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«Telephone: 0300 1234 100 Bodmin Town Framework Consultation Responses – April 2013 Housing Comments Issue: Comments raised ...»

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37. Mixed use development – housing and industry are not compatible and will create noise and traffic nuisance and no guarantee people will live and work in the same location

245. Housing – Would like to see a mix of housing types, not just affordable

Officer response:

Concerns regarding a mix of housing and employment is noted; however the Council would be seeking housing sites to include some employment which is deemed acceptable for a residential area, i.e. employment uses that don’t create any particular noise pollution, is not visually intrusive to a residential setting, will not have significant numbers of deliveries, etc.

Furthermore, the delivery of employment space in Cornwall is often restricted due to the financial viability, as a result delivering mixed use sites can be a way of providing cross subsidy for the employment uses.

Moreover, it is felt that a mix of uses can add a vibrancy to an area; it will promote more sustainable living where it offers an opportunity for people to live and work within the same neighbourhood. However the Council will scrutinise the mix of uses in more detail at a planning application stage, to ensure they are suitable for a residential setting


Further highlight the types of employment uses that would be deemed acceptable in a predominately residential setting


Concerns regarding masterplanning of sites

201. Housing – Concern raised about the deliverability of the urban extensions, as the Council is seeking them to be comprehensively developed, but they are in multiple ownerships

201. Housing – Was confused as to the nature of the masterplanning sought during the process of allocating the site

Officer response:

Whilst deliverability of proposals will always remain a key consideration; it is also important that the Council is promoting the best possible form of development. By taking a planned approach and proposing urban extensions it is felt that comprehensive masterplanning still represents the best way forward, so that it avoids piecemeal development. Furthermore, the Council has experience of working with similar sites in multiple ownership, which have still securing the comprehensive masterplan, from which the various land owners can then bring forward their own schemes within this overall strategy.

Action:NoneIssue:Proposals for other housing sites

146. Housing – Land between Berrycombe Road and Helland Road - New housing site proposed to be included. 8.5 ha – currently rough grassland and scrub. Part of site was identified in Bodmin masterplan. Site should be given the priority of an urban development site, the same as the Castle Street and Dunmere Road sites and should be included as a preferred option.

185. Housing – build social houses on land around the Beacon

201. Housing – Proposed a 2ha piece of land at Westheath Avenue that should be proposed for development within the Framework

Officer response:

It is recognised that some of the land identified near Berrycombe Rd has previously received a permission for residential development; however some of the other parcels of land identified are on more prominent, typographically challenging, land which would be less appropriate to develop and not necessarily appropriate for open space either. As a result, the scale of development is anticipated to be of a smaller scale and would not be shown within the Town Framework. However, it would not preclude development on the part of the land that is seen as more appropriate, but this should be progressed through our Development Management function, rather than through the Town Framework.

From past consultations it is recognised that The Beacon represents one of Bodmin’s most prized assets, as a result development proposals have been drawn back from this area to protect the Beacon and its setting. As a result, the Council will continue to refrain from proposing development that would have an impact upon the setting of the Beacon.

The land referred to at Westheath Avenue was evaluated, but it was felt to be hard to integrate into Bodmin, with the backs of properties to the north (with no means of integration); plus the railway and main road also created severance on the other boundaries to the site. Furthermore, Westheath Avenue and the double mini roundabout do not provide any pedestrian / cycle link opportunities. For these reasons it was felt that it did not represent as good a housing option as the others presented.



Concern raised regarding the different references given to the proposed sites within the documents

220. Housing – Concern that figure 3 refers to BdUE3 and BdUE2 are highlighted as Options; whereas BdUE1 & 4 are highlighted as Proposals;

whilst there is a difference in wording as well in figures 6 and 7

Officer response:

Agree that the different references to the proposed sites is confusing and will be reviewed in future versions of the document


Ensure consist wording is provided within the keys to the plans in future versions of the Town Framework


Concern about having housing without the appropriate infrastructure

103. Housing – more houses without appropriate infrastructure is unacceptable.

Officer response:



Continue to work with infrastructure providers to ensure the infrastructure requirements are understood and planned for


Would prefer the northern housing growth proposed in the Bodmin Masterplan

76. Housing –prefer locations in the north (with relief road)

231. Housing – Doesn’t support the locations for development; prefers the northern growth proposed in the Bodmin Masterplan; plus housing growth should be kept well away from commercial development

Officer response:

As a result of further examination of the northern growth proposed; it was felt it could not be demonstrated that it is a deliverable proposal (which is a key component that the Council’s plans and strategies are assessed against). It is estimated that the cost of the road required to open up the site would be in the region of £35m; but the Council is unable to identify a source of funding to deliver it. Furthermore, it is not felt that having a single urban extension would enable the Council to reach the 3000 dwellings target within the Plan period, due to anticipated lead in times, as well as the way in which the site would be built out.




Felt that there is an imbalance between the sites chosen for development

146. Housing – imbalance with housing to north and south of Bodmin.

Areas to north nearer town centre, people who live there would be more likely to use facilities there. Also imbalance with new employment

Officer response:

Whilst the points raised about the access to services and the town centre represent very valid planning reasons, there are other considerations when identifying land for future development – such as landscape value/impact, infrastructure requirements etc. When evaluating the access issues, together with these other aspects, the Council’s assessment came to the conclusion that the sites identified were on balance, the best.

Furthermore, whilst sites to the south of the town are further from the town centre, they are closer to some other facilities, such as Bodmin College, the Dragon Centre, employment opportunities, etc.




Other Comments

117. Housing development - Provide small convenience stores on some of the housing estates.

135. Urban development sites noted – will require road improvements

244. Housing – Need to ensure that when housing developments that roads are wide enough to allow for residents cars and those of any visitors

Officer response:

Comments noted



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