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«II' A CELEBRATION of MINISTRY California-Pacific Annual Conference The United Methodist Church HERMAN N. BEIMFOHR May 28, 1902 - May 12, 1997 Beimfohr, ...»

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Because of Rollin's arthritis, the family moved to Phoenix in 1958, where Rollin became Superintendent of Desert Crest, one of the Pacific Homes retirement units. Rollin returned to the ministry in 1966, and was assigned to various churches in the southern California area. Mary studied nursing and began working in 1973 as a Licensed Vocational Nurse in the Neurosurgical Unit of Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Loma Linda. Rollin passed away in 1987 while the family was living in Riaito, and Mary worked as a nurse for several more years before suffering a stroke in 1989. She was an inspiration to all who knew her as she fought bravely to overcome her speech and walking difficulties. She and Betsey returned to Cornwall in 1991 to live near the house where Betsey was brought up.

Mary and Rollin loved to travel and to take in the blessings of nature. Every year they would motor east to spend time in the Pennsylvania mountains of Laporte. After the boys went to college and established their own families, the trip east would include stopovers to see the kids and the grandkids.

Mary never had an unkind word for anyone, even though she was determined and tireless in her convictions and her quests. She practiced her strong faith by being a patient, gentle, caring, and giving friend to all she met. She devoted much of her energy in later life to caring for Betsey, who was born with Down's Syndrome. Mary was an accomplished musician, a wonderful cook, a supportive and steadfast parent, and a believer in the simple beauty. Thank you for joining us in celebrating her full and wonderful life.

–  –  –

MCGEE, JOHN B. (T.30; F.33) SC 30 School; 33 Atwater; 36 Dir. Young Peoples' Work, Goodwill Ind., Boston, Mass.; SCA 39; 42 Roscoe; 43 San Jacinto; 45 (Jan 1) LA: Church of All Nations, Assoc.; 58 LA: Epworth; 61 (Jan.) Whittier, First. Assoc.; 70 R'd; PSW 77; C-P 85 R'd.

Grace B. McGee was born in Tulare, California on December 1, 1909. She was the youngest of nine children of Milo Wheeler and Etta Smith. She attended Pasadena High School and Pasadena Junior College.

While attending school, she had two loves— music and sports. She was a member of the A'Cappella Choir, singing in many operettas and made her letters in two sports: track and softball.

In 1929 she entered the National Training School for Women in San Francisco. The school was under the Women's Home Missionary Society. This is where Grace planned to prepare herself for a career in full-time Christian service. She had already met her husband-tobe, John McGee, in 1926 on the tennis court of the Holliston Avenue Methodist Church in Pasadena. She and John were married in 1930 at Holliston Avenue. They left immediately for Boston, where John had been accepted to the Boston University School of Theology. For the next three years Grace and John lived at the Morgan Memorial Church of All Nations. During this time, Grace also attended Boston University and worked in the Children's Activity Program.

In 1933, John and Grace returned to California, where he served at the Atwater Methodist Church for three years. In 1936, by special appointment, they returned to Boston, where Grace assisted John while he was Director of Education at Morgan Memorial. This was an inner city neighborhood. While there, their two daughters, Nancy and Kathy were born.

In 1942, John and Grace returned to California where Grace became busy raising their daughters arid was very active in PTA activities.

Upon retirement, John and Grace moved to Brentwood in Northern California to be near their daughter, Kathy, and to help with their grandchildren.

Grace's health began to fail and in 1988 she entered the Regency Hills Convalescent Hospital where she was a resident until her death on December 31, 1997, thus closing a life of service and love for family and friends.

She is held in loving memory by her husband, John, two daughters, six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

–  –  –

MKONjOHNL. (F.52) Presbyterian Church, So. Cal.-Ariz., 52 Church of All Nations and Exec. Director of All Nations Fdtn.; 59 Prof. So. Calif. School of Theology; 70 (July 1) R'd.;

PSW 77 R'd. Died August 5,1982.

Rosalie was born a person of passion, at home in rural Missouri, to a family of teachers. She became (like many pilgrims) a world traveler, who inspired her children to be travelers of the world, too.

Along life's path, Rosalie distinguished herself with an MSW in social work from USC, joined John in helping make it possible for Marian Anderson to sing on the Capitol steps, served as missionary to Mescalero Apaches, worked as a social worker for Pacific State Hospital, presented demographic church studies, achieved a Fulbright Award to set-up a social work program in struggling Iran, received a Distinguished Alumnus Award from Park College, and gained a listing in Who's Who of American Women.

Now, her children Rosemary, David, Robert, and Lindley, are spread like seeds to the wind in Halibut Cove Chicago, Portland, Fairfield (IA) by way of Greece, Majorca, Barcelona, Iran, Australia, India, Japan, China, South America. She even celebrated her Golden Anniversary with John in Yucatan, Mexico. I know that I will never forget flying to Iran, by way of Corinthos, and sharing Christmas with family and friends huddled in a basement around one of the only Christmas trees in Shiraz.

