservation of law and order is the responsibility of local and state government. And the authority to maintain the peace and enforce the law is invested in the authorities of those goverments." There are specific exemptions to the above concept. One of these pertains to federal intervention to civil disturbances in certain situations. Military commanders are deemed to have the inherent authority to take any measure reasonably necessary for the protection of life and property in the event of a sudden unexpected public calamity which dirupts the normal process of government and presents an emergency so eminent as to make it dangerous to await instructions from appropriate authorities. This includes Law Enforcement duties. The manual mentions something called "Garden Plot Forces," which we will discuss at length in a few minutes.

Don Bell (who writes a weekly report) reported on July 25, 1975, that in May of 1975, the 303 Civil Affaires group of the U.S. Army Reserves in Kearny, New Jersey, conducted an exercise to sharpen plans for a military takeover of the state government in New Jersey. According to Colonel Frances Clark, they had conducted similar studies on how to seize municipal and county government over the past few years. But this was the first time they had studied STATE government. Such units were trained during World War II to operate captured governments in the foreign. We never had federal troops trining to take over governments in the United States. When local violence or catastrophe struck, the National Guard - under command of the governor - went into action. This is definitely not the situation at this time

Controlling the Masses

–  –  –

On February 16, 1975, in the SAN GABRIEL VALLEY TRIBUNE, it was reported that the L.E.A.A. (funded by the Department of Justice) and the Police Foundation (funded by the Ford Foundation) are prime movers toward implementing a national police force. Each, however, contends they support local police agencies. The total program invoices military units that have the function of taking over the administration of local and state governments. That program is "Operation Cable Splicer" by Army civil affairs groups, a sub-plan of "Operation Garden Plot" (the Martial Law program).

The method by which the national police concept is being presented to the public has changed. It was first disguised under the cover of protection against civil

disturbances. This program was as follows:

–  –  –

This is followed by successful prosecution in order to: (1) Validate the action of police; (2) Denying the arrestees propaganda materials; and (3) Denying them the opportunity to recover money damages against the police for arresting them.

Let me quote for you the scenario which was developed for Cable Splicer One,

Two and Three, to justify the needs for dealing with civil disturbances: "Phase One:

an arrest and shooting provoke crowd unrest and threats against public officials and a riot begins to form. Phase Two: police vehicles are ambushed, various attempted assasinations of public officials occur, destruction and raiding of armories occur, and

thousands of people begin to gather and local police loose control. Phase Three:

increased movement of rioters and the crowds must be dispursed before they become sympathetic with the rioters. The National Guard and the local police loose control."

This scenario provides for an orderly transition from state to federal control.

The Deputy Attorney General of California commented, at a Cable Splicer Three conference, that anyone who attacks the State - even verbally - becomes a revolutionary and an enemy by definition. They are the enemy and must be destroyed.

This program was taught in almost every state west of the Mississippi River and included as participants local active military, reserve military, and civilian police.

The course name was "Civil Emergency Management Course". The official explanation that was to be given, if any questions were asked about the program, was: "This activity is a continuous, joint law enforcement-military liaison effort and a continuation of coordination established last year."

In 1976, the OAKLAND TRIBUNE carried the most complete explanation of what is planned. It is reported in it entirety in the NATIONAL CHRONICLE which added an analysis to the story. (The OAKLAND TRIBUNE'S editor died suddenly after the story

was published.) And, I quote:

–  –  –

L.E.A.F. is a 1000-member unit put together this year to handle unique law enforcement problems, such as mass civil disobedience, protest demonstrations and riots. In other words, breaking heads and taking names. L.E.A.F. has the support of Governor Brown, a quarter-million dollard worth of grants from the federal government, and no public opposition from civil liberties groups.

–  –  –

Former L.E.A.FA administrator, Charles Rosgovin, is on record as having stated that local law enforcement has failed and must be replaced by a national police force. Patrick Murphy, the administrator of the Police Foundation, states, "I have no fear of a national police force. Our 40,000 police departments are not sacred." Ex Attorney General, William Saxby, warned that, if we can go on as we are, crime will invade us and the national police will take over.

134 • BEHOLD A PALE HORSE William Cooper For the policemen who do not cooperate and still want to be policemen, there is the program of Contemporary Research, Inc. - and organization of psychologists, sociologists, education specialists and economic experts - who work toward a solution of many of today's social problems. The same organization develops specialized computer programming for the new world-wide military command and control system, as well as computer base systems for law enforcement agencies at all levels of government.

The L.E.A.A. alone will receive over a billion dollars a year over the next 4 years - even though it has been ineffective against crime. This is because the L.E.A.A.

is not geared to fighting crime; it's geared to developing a system for takeover of the United States with the assistance of the Department of Defence.

The Planned Police State

One of the programs the L.E.A.A. works on in its fight against crime is psychosurgery. If you don't cooperate with their programs, you are merely operated on so that you be as cooperative as an adding machine. Or, the L.E.A.A. supports drug research for the same purpose - to neutralize neurological sources of violence. Hence, as an example, if a law were passed whereby the ownership of firearms was declared to be illegal, you would be placed in one of these programs if you did not cooperate.

The L.E.A.A. control exercise (at the state's level) is from the Office of Criminal Justice Planning of the Governor's Office. Here in Texas, Mr. Robert C. Flowers is still the executive director in that office. But all states have that particular department.

