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«II' A CELEBRATION of MINISTRY California-Pacific Annual Conference The United Methodist Church HERMAN N. BEIMFOHR May 28, 1902 - May 12, 1997 Beimfohr, ...»

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California-Pacific Annual Conference

The United Methodist Church


May 28, 1902 - May 12, 1997

Beimfohr, Herman N. (T.23; F.27) Cen. 111.; SC, 32 July (Tempc); 36 Conf. Dir., Wesley

Found.; SCA 39; 52 Dir., Wesley Fdn. UCLA; 72 R'd; (72-73) Wesley Fd. UCLA; C-P 85


Herman Nelson Beimfohr was born May 28, 1902 to Rebecca van Duesen Golden Beimfohr and William Henry Beimfohr on the family farm located in Spring Lake Township, Tazwell County, Illinois. He graduated from Manual Training High School in Peoria, Illinois in June, 1921 and went on to Bradley Polytechnic Institute in Peoria. In his sophomore year at Bradley he started serving Methodist churches (1922) as a student pastor and continued to serve the Methodist Church up until his retirement in 1974. He was married to his high school sweetheart, Elsie Mae Wolf, June 10, 1924, who partnered with him in their many years of faithful service to the Methodist Church. Finishing Bradley College in 1925, they went on to Garrett Theological School, continuing to serve several churches in Illinois. In 1929, after completing seminary, they traveled west to serve churches in Wilcox and Tempe, Arizona.

While at Tempe, Herman was asked to start work with students at Arizona State College, which evolved into many years with the Wesley Foundation movement. In 1936 he was assigned as Conference Director of Wesley Foundation, located at the new UC campus in Westwood (UCLA). He remained at UCLA until his retirement in 1974.

During his many years at UCLA, Herman gave leadership to 25 Western regional Leadership Training Conferences, about 20 Methodist Student Movement Conferences, over 80 student retreats and took many students to about 17 National Methodist Student Conferences (1937-1964). He received his PhD from USC in 1954, focusing on leadership and group dynamics. The expanse of Herman's and Elsie Mae's life reached out to many generations of students with a deep faith rooted in a trust in God, nurtured by study and daily prayer, and sustained by a long and loving relationship. This loving couple were ready for whatever each new student generation brought them. They provided a creative and open hospitality to many young people who faced many difficult obstacles to their lives, giving them the skills and faith to move out into the world and to be leaders in their churches and communities.

Over the years since his retirement from UCLA Wesley Foundation, Herman maintained contact with hundreds of alumni and regularly assisted at the Westwood United Methodist Church. He pulled together several historical and personal reports of his and Elsie Mae's ministry, including poems in their lives and published two books of Prayers for Young People.

In 1994 he was awarded the Francis Asbury Award by the Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry for his many years of service to the church. His passing, along with Elsie Mae (1977) leaves a gap with many fond memories for thousands who have been touched by their lives.

–  –  –

CREIGHTON, W. STANLEY (T.37; F.41) SC, 37 School; SCA 39 Mesa, AZ.; 40 Blythe; 44 Reseda; 50 Pomona: Westmont; 53 Riverside: Arlington; 60 Barstow; 65 Oceanside: First; 68 Chatsworth; 70 Chino; PSW 77; 78 R'd.; C-P 85 R'd.

William Stanley Creighton was born in London, Ontario, Canada, to William and Vietta Creighton. In 1921 they settled in Torrance, CA, where they became charter members of a new Methodist Episcopal Church.

After graduating from Torrance High School he attended Long Beach City College and worked at National Steel.

During those years he played the title role in "The Unknown Soldier Speaks." The drama was presented at a national student gathering in 1934. Stan did not return to California but remained to attend North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. Following graduation in 1936 he enrolled at Garrett Biblical Institute. He and Lucille Mildred Beem were married on June 8,1939 and journeyed to California to begin their ministry together.

Outdoor ministry was important to Stan. He was dean of a junior high camp each summer for 25 years. While serving in Reseda he helped to build the first road into Camp Colby. He led Arlington youth in clean-up following a fire at Lazy W, directed Barstow youth in building a rock retaining wall at Wrightwood, but most memorable was riding the pack mule into Camp Sturtevant due to a sprained ankle!

Stan was actively involved in each community where he served. The American Red Cross, and many community outreach agencies benefitted from his presence. In Barstow he served on the elementary school board and was its chair for a time.

Following retirement Stan was Minister of Visitation at the UMC of Vista for 15 years. He retired for the second time in 1993, but continued to assist with Disciple Bible Study, lead seasonal adult classes, and preach occasionally. His passion for learning never ceased and most recently found books from the Jesus Seminar to be stimulating.

