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«™ A deck-building game of ancient Egypt For 2 - 4 players Valley of the Kings A Game by Tom Cleaver For 2-4 players, ages 14 and up Game Overview ...»

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Exception: Players with 5 or fewer total cards do not put cards on top of your discard pile. Each other player puts a card from his or her hand on top of your discard pile. Players who have 5 or fewer total cards (counting hand, deck, and discard pile) do not put cards on your discard pile.

Placing cards on your discard pile occurs in turn order.

Statue of Thoth – All cards in your hand have a gold value of 4. For the rest of the turn, ignore the printed gold value of cards in your hand.

Instead, each card has a gold value of 4 even if the card actually has a higher printed gold value.

Tyet Amulet – Repeat an action you executed this turn. If you used a card to execute an action this turn, you may use the Tyet Amulet to perform that action again. The Tyet Amulet has no effect on cards used for their gold value. The Tyet Amulet cannot be used with Boat, Censer, or Statue of Thoth. The normal entombment of one card per turn is not an action; therefore the Tyet Amulet cannot be used for an additional entombment based on this normal entombment.

Credits Game Design: Tom Cleaver Development: John Goodenough Cover Illustration: Banu Andaru Card Art: Banu Andaru Graphic Design: John Goodenough, Guillermo Nunez Proofing: Nicolas Bongiu, Todd Rowland, Mark Wootton, John Zinser Production: David Lepore Playtesters: Jake Alexander, Adam Austin, Ryan Austin, Tom “Tommy Dice” Babble, Matt Beamer, Robert Booth, Priscilla Borges, Walt Brewer, Martin Campion, Harvey Cohen, Ryan Cole, Randall Drennen, David Ernst, Anna Fowler, Ann Fredricksen, Mark Fredricksen, Lisa Griesel, Adam Guay, Gonzo Joe Harrison, Sophie Harrison, John Hicks, Dave Johnston, Erik Johnson, Jason Kerney, Nhu Le, Cory Maloney, Nick Maloney, Bruce Muncher, Mai Nguyen, Brian Pennington, Adam Quinn, Eric Scheeler, Sherry Scott, Scott Shaw, Alexander Shvarts, Craig Springstube, Ray Swan, Richard Tatge, Thorin Tatge, James Taylor, Adam Warth Jr., Zach Weenig, Carl Wilcoxon, Christian Wilson Copyright & Contact © 2014 Alderac Entertainment Group. Valley of the Kings, Alderac Entertainment Group, and all related marks are TM and © Alderac Entertainment Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

Printed in China.

Warning: Choking hazard!

Keep away from small children!

For more information, visit our website:

www.alderac.com/valleyofthekings and www.alderac.com/forum Questions?

Email CustomerService@alderac.com Quick Reference Setup End of Game The game continues until all

1. Set Up Players

conditions have been met:

2. Set Up Starter Cards No cards are left in the stock.

3. Set Up Draw Decks No cards are left in the pyramid.

4. Set Up Stock All players have taken the same

5. Set Up Pyramid number of turns.

6. Set Up Boneyard Players then count their victory points

7. Determine Starting Player (VP) in their tomb and the player with the most points wins!

Taking a Turn

During your turn you must follow these four steps in order:

1. Play Cards: Each card in your hand can be used for only one of

these purposes:

Buy a card from the base of the pyramid.

Execute the action listed on the card.

Entomb the card (once per turn).

2. Discard: When you have played all the cards you chose to play, discard all of your cards in play and all cards remaining in your hand to your personal discard pile.

3. Rebuild Pyramid: If you have made no changes whatsoever to the pyramid during your turn, sacrifice any card in the pyramid by putting the selected card on top of the boneyard. Regardless of whether or not you changed the pyramid, replace cards removed from the pyramid with cards from the stock starting from the base up.

4. Draw New Hand: Draw a new hand of 5 cards.

After you have completed each step, the next player clockwise around

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