Her journey brought her to Pilgrim Place among great loving friends, who shared with me one last snapshot of Rosalie's life. It is a custom at Pilgrim Place that a podiatrist would come and examine the ailing feet of residents. Just after her 90th birthday, the foot doctor arrived to a throng of waiting pilgrims to have their feet looked at. When an aide tried to move her to the front of the line she said, "No, I will wait my turn." No more to wait. She has come home.

–  –  –

NICHOLS, ALEC G. (T.31; R33) Pacific; 31 Winters; 33 (Jan.) Visalia; 36 Glendale; So. Cal.Ariz. 39 Glendale, Broadway; 41 SD: Asbury; 47 Santa Ana, First; 55 LA: Trinity; 58 LB: First;

65 Laguna Hills: Leisure World. Died December 20,1968.

Marjorie was born in York, Nebraska, and grew up on the farm her grandfather had homesteaded. In 1921 she moved to California and worked in the offices of Bullock's Department Store. It was in the Chums Class at Trinity Church in Los Angeles that she met Alec Gerald Nichols. While courting, Marjorie and Nick enjoyed attending conferences at Forest Home. They were married in 1928 at the Florence Heights Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles where Nick was the supply pastor.

Their first churches were in Winters and Visalia.

The Depression years found Marjorie busy caring for three small children, and managing to feed and clothe the family on a very limited budget. While serving the Broadway Methodist Church in Glendale, Nick became District Governor of the Lions Club. Their trip to Havana, Cuba, for an International Convention was the beginning of a life-long love of travel.

San Diego became home in 1941 when they went to the Asbury Methodist Church. Along with the Servicemen's Lunches every Sunday, she was cook for MYF Institutes, and entertained church members as well as servicemen far away from home. It was in Santa Ana that more of her talents began flourishing. She was responsible for lovely flower arrangements and special holiday altar pieces for the church. She became know as "Mother of the MYF Hamburger Club," and was active in WSCS, parsonage managing, and being a new grandma.

During their years at Trinity and First Methodist in Long Beach, Marge and Nick became "old hands" at leading tours abroad. Marjorie continued being "Hostess with the Mostest," served as Chaplain and Corresponding Secretary of her P.E.O. Chapter, and was an involved grandmother-of-seven. They moved to Laguna Hills in 1965. As there was no parsonage, Marjorie was finally able to decorate her own home. After Nick died in 1968, she kept busy organizing luncheons and mini-trips, making tin-quilled frames for Madonna pictures and giving talks about them, visiting family (whether in Nebraska, Boston, or Guam), and traveling - to Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and the Orient.

In 1983 Marjorie chose to move to Quaker Gardens in Stanton. She enjoyed managing many of the "A" Building activities, organizing outings, and serving on the Residents' Executive Committee. After surgery for breast cancer in 1985, the pace of her life slowed. In 1990 she was moved to the Health Center. With the convenience of a wheelchair van, she was able to be with us in our homes for holidays and special occasions, such as her 90* birthday celebration in

1991. She was buried at Forest Law on December 20th, the 29th anniversary of her beloved Nick's going home.

–  –  –

SEIFERT, HARVEY). (T. 34; F.38) Ind.; SCA48 (June 1) Prof., Sch. Of Rel.; USC, 57 Prof., School of Theology- at Claremont; PSW 77 R'd.; C-P 85 R'd.

Lois Cummiiigs Seifert was born in Los Angeles.

She lived in the Imperial Valley until she was 2 years old and then traveled with her parents between Iowa and California several times before finally settling in Riverside. She attended the University of California at Berkeley where she received a BA in psychology. She was later awarded a scholarship for graduate work in Christian Education at Scarritt College, Nashville.

In Nashville, Lois met Harvey Seifert and they were soon married. They spent three years in Adrian, Michigan, where Harvey taught at Adrian College. In 1945, they moved back to Southern California where Harvey joined the faculty at the USC Graduate School of Religion. When the school relocated and became the School ofTheology at Claremont, Harvey, Lois and their 3 daughters followed in 1958. They were among the founders of Claremont UMC.

Lois has always worked actively in the Methodist Church, from her first job after college as Director of Youth Ministries at Spurgeon UMC to her recent work as a trainer and consultant.

From 1960 to 1974, she was Director of Christian Education at Claremont UMC where she, among other innovations, designed an "intake interview" to learn from parents their expectations for their children's Christian Education. On the Conference level, she helped develop programs of sex education and evangelism. She was a certified lab leader of Youth ministry, Intergenerational Education, and Human Sexuality Education (for Junior and Senior High youth and their parents), often taking these programs "on the road." Only this last year was she reluctantly considering a gradual "retirement" from traveling and teaching. (At the age of 79!) Lois was a consecrated Diaconal Minister of Christian Education. She also served on many boards and committees at all levels, from local to national. She was a delegate to several General and Jurisdictional Conferences, and was a member of the Commission on the Status and Role of Women. In the early 1980's, she chaired a Conference committee to design a 4-week study course on "Homosexuality and Homophobia". In 1984, after test teaching that study at the Claremont UMC, she saw a need, and to fill it, was instrumental in establishing the Claremont chapter of Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). She continued as chapter coordinator, providing consultation and support, until the last few weeks of her life.

