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INSURANCE Abhaya Hastam COMMUNITY RESOURCE CENTRES (Under UWEP) Urban Self Employment programme (USEP) Livelihoods Awareness on MSW and door to door garbage collection



AASARA Rajiv Awas Yojana Capacity Building Other welfare activities







Rajiv Yuva Sakthi SC, ST & BC action plan


Guntur Municipality was constituted as municipality in the year 1866 with a population of 25,000. It was upgraded as a Municipal Corporation in the year 1994. The national high way No -5 (NH-5) by side of the city. Guntur is connected to almost district head quarters mainly Krishna district, Prakasam district, Mahabubnagar district and Nalgonda districts are including the capital city of Hyderabad by road and rail. The city is located on south east coast of India around 40 KM from Bay of Bengal POPULATION AND HOUSEHOLDS :Projected No of Wards : 52 Total population : 5,12,000 - 6,50,000 Total No of Households : 1,26,000 - 1,31,075 No of White Ration Cards : 1,09,000 Area : 41.7 (Sq.m) SLUMS:Projected Total No of Slums : 187 Notified : 133 Poor Settlements : 54 Slum population : 1,89,001 - 2,48,850 (2009) (2010) Households : 44,591 - 48,815 (2009) (2010) Page 2 of 14 IKP Urban (MEPMA)

Introduction :

Over the last fifty years Andhra Pradesh has witnessed a sustained increase in urban population. From 54 lakhs in the year 1951 it touched 205 lakhs (400%) in the year 2001 and continues to grow at an accelerated pace. Urban population today, constitutes about 27% of the total population of the state as against a mere 17.42% in 1951. that an estimates 27% of the urban population lives below the poverty line is cause for concern for the Government. In order to meet this challenge of urban poverty the Government has conceived and adopted a path breaking mission-mode approach called “Indira Kranthi Patham-Urban” form September, 2007- onwards.

Vision :

All urban poor families have to improve quality of life by accessing services from all organizations through their own strong self reliant and self managed institutions.


To promote, strengthen and nurture self sustainable institutions of the poor and through them, address all poverty issues like access to credit, financial freedom, health, disability and vulnerability.

Details of the formation of SHGs, Bank linkage & other activities:SHGs <

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As part of strengthening of Community structures slum level federations has been formed consisting of 25 SHG’s averagely slum level. SLF is an umbrella to coordinate and implement the all MEPMA activities at slum level.

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Government of Andhra Pradesh has taken up an initiative of facilitating affordable life insurance with optimal coverage of risk to people below the poverty line in 42 towns. So far 1.56 lakh people are covered under Janasree Bhima Yojana. Self help Groups are motivated to pay the premium in a no cast transaction, authorising the banks to credit the premium amount to the LIC of India, premium per member Rs.90/- per year.

Risk coverage: Natural death of member Rs30,000/ Accidental death/Permanent disability of member Rs 75000/ Partial Disability of Member Rs 37500/ Death of Spouse of member Rs 10000/ Scholarships to children from 9th class to Intermediate Enrollment status

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The state government recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), a minimum monthly pension of Rs.500 would be paid to women members of selfhelp groups (SHG) who attain the age of 60 years.

Each women SHG member has to contribute Rs.365 a year towards the scheme, while the state government will give a matching grant.

The monthly pension under the scheme ranges from Rs.500 to Rs.2,500 per month, depending on the contribution by the beneficiaries and their age.

LIC, which will manage the pension funds, said eligible women SHG members would be provided with life cover of Rs.30,000 in case of natural death and Rs.75,000 in case of death due to an accident.

Status of Abhaya Hastam:

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Page 6 of 14 AASARA:Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas as part of Poverty reduction strategy has decided to address the issues relating to the senior citizens. Accordingly MEPMA has developed a strategy to support the senior citizens on the name of AASARA. As part of the AASARA programme it was also decided to form the senior citizens associations in 22 District Head Quarter towns for extending the value addition services to the senior citizens.The following activities need to be undertaken by all ULBs

1. Profiling of senior citizens

2. Organizing the senior citizens in to ward and town level senior citizens associations.

3. Building the capacities of members of senior citizens associations

4. Facilitation of linkages with Service providers in the field for Medical & Health services for treatment, surgeries and Appliances for the senior citizens.

These activities require wide dissemination of information so as to enroll the support of various individuals and institutions. All the senior citizens also need to be sensitized about AASARA programme.

On the occasion of A.P formation day AASARA programme was launched on 1st November, 2010 at Police period ground in Guntur city by Hon’ble Minister Sri Gade Venkata Reddy garu.

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As part of MEPMA, building of organization of the poor and providing support mechanism and strengthening of community based organizations the Guntur Municipal Corporation taken up 5 community halls construction and establishment of one multipurpose community center to conduct SLF meetings SHG meetings etc at slum level.

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This component of SJSRY focuses on providing assistance to individual urban poor beneficiaries for setting up gainful self employment ventures micro enterprises.

USEP will target the urban population below poverty line, as defined by the planning commission from time to time. It will lay special focus on women, persons belonging to scheduled castes (SC)/ scheduled tribes (ST), differently-abled persons and such other categories as may be indicated by the government from time to time. Credit camps was conducted with bankers for identification of beneficiaries.