Stan cared deeply about family. During Lucille's six years in a care center, he spent part of each day with her until her death in 1994. He made connections as often as possible with daughters and sons-in-law, Ann and Tom Bateman of Philomath, Oregon and Lynn and John Dokken of Newbury Park, California and his four grandchildren. He found particular pleasure in worshiping with them and observing or hearing about their leadership in their respective United Methodist churches in Oregon, California, Maryland, and Connecticut. Family and friends will miss his groaner jokes, word plays, and theological insights.

Stan was called to proclaim the Gospel to a hurting world. He lived that call faithfully and the world hurts a little less because of him.

–  –  –

Jeanne Edick Hadley Tuttle was born in Santa Ana, California She grew up in the "old" Costa Mesa church, which was the only Protestant church in town. She was the youngest of four children with deeply devout parents and grandparents. She had a lifelong involvement with the church. At the age of 16 she was called by God to ordained ministry, although this was not to be for several more years.

She attended the College of the Pacific in Stockton, California to begin her training for full-time educational ministry. She spoke often of the Youth Caravan Program that was part of the Oregon-Idaho area in 1947.

For the next 10 years, she served as a counselor for the MYF at church camps whenever she could and on boards and commissions including the building committee for a newly organized Methodist Church in Modesto, Ca. All of this was as she met and married Robert Russell Hadley and had 2 children, 1 of whom died as an infant.

Her husband was transferred to Oregon and she was able to graduate from COP with high honors and then begin her career as Director of Christian Education at Eugene First Methodist.

She worked at different churches in Eugene and on many district programs. She continued her education at the University of Oregon working toward a Masters Degree. During this time she was also consulting with churches in Oregon and other western states regarding their Christian Education programs.

In 1960-1961 she met and married Ben Howard Tuttle and Jeanne gained a whole new grown family. During the '60's she continued in education and leadership development In 1968 she and Howard decided to move back to southern California. She worked as Director of Christian Education at many churches. She became a Certified Consultant in lab schools, serving in 8 states and on a national committee for labs and seminars for leadership training.

After her mother died and her marriage ended, she felt the comfort of the church being a large part of her family. In 1976, after 3 serious infections and the death of her brother, the call by God was again felt and so she decided that she must go back to school to continue her education and become an ordained minister. She spent 2 years at Duke University and graduated in 1978 and was ordained in Redlands that same year. She was very happy at being in the ordained ministry and being appointed to a church that she could serve.

After retiring in this Conference, she returned to Oregon to a church that needed her special kind of leadership and worked there until her health forced her to completely retire. Up to the very end she was still studying and learning so that she could get back to active ministry.

She is survived by her daughter, Lynn and her three children; her daughter, Pat and her children and grandchild; her daughter-in-law, Bobby and her children and grandchildren; a sister and many nieces and nephews.

Lynn Hadley


July 10, 1925 - December 5, 1997 HEDGES, JACK W. (T.50; F.52) N.East Ohio; SCA65 Waimanalo; 68 Hon.: Aldersgate; 72 Hon.: Palolo; 74 R'd; PSW 77; C-P 85 R'd.

Jack's last month in Hospice was not gloomy.

Family and friends visited and talked of bygone days.

Some of his memories include: being reared by his parents and three older sisters in a log cabin (really) in Tarlton, Ohio; graduating with six other students from high school; working his way through Ohio State by living in the dairy barn with seven other fellows who shared the-three-times-a-day, 365 days a year milking duties; riding motorcycles; buying and repairing old clunker cars; flying solo in a single-engine airplane;

dating pretty girls from Wesley Foundation; studying rural sociology under Rocky Smith at Garrett; being shipwrecked in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on the return trip from taking horses into Poland under the Heifer International program (fortunately all the crew were able to transfer via rope ladder and small boat to the ship that rammed them and continued safely to New York City); constructing playgrounds in England for the American Friends Service Committee; and hitchhiking through Europe. These were all adventures of his single days.

On September 9, 1951, he and Betty Jo Wright (a Garrett student) were married in Broadway Methodist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. His first four year appointment was in Ohio, where three children were born: Jill, Jack Wright and Joe D. His second appointment was to the island of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands under the National Board of Missions. He was the first English-speaking Methodist minister on the island, serving three small churches along with two Filipino pastors. The 30 years he lived and worked in Hawaii were an enriching experience for all the family. Some of these memories are: celebrating Hawaii's statehood; participating in the ceremony of Hawaii becoming a district of So. Calif.-Arizona Conference; serving four diverse churches; being active in district affairs; going to Samoa on an adult work team;

repairingj remodeling and constructing churches, parsonages and camps; taking early retirement (under the 20 year rule) from the Conference; being president of his own real estate firm, with an office on Bishop Street in downtown Honolulu; moving to the Bay area. These were all adventures of his married working days.

