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«Breaking Antivirus Software Joxean Koret, COSEINC 44CON, 2014 Breaking antivirus software Introduction  Attacking antivirus engines  Finding ...»

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Breaking Antivirus Software

Joxean Koret, COSEINC

44CON, 2014

Breaking antivirus software


Attacking antivirus engines

Finding vulnerabilities

Exploiting antivirus engines

Antivirus vulnerabilities



Antivirus Engines

Common features of AV engines:

Written in C/C++.

Signatures based engine + heuristics.

On-access scanners.

Command line/GUI on-demand scanners.

 Support for compressed file archives.

 Support for packers.

 Support for miscellaneous file formats.

Advanced common features:

 Packet filters and firewalls.

 Drivers to protect the product, anti-rootkits, etc...

 Anti-exploiting toolkits.

 Antivirus products or engines An antivirus engine is just the core, the kernel, of an  antivirus product.

Some antivirus engines are used by multiple products.

 For example, BitDefender is the most widely used  antivirus kernel.

It's used by so many products like QiHoo360, G-Data,  eScan, F-Secure, etc...

Most “big” antivirus companies have their own engine  but not all. And some companies, like F-Secure, integrate 3rd party engines in their products.

In general, during this talk I will refer to AV engines, to the  kernels, except when specified the word “product”.

Attack surface Fact: installing an application in your computer makes  you a bit more vulnerable.

You just increased your attack surface.

 If the application is local: your local attack surface  increased.

If the application is remote: your remote attack surface  increased.

If your application runs with the highest privileges,  installs kernel drivers, a packet filter and tries to handle anything your computer may do...

Your attack surface dramatically increased.

 Myths and reality

Antivirus propaganda:

 “We make your computer safer with no  performance penalty!” “We protect against unknown zero day attacks!”.


 AV engines makes your computer more vulnerable  with a varying degree of performance penalty.

The AV engine is as vulnerable to zero day attacks  as the applications it tries to protect from.

And can even lower the operating system  exploiting mitigations, by the way...

Breaking antivirus software Introduction  Attacking antivirus engines  Finding vulnerabilities  Exploiting antivirus engines  Antivirus vulnerabilities  Conclusions  Recommendations  Attacking antivirus engines AV engines, commonly, are written in non managed  languages due to performance reasons.

Almost all engines written in C and/or C++ with only a few  exceptions, like the old MalwareBytes, written in VB6 (!?).

It translates into buffer overflows, integer overflows, format  strings, etc...

Most AV engines installs operating system drivers.

 It translates into possible local escalation of privileges.

AV engines must support a long list of file formats:

–  –  –

AV engines not only need to support such large list of  file formats but they also need to do this quickly and better than the vendor.

If an exploit for a new file format appears, customer will  ask for support for such files as soon as possible. The longer it takes, the higher the odds of losing a customer moving on to another vendor.

The producer doesn't need to “support” malformed files.

 The AV engine actually needs to do so.

The vendor needs to handle malformed files but only to refuse 

–  –  –

can install new files and/or replace existing installation files.

It often translates in completely owning the machine with the  AV engine installed as updates are not commonly signed.

Yes. They aren't.

I will show later one of the many vulnerable products...

 Breaking antivirus software Introduction  Attacking antivirus engines  Finding vulnerabilities  Exploiting antivirus engines  Antivirus vulnerabilities  Conclusions  Recommendations  Vulnerabilities in AV engines Started around end of July/beginning of August 2013 to  find vulnerabilities, for fun, in some AV engines.

At first, during my spare time, some hours from time to time.

 Found remote and local vulnerabilities in 16 AV engines or 

–  –  –

I'll talk about some of the vulnerabilities I discovered.

 The following are just a few of them...

 Some old AV engines vulnerabilities Avast: Heap overflow in RPM (reported, fixed and paid Bug Bounty)  Avg: Heap overflow with Cpio (fixed...)/Multiple vulnerabilities with packers  Avira: Multiple remote vulnerabilities  BitDefender: Multiple remote vulnerabilities  ClamAV:Infinite loop with a malformed PE (reported & fixed)  Comodo: Heap overflow with Chm  DrWeb: Multiple remote vulnerabilities (vulnerability with updating engine fixed)  ESET: Integer overflow with PDF (fixed)/Multiple vulnerabilities with packers  F-Prot: Heap overflows with multiple packers  F-Secure: Multiple vulnerabilities in Aqua engine (all the F-Secure own bugs fixed)  Panda: Multiple local privilege escalations (reported and partially fixed)  eScan: Multiple remote command injection (all fixed? LOL, I doubt...) 