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Under livelihood component placement linked training programmes has been taken up for unemployed educated youth. After completion of training placements also provided in concerned categories. In this regard MEPMA has entered the MOU with various agencies. So far three agencies are identified for taken up placement linked programme in Guntur Municipal Corporation for the year 2010-11.

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Solid waste management Solid waste management includes all activities that seek to minimize the health, environment and aesthetic impacts of solid wastes.

Municipal solid waste refers to solid wasters from houses, streets, offices and hospitals etc.

Objectives of solid waste management is to reduce the quantity of solid waste disposed off on land recovery of materials and energy from solid waste.

In this regard all the MEPMA staff undergone training for two days on door to door garbage collection at Tenali. The Guntur Municipal Corporation has identified 131 resource persons to cover all divisions/slums for conducting of awareness programmes in door to door under Municipal solid waste management and also conducted town level work shop with all resource persons, MEPMA staff and sanitary inspectors. Action plan is being prepare for implementation of this programme.


Government has introduced Rickshaw Bandhu programme to address the multiple issues of Rickshaw Pullers by providing support. We need to look in to the whole family level issues of the Rickshaw Pullers then only the Rickshaw Puller will come out from the issue of livelihood, health, living condition and other habits and frequent hazardous.

Keeping in view of the above facts MEPMA has taken up the occupation rehabilitative measures through concept of Rickshaw Bandhu.

Government has selected Guntur is one of the District to form the federations of Rickshaw Pullers on pilot basis. In which Guntur Corporation has been conducting Rickshaw Pullers survey and they come around 2493 Rickshaw Pullers in this town.

Accurate and complete database of the Rickshaw pullers at ULB level will help in planning and implementation of the Rickshaw Bandhu programme. It is also useful for the development functionaries to organize the Rickshaw pullers in to a federation at town level and take appropriate action A target of 1500 is given to given to this corporation, out of which 2493 is enrolled. The total Rickshaw Puller applications is enter into online in MEPMA site.

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Page 10 of 14 STREET VENDORS:The Government of India has drafted the National Policy on Urban Street Vendors 2009 along with a Model Street Vendors’ (Protection of Livelihoods & Regulation of Street Vending) Bill 2009 with the directive to all the States to implement the same with modifications to suit the local situations.

IN compliance, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has initiated steps to implement the same in letter and spirit, in keeping with the focus of the government on poverty alleviation especially as existent in urban areas. Similar initiative was taken in 2004 where a GO was issued by the MA & UD in line with the National Policy of 2004.

The missioner director MEPMA has instructed to conduct Street Vendors survey and profiling the street vendors in occupation wise. In which 2639 street vendors are covered in survey and enter in online of MEPMA site.

Total no.of street vendors surveyed - 2639

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For low-income urban population, government has launched an innovative housing scheme, Rajiv Gruha Kalpa, with civil infrastructure and free land being provided by government. The government will provide Rs.30,000 towards the cost of land development charges. The beneficiaries should contribute 10 per cent of the remaining Rs.70,000.

The rest of the amount would be arranged in the form of loans from banks.

Andhra Pradesh has taken giant leaps forward in the field of economic development. The State’s growing stature has an IT hub has lead to sky-rocketing property prices. Due to this, the middle class population in the State is finding it increasingly difficult to acquire houses and apartments.

The affluent class has the resources to obtain and build residential property, and the Government is providing housing facilities for the poor in the State. But, the middle class often feel unattended. To address this problem, the Government is launching a housing programme called “Rajiv Swagruha”. This programme will enable middle class families to own houses in urban areas. The housing scheme will have Integrated Townships in approved layouts. The townships would encompass best infrastructure facilities, with high quality construction.

Status of RGK

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Housing proposal under Rajiv Awas Yojana:Proposals were sent to Mission Director for 20958 houses with an estimated project cost of Rs.83783 lakhs. Survey has been done for identification of beneficiaries under Rajiv Awas Yojana scheme.

Applications were received from the all wards in the Guntur city. So far 7200 applicants were found eligible for housing under Rajiv Awas Yojana.


Government has sanctioned various pensions under national social security scheme and Indiramma programme to assist the old age people, widows and physically handicapped persons. Details are given below.

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Guntur Municipal corporation has sent 4970 eligible pension applications to DRDA guntur for sanction. The DRDA Guntur intern sent these applications to SERP Hyderabad after scrutinizing the applications with ration cards have allotted 2190 pensions to the GMC. Remaining 2780 pension applications are pending at the Government level.

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Government of A.P.

implemented DEEPAM SCHEME for sanction of of LP gas connections in to women from Below Poverty Line (BPL) Families in urban areas with the main objectives of :

1. To provide relief to women from drudgery of cooking with firewood,

2. To improve the health status of the urban women folk.

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Remaining beneficiaries list to sent to agencies within one week.

National Family Benefit Scheme:Government has implemented a NFBS scheme to provide lumpsum family benefit for household below the poverty line on the death of the primary breadwinner in the bereaved family. The death of any breadwinner of family within the age group of 18 to 64 years, he surveying the head of the household is entitle for benefit of Rs.5000/-.

NFBS Status No of persons benefited under NFBS - 340 No of eligible beneficiaries list sent to Dist Collector office for sanction - 40 (Death date on and after 1-6-2008) Corporation is prepared eligible beneficiaries list in two categories

1. 1263 eligible list of beneficiaries up to 30-5-2008

2. 133 eligible list of beneficiaries on or after 2008

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