In 1990, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer that had metastasized to the bone. The next seven years were spent traveling (to every continent except Antarctica); remodeling his home; golfing; gardening; building a gazebo; being the"fix-it" man to his neighbors and friends;

and enjoying life to the fullest. At the time of his death, the survivors were his parents (who died three months later at the ages of 101 and 104), his three sisters in Ohio; his wife in San Jose; Jill and Charles Ramsey of Vancouver, Washington; Jack Wright, Anne, Ryan, Tristain and Kelsey Hedges of Austin, Texas; Joe D, Cathleen, Amanda, Sam and Lily of Palo Alto, California.

He left his family and friends with a legacy of being generous with love, compassion, helpfulness, with laughter, adventure, also the value of hard work, education and travel. For all of his gifts to us we are very grateful.

Mahalo and Aloha


March 20, 1918 - March 17, 1998 JOHNSON, HAROLD E. (T. 42; F.44) New Eng. 41 (Oakdale); SCA 42 School; 43 SA: First, Min. of Youth; 45 (Apr. 1) Pas: Trinity; 46 SBdino.: St. Paul's, CoPastor; 48 Oceanside: First;

53 Sepulveda; 58 Hawthorne; 63 Glendora: First; 69 Redondo Beach, First; 71 Exec. Sec. Conf.

Bd. of Pensions; PSW 77 LA: Westchester; 83 Fullerton: Orangethorpe; C-P 85; 86 L/A; 86 R'd effective 7-31-86.

Harold E. Johnson was born in Kansas City, Missouri. His family moved to Corona, California in

1922. His parents were active members of the Methodist Church in Corona for over forty years. His father was a lay member, and his brother, Marvin, is a clergy member of this Annual Conference. He attended San Jose State College, but received his A.B. in philosophy from the University of Redlands. He was graduated from Boston University School of Theology in 1943.

In 1941 he was married to Dorothy Cooke of Pasadena. They had two children, Leslie and Larry. For many years Dorothy made her contribution to his ministry with her music and her lovely soprano voice.

She passed away after a long debilitating bout with MS.

While the service record above shows his appointments, it fails to show his "record of service" to this Annual Conference. He was proud of his 55 year perfect attendance record at Annual Conference. While he served ten churches and loved to preach, he had an immeasurable loyalty to the Annual Conference. His service was long and varied. He was a member of the old Board of Education and chaired the Institute & Camp organization. He was elected to the World Service and Finance Commission, and chaired the Health Insurance Committee. He served as the chair of the first Rules Committee, chaired the Committee on Investigation, and was instrumental in the workings of the Council on Professional & Administrative Support Services. After retirement, he chaired the Personnel Policy Committee, and was editor of clergy service records section of the Journal. He served six years on the Conference staff as the first full-time Executive Secretary of the Board of Pensions, fourteen years on the Board of Directors of the General Board of Pensions, and was a member of the Pension Study Task Force that created the current pension program. He also served as the Legislative Secretary for four General Conferences. He loved it all, and made a host of friends and connections across the entire church which he cherished greatly.

Just before his retirement in 1986 he was married to Meryl Kuss, who had been a member of his church in Hawthorne, twenty-five years before. Upon his retirement, they moved to Encinitas, where together they created a quiet, lovely home where they graciously entertained friends, enjoyed life, the church and their new expanded family. He preformed the wedding for Meryl's son and his wife, and baptized their children. Meryl's son Michael and Harold's son, Larry found in each other brothers and the family circle was complete.

He is survived by sons, Larry and Les; step-son Michael; step-daughter, Denise; two grandsons, Will and Joshua; a brother, Rev. Marvin Johnson; sister, Theda and many nieces and nephews.


March 22,1923 - August 17,1997

PHELPS, GRANDISON M. JR. (T. 43; F. 45) N. Car.; SCA 55 SD: St. Paul; PSW 77; C-P 85; 92 R'd.

Rev. Gandison M. Phelps died peacefully at home on Sunday, August 17, 1997. The only son of Rev.

Grandison M. Phelps, Sr. and Maddie Louise Phelps, Rev. Phelps was born in Reidsville, North Carolina.

Grandison graduated from Clark College, Atlanta, Georgia, with a degree in mathematics at the age of 19.

After graduating, he received his Master of Divinity degree from Gammon Theological Seminary, Atlanta, Georgia and did graduate studies at Boston University, Howard University and San Diego State University. He was received on trial into the ministry of the Methodist Church in 1943 and attained full member status in 1945, at the age of 22.

Rev. Phelps had pastorates in Massachusetts and Maryland before serving as a chaplain in the US Army.

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