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«Assured Tenancy – Varied Terms and Conditions Contents 1. About the Varied Terms and Conditions 2. bpha’s Responsibilities 3. Your Rights Right to ...»

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• Tamper or interfere with any power supply in or serving your property or connect to any power supply you are not entitled to use. This includes the communal power supplies. This will be treated as a criminal offence.

• Let anyone you do not know into the building of which your property forms part.

Balconies and Windows Balconies must be kept clear at all time and no goods must be stored on them. Barbeques or similar cooking apparatus cannot be used on a balcony and all cigarette ends must be properly extinguished in a suitable container. Nothing must be thrown from any balcony or window.

Window locks and/or restrictors must not be removed where they are provided.

Shared Areas This section only applies if your home is a flat or a maisonette with shared entrances, staircases, corridors or balconies.

You, your family, friends and relatives, or anyone living with or visiting you (including children) must:

• Not leave anything in the communal areas or use communal areas to store anything and not obstruct common areas, balconies, staircases, lifts or lift entrances. You must not keep mopeds, motorbikes, bicycles, pushchairs or other items which might cause an obstruction in the common areas or allow any members of your household or visitors to do so.

• Keep all shared areas such as entrances, stairways, corridors, lifts and landings clean and free from obstructions. You should not leave any personal belongings or rubbish in these areas

• Keep washing and drying areas and any other shared areas clear of rubbish and obstacles.

• Not throw anything from any landing, balcony, corridor or window.

• Not smoke in any communal areas, as this is illegal.

• Not allow your pet to foul in any communal area.

Keeping the Property Clean

You, your family, friends and relatives, or anyone living with or visiting you (including children) must keep the property clean and tidy, including any balcony. If we have to do any work to bring the property back to a reasonable standard, such as removing rubbish or undertaking a heavy clean, we will charge you for this and may take legal action.

Disposal of Rubbish and Scrap Metal

You must put all refuse in appropriate bin bags and dispose of them in chutes, containers, communal bin areas used for this purpose or as per your local council’s collection arrangements. This means not using your neighbour’s bin and not disposing of rubbish away from the allocated bin storage areas or relevant containers; for example, on the floor of a bin store. For larger items contact your local council to make arrangements for the removal of items (for which there may be a charge).

You must not use the property’s garden any communal gardens or any other external area to store scrap metal, vehicle parts including tyres, gas bottles or any other items.

If bpha has to clear any rubbish from your property including the garden you will be charged for this and we may take legal action.

Pets If you live in a house with a garden you will be permitted a cat or a dog.

If you live in a flat or another home without a garden permission in writing must be sought to keep a pet. Permission may be granted in accordance with bpha’s pet policy, which may change from time to time.

If permission is granted, terms will be provided and if these are not adhered to, permission will be withdrawn and legal action will be taken where necessary. The costs incurred by bpha in taking such action will be recharged to you.

8. Ending Your Tenancy There are very clear guidelines on ending your tenancy and the charges you may be liable for if you do not end your tenancy and clear your property correctly. These can be found on the bpha website.

Moving On If one joint tenant leaves the property and does not intend to return, you must ask bpha’s permission to complete the process of ending the joint tenancy and obtaining a sole tenancy.

One joint tenant may end the whole joint tenancy by giving four weeks’ notice in writing to bpha, or one month’s notice in the case of monthly tenancies.

If you intend leaving your home permanently, you must do the following before moving out:

Give us at least four weeks’ notice in writing to our address: bpha, Bedford Heights, Manton Lane, MK41 7BJ (or such other address that bpha notifies you of). It is essential that we receive written notice to confirm that you will be ending your tenancy. Your tenancy will end four weeks after the date the written notification has been received.

During the notice period, you must allow access to your property so it can be inspected to assess what work will need to be carried out to let the property to the next tenant. The bpha representative carrying out the inspection will also give an indication of any repairs that you will be responsible for. You must allow viewings of your property by prospective tenants accompanied by a bpha representative.

You must:

• Pay all rent and any other charges up to the date of the end of your tenancy.