–  –  –

In my case I used, initially, Nightmare, a fuzzing testing suite of my  own.

Will be officially presented at T2 conference (Finland) in October.

 Downloaded all the AV engines with a Linux version I was able to 

–  –  –

Fuzzed the command line tool of each AV engine by simply using  radamsa + the testing suite of ClamAV, many different EXE packers and some random file formats.

Results: Dozens of remotely exploitable vulnerabilities.

Also, I performed basic local and remote checks:

–  –  –

A friend of mine convinced me to write a fuzzer and do  a “Fuzzing explained” like talk for a private conference.

Really simple fuzzing engine with a max. of 10 nodes.

–  –  –

engines, those I was able to run and debug.

For that specific talk I did fuzz/test the following ones:

 BitDefender, Comodo, F-Prot, F-Secure, Avast, 

–  –  –

ClamAV: 1 Remote DOS with a malformed icon  resource directory in a PE.

Avast: One possible RCE due to an uninitialized  variable in code handling RPM archives.

F-Secure: One memory exhaustion bug with CPIO.

 Comodo: 2 heap overflows, one handling CHM files.

 F-Prot: Armadillo, PECompact, ASPack and Yoda's Protector  unpackers heap overflows.

AVG: CPIO and XAR heap overflows.

 BitDefender: Amazing number of bugs. Many likely  exploitables.

Breaking antivirus software Introduction  Attacking antivirus engines  Finding vulnerabilities  Exploiting antivirus engines  Antivirus vulnerabilities  Conclusions 

–  –  –

Exploiting an AV engine is like exploiting any  other client-side application.

Is not like exploiting a browser or a PDF reader.

–  –  –

Exploiting memory corruptions in client-side  applications remotely can be quite hard nowadays due to ASLR.

However, AV engines makes too many mistakes 

–  –  –

But it's common that only the core modules are  compiled with ASLR.

Not the GUI related programs and libraries, for  example.

Some libraries of the core of some AV engines  are not ASLR enabled.

Check your target/own product, there isn't only 

–  –  –

The x86 emulator is a key part of an AV engine.

 It's used to unpack samples in memory, to  determine the behaviour of an executable program, etc...

Various AV engines create RWX pages at fixed 

–  –  –

By default, an AV engine will try to unpack  compressed files and scan the files inside.

A compressed archive file (zip, tgz, rar, ace,  etc...) can be created with several files inside.

The following is a common AV engines 

–  –  –

AV engines implement multiple emulators.

 There are emulators for x86, AMD64, ARM, JavaScript,  VBScript, …. in most of the “major” AV engines.

The emulators, as far as I can tell, cannot be used to  perform heap spraying, for example. But they expose a considerable attack surface.

It's common to find memory leaks inside the emulators, 

–  –  –

a programming interface to craft inputs to the AV engine.

Exploiting AV engines: Summary Exploiting AV engines is not different to exploiting other  client-side applications.

They don't have/offer any special self-protection. They rely  on the operating system features (ASLR/DEP) and nothing else.

And sometimes they even disable such features.

There are programming interfaces for exploit writers:

 The emulators: x86, AMD-64, ARM, JavaScript,... usually.

 Multiple files doing different actions each can be send in  one compressed file as long as the order inside it is kept.

Owning the AV engine means getting root or system in all  AV engines I tested. There is no need for a sandbox escape, in general.

Breaking antivirus software Introduction  Attacking antivirus engines  Finding vulnerabilities  Exploiting antivirus engines  Antivirus vulnerabilities  Conclusions  Recommendations  Details about some vulnerabilities in AV engines and products...

–  –  –

Also, if you uses my research for promoting your products and they  suck, you deserve public shame.

Affected AV engines or products The bugs I will show affect the following AV 

engines or products:

AVG, BitDefender, BKAV, ClamAV, Comodo,  DrWeb, eScan, ESET, FortiClient, Ikarus, Kaspersky, Kingsoft, Panda, Rising and Sophos.