After Harvey retired in 1981, Lois and Harvey moved to Pilgrim Place, in Claremont, where he now lives in the Health Services Center. The Seiferts have 3 daughters (Carolyn, Mary Lois, and Linda), and 2 grandchildren.

Lois will be remembered for her gentle manner and caring concern for all people. She fought for inclusive language, for Reconciling Congregations, for that which would embrace people of all ages, backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientations. She was a gentle, yet persistent activist. We miss her.

–  –  –

WARNE, EDMUND R., JR. (T. 38; F.40) N.W. Ind.; SCA 47 (Nov. 1) El Cajon; 50 Reseda; 57 El Centro; 59 Lancaster; 63 (Feb 1) Dept of Finance & Field Service, Nat5! Div., GBGM; PSW 77; 78 R'd; C-P 85 R'd.

Nevo Pearl Cowgill Warne was born February 1, 1909 in Putnam County, Indiana. In 1934, she graduated from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana.

While working as the church secretary of the Fillmore Methodist Church, she met and on July 27,1936 married the student pastor, Edmund Riker Warne. Together they devoted their lives to serving Methodist Churches in Indiana, Southern California, and eventually throughout the United States as they became modern circuit riders with the Board of Global Ministries.

They found time to raise two children. They grew to love Yosemite National Park, where they built a home to which they retired in 1983. In retirement, they continued their lifelong interest in world peace and Nevo continued to develop her creative abilities in painting and writing. She recently finished her autobiography which is treasured by her family.

On November 20, 1997, at the age of 88 she died after a brief illness. She is survived by her husband, two children, and two grandchildren. She is greatly missed by her family and many friends. I quote from her autobiography, Lives Entwined, Chapter 27, "That You Might Know Me Better."

Hove I love God as presented through the teachings of Jesus.

I love People especially little children, young people and adults, be they black, pink, yellow, brown or white.

I love my family: my husband, Edmund Riker Warne; our son, Edmund Russell; and our daughter, Katherine Sue; our granddaughter, Carolyn Joe; our grandson, Robert Alan; our son-in-law, Gil.

I love animals, especially deer, dogs, cats, squirrels, bears, raccoons and coyotes, etc. I still love ground squirrels even if they do dig up our flowers, eat our bird food, and burrow under the foundation of our house. Oh! And also, penguins.

I loveflowers and birds especially those that are red, yellow, orange, blue, white, brown and a mixture of colors.

I love trees: little trees, big trees, fruit trees and shade trees.

I love our home and like to have people visit. We try to make our visitors happy and comfortable and if they need anything we can't supply, we show them how to get along without it!

I love the seeking Christians in our church or wherever they are.

I love to live in God's beautiful world. Every person and everything has a place. Even if we don't like them.

Love goes on forever and ever.

Russell Warne


January 7, 1900 - December 26, 1997 WUJ JAMS, HARRY L. (T. 24; F.27) California, 24 School; Central N.Y., 28; So. Cal.-Ariz., (Apr.l) 62 Pasadena, First, Min. of Mem.; (Sept. 15) Whittier, First, Assoc.; 66-68 R'd.; PSW, 77 R'd. Died December 12,1983.

Dorothy Williams was born in Rochester, New York, the fourth of five girls born to Ellen and Charles Heinrich. She remembers the courage of her own mother, who raised those five sisters through hard times, including her husband's death in 1917. The older girls were working by that time, but Dorothy had to leave Syracuse University, where she had just started, to come home and also help. She remembers her church and her peer group in Campfire Girls as her most meaningful relationships outside her family. She met Harry Williams in Rochester through her friend in Campfire Girls.

They courted for three years, and were married in 1921.

On Thanksgiving Day they had a family dinner after the wedding ceremony and boarded a train to begin a new life in California.

Harry's call to ministry brought them back to the Drew Seminary campus, where Dorothy audited almost all of his courses so as to be a helpmate to him even in the academic challenges.

This was always my mother's most consistent role- -to be a steady help to her beloved Harry in his ministries. They served in Central New York Conference for about 18 years, then the "Board of Evangelism years" hi Nashville. In 1956, they followed their hearts back to California.

Dorothy was especially gratified when her only son, Bruce L. Williams, followed them to California and lived near when he was Director of Communications under Bishop Gerald Kennedy. Mother remained in San Clemente after Harry's death in 1983, until 1990, when she moved to Dayton, Ohio to be near her daughter.

Her seven grandchildren and I remember her for her unflagging support of us all, and for her courage in the face of greatly diminished sight and hearing for several years. She never lost her sense of humor or her alert attention to details and significant events. She served wherever she found herself, with integrity and love.

–  –  –

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