• Leave the property in a clean and tidy condition, good decorative order and free of rubbish. If we have to clean, clear or redecorate the property, we will charge you for the cost of doing this

• Leave the garden and/or yard (if the property has one) in a tidy state and free from rubbish. If you do not, you will be charged for any costs we incur in cleaning, clearing and tidying it.

• Remove all of your furniture and personal belongings from the property (including any loft space) and from any sheds or garages you rent with the property.

• Remove all carpets, vinyl and laminate flooring you have installed.

• Remove all curtains, curtain rails and any fixtures and fittings you may have added.

• Make sure no one is left in the property.

• Leave behind anything belonging to us.

• Give us your new address.

• Ensure you have paid any outstanding council tax charges and all utility bills (gas, electricity, water, telephone, Sky etc.) due up until the end of the tenancy, or when you return the keys, whichever is later.

You must also give the relevant organisations your forwarding address. If you leave the property owing a debt to a utility company which supplied you during your tenancy, we reserve the right to give them your new address where we have it, without your permission, if you have not already done so.

At the end of your tenancy, we may hold any money you have overpaid to bpha, or money paid to us on your behalf, to use to cover any outstanding rent or charges that you owe (for this or any other property), or other debts to bpha (e.g. sundry debts or repairs recharges). We will calculate and process any charges as quickly as we can after you have ended your tenancy so that we can advise you of any credits we owe you or debts you owe us.

Furniture/Belongings Left Behind at the End of the Tenancy

We accept no responsibility for any belongings you leave in the property after your tenancy has ended. If you do leave any belongings, we will dispose of them after taking reasonable steps to tell you, and then charge you for doing this. We may also consider selling the goods you have left behind to recover some of the costs you may have accrued.

If any other work is required that is your responsibility, including rubbish clearance, we will recharge you for the cost of employing a contractor to undertake this work.

9. Notices

Any notices (including notices in proceedings) that you want to send to us should be sent to:

bpha Limited, Bedford Heights, Manton Lane, Bedford, MK41 7BJ (or such other address that bpha notifies you of).

Any notices (including notices for proceedings) for you will be validly served if handed to you directly, left at your property, pinned to your front door or another visible place or posted to your property.

10. Grounds for Possession We can end the tenancy by obtaining a court order for possession of the property on one of the grounds for possession laid down in legislation. The grounds are contained in Schedule 2 of the Housing Act 1988 as amended from time to time. We reserve the right to rely on new or amended grounds introduced by future legislation. You can obtain a copy of the current grounds for possession from us on request.

We will serve you with a Notice before we take any possession proceedings. The period of the Notice given to you will depend on the ground on which we are seeking possession. If the ground is contained in Ground 14 (anti-social behaviour) the Notice can take effect immediately but otherwise we will normally give you at least 2 weeks’ written Notice.

If the tenancy ceases to be an assured tenancy we will end the tenancy by giving four weeks’ or a month’s notice to quit depending on the rental period.

11. Complaints If you feel that bpha has not kept to the terms of this Agreement, or we are not maintaining our obligations, please contact us giving details of where our service has failed. Information about our complaints process can be found on our website. We take complaints very seriously and aim to resolve them at an early stage. If bpha fails to deal with the complaint, or, in your view, continues not to comply with this Agreement, you can obtain advice from a local Citizens Advice Bureau or law centre, or from a solicitor.

12. Other bpha is subject to guidance on housing management practice issued by the Homes and Communities Agency and any successor body with the approval of the Secretary of State.

The property which is the subject of this tenancy is held by a charity which is an exempt charity under the Charities Act 2011.

I/we hereby agree to my/our tenancy agreement being varied as set out in these Varied Terms.

I/we understand that by signing these Varied Terms, I/we am/are agreeing to the above change being made to my/our tenancy agreement. I/we also understand that this Variation will not affect the obligation to pay the rent and any existing arrears of rent, nor will it affect any existing possession order (if any).

This Variation is not intended to effect a surrender of the existing tenancy and I/we understand that the existing tenancy will continue unchanged save for the Varied Terms set out above.


Date Signed……………………………………. (joint tenant)

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