Products using engines from the previous list are,  naturally, also affected.

Some bugs are vulnerabilities by itself and  others are not.

Some are 0days and other are recently fixed.

 Let's start...

 Local Escalation of Privileges Example: Panda Multiple local EoPs In the product Global Protection 2013 there  were various processes running as SYSTEM.

Two of those processes had a NULL process 

–  –  –

We can use CreateRemoteThread to inject a  DLL, for example.

Two very easy local escalation of privileges.

 But the processes were “protected” by the  shield.

Example: Panda Multiple local EoPs Another terrible bug: The Panda's installation  directory had write privileges for all users.

However, again, the directory was “protected”  by the shield...

What was the fucking shield?

–  –  –

The Panda shield was a driver that protects  some Panda owned processes, the program files directory, etc...

It reads some registry keys to determine if the  shield is enabled or disabled.

But... the registry key was world writeable.

 Also, it's funny, but there was a library  (pavshld.dll) with various exported functions...


 Example: Panda Multiple local EoPs All exported functions contains human readable names.

 All but the 2 first functions. They are called PAVSHLD_001  and 002.

Decided to reverse engineer them for obvious reasons...

 The 1st function is a backdoor to disable the shield.

It receives only 1 argument, a “secret key” (GUID):

 ae217538-194a-4178-9a8f-2606b94d9f13  If the key is correct, then the corresponding registry keys 

–  –  –

There were many more stupid bugs in this AV  product...

For example, no library was compiled with  ASLR enabled.

One could write a reliable exploit for Panda  without any real big effort.

And, also, one could write an exploit targeting  Panda Global Protection users for any program.

Why? Because it used to inject 3 libraries 

–  –  –

We already discussed that Panda Global  Protection didn't enable ASLR for all modules.

Do you believe this is an isolated problem of  just one antivirus product?

As it is common with antivirus 

–  –  –

avzkrnl.dll and module vlns.kdl, a vulnerability scanner (LOL), were not ASLR enabled.

One could write a reliable exploit for Kaspersky 

–  –  –

BKAV is a Vietnamese antivirus product.

 Gartner recognizes it as a “Cool vendor in  Emerging Markets”.

I recognize it as a “Cool antivirus for writing 

–  –  –

And, like Panda, they inject a non ASLR  enabled library system wide, the Bkav “firewall” engine...

...miserably failing at securing your computer.

 BTW, this vulnerability was made PUBLIC 

–  –  –

So, apparently, they did not fix that  vulnerability. However, I cannot probe it.

I'm not going to buy one more f**cking AV product.

 Anyway... do you think Panda and BKAV are 

–  –  –

Kingsoft is a Chinese software company.

 This company offers one AV suite: Kingsoft Internet  Security or Kingsoft AV.

Kingsoft uses BitDefender so all BitDefender's own  bugs are also present on it's AV product.

However, they have many bugs to worry about, not 

–  –  –

It took me a while to discover the true latest version as  the versions in English are not the latest one.

Only the Japanese and Chinese versions are the true  latest ones. So this time I had the option to choose which language I do not understand at all I want to install this AV product on.

Indeed, I don’t know if I installed it, finally, in either  Japanese or Chinese. Anyway.

The hardest part of finding bugs on it was actually 

–  –  –

And they install 1 to 4 non ASLR enabled 

libraries system wide:

Miserably failing at securing your computer like  Panda or BKAV.

Writing exploits targeting Kingsoft AV's users is 

–  –  –

Comodo Antivirus is a product from Comodo  Group, a company from USA.

This antivirus, no matter what they say, is as  crappy as most of the other AV products I analysed and in some senses it's even worst than most others.

They decided to use my prior research to 

–  –  –

The product Comodo  Internet Security is the one they mentioned in a

desafortunate blog post:

http://x90.es/comodofail 

–  –  –

in the ass.

More than anything,  because most IDA modules (tested 6.4 to 6.6) are flagged as malware, so you can't run properly IDA in the analysis machine...

False positives, yeah.

 Nobody uses IDA at 

–  –  –

So, I spent in total 2 days, considering the time  required to revise the crashes I get from my fuzzing system.

Let's see my results only regarding ASLR...

 Comodo Internet Security Another cool antivirus for writing targeted exploits: the library  guard(32|64).dll without ASLR is injected system wide.

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