In May 1975, the L.E.A.A. NEWSLETTER describes the function of one of its organizations: the National Institute of Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice. This organization funds something called the "United Nations Clearinghouse" in Rome, Italy.

The function of that organization is, among other things, the exchange of Criminal Justice System information with the Soviet Union. And it goes without saying that we have nothing to learn from the Criminal Justice System of the Soviet Unition. These incredible projects are being funded with our tax dollars.

The code name for these projects are: "Garden Plot" and "Cable Splicer".

Garden Plot is the program to control the population. Cable Splicer is the program for an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government.

An investigation was completed in November 1975 by 4 sources: the Conservative publication AMERICAN CHALLENGE; the leftist NEW TIMES; the foundation financed FUND FOR INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM; and Don Wood of the trustworthy OZARK SUNBEAM. It involves the potential creation of a Police State through the use of the Pentagon and its computerized intelligence dossier (lodged in the Pentagon basement) of thousands of citiaens by the National Guard, state and local police departments, the L.E.A.A., plain-clothes military forces, SWAT teams, and the Department of Justice.

Chapter Six H.R. 4079 & FEMA • 135

Brig. Gen. J.L. Julenic. senior Army officer of the Pentagon National Guard Bureau, has admitted, "I know of no state that did not have some form of these exercises within the last year."

Today the Cable Splicer handbook is composed of 6 loose-leaf 3-ring binders that are merely an outline for the impending takeover and destruction of our Constitution. The Sixth Army used the term "Cable Splicer" for the name of the operation, but it has not revealed the name of the operation in the other military areas within the U.S.

On page 4, paragraph 10, on Public Information, the instructions state: "As a means to prevent adverse publicity or misleading psychological effects in regard to coordinating, planning, and conducting this exercise, all military participants involved will perform such duties in civilian clothing when exercise oriented activities are conducted at law enforcement facilities. In the event inquiries are received regarding this exercise, the response should be limited to identifying the activity as a continuous, joint law enforcement-military liaison effort and a continuation of coordination established last year." On page 6, security guidance is explained to the effect that if anybody asks any questions, limit the information that is given out on the basis of it being in the interest of "national interest" (security).

Now, in the festivities celebrating the success of completion of the exercises, Gen. Stanly R. Larsen, the commanding general of the Sixth Army stated, "The most serious challenge facing all of us will be the challenge of discharging our legitimate responsibilities. For a significant portion of a soiety at large is likely to regard us with suspicion and to question, even challenge our authority on the basic assumption of out profession. Part of this challenge we must be prepared to deal with; a potentially dangerous portion of our society which, in truth, could well become the domestic enemy.

The manual includes instructions on operation of confinement facilities, handling and processing prisoners - including searching, transporting,, feeding, housing and handling of the special class of persons called "detainees". The plan also specifically includes a proposition for confiscation of privately-owned weapons and ammunition.

Files on Potential Prisoners The Army has over 350 separate record centers containing substantial information on civilian-political activities. Virtually every major Army unit has its own set aside from this. The Fifth Army of San Antonio has over 100,000 files of its own. The overall operation command post is a domestic room at the Pentagon. There are 25 million cards on individuals and 760.000 on organizations held by the Defense Central Index of investigations alone. And this information includes political, sociological, economic and psychological profiles. All this type of information on 25 million Americans.

Since 1970, local county and state police forces all over the country have

–  –  –

undertaken crash programs to install various kinds of computerized information systems. A large portion of this is being paid for by the LE.A.A. Beginning in 1970, Congress and the Joint Chiefs of Staff ordered the destruction of all these data banks, but thev were not destroyed. All the outlawed collection is now located at Mt.

Weather. Clark County. West Virginia and similar Pentagon facilities designed as adjuncts to the president's emergency powers under the Executive Orders.

The cadre of specialized persons to enforce this plan are found in the U.S.

Army Reserves-Military Police POW Command at Livonia, Michigan. Mr. Fennerin, of the 300th Military Police POW Command, at Livonia, told me, when I called him from the Federal Information Center at Houston, that the camps in the Command were for foreign prisonsers-of-war and for "enemies of the United States". I asked him if enemies of the United States included U.S. citizens. He became angry, wouldn't deny it, and referred me to a very sinister individual at the Army Reserve facility here at Houston who I talked to; who explained to me that the prisoners were called "inventory" and "internees". He would not deny that the camps were for U.S. citizens.

I called the Pentagon, spoke with the defendant there, and then with the provost marshal for the Fifth Army, and do you know what? Not one of these persons would deny that the system was for U.S. citizens. The provost marshal for the Fifth Army - when I mentioned the names of all the camp sites - said, "Well at least you've got that right."

The names of the detention facilities that I gave him were a list that I had acquired from the OZARK SUNBEAM. That list of names was the same list of facilities designated under the old Detention Act of 1950 as "emergency detention centers". But there is only one problem: That act was supposed to have been repealed in 1971.

After some research, I found out what the problem was. One congressman - when the hearings were held for the repeal of the Emergency Detention Act - mentioned that there am 17 other bits of law that provided for the same thing. So it didn't matter whether they ever repealed the Emergency Detention Act. The public was in fact tricked by the Congress of the United States!

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