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«Tom Cleaver’s ™ A deck-building game of ancient Egypt For 1 - 4 players Valley of the Kings: Afterlife A Game by Tom Cleaver For 1-4 players, ages 14 ...»

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Serdab – Set aside any number of cards. When you draw a new hand, add these set-aside cards to your hand.

The cards to set aside are unplayed cards from your hand.

Sling – When an opponent entombs a card, discard Sling and entomb a card costing 3 or less.

The card to entomb comes from your hand.

Victory – Entomb a card in play.

Cards in play are any cards you have played this turn for their actions or for their gold value.

Optional Rules To create more variety in your games, there are a number of optional rules you can use. If players want to use any of the rules discussed here, they should make sure that everyone understands and agrees to the rules before the game begins.

Playing Valley of the Kings Sets Together If you own a copy of the original Valley of the Kings game, you have many more ways to play. Some suggestions for integrating the two games are given as follows.

Mixed Sets Each version of Valley of the Kings contains sets of 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 distinct cards, as shown in the table below.

–  –  –

Choose a three-card set from either version (sarcophagi or mummification), a four-card set from either version (canopic jars or jewelry), etc. The selection may be deliberate or at random. You may also use the unique cards (purple cards) from either set.

Half Sets There are two identical copies of each set card. For example, there are 8 chamber cards, but only 4 of each kind of chamber. Splitting up this set means that you would use only 4 cards from the chambers set.

Use half of each set from each of the two versions. There will then be no duplicates in the game, but there will be the same number of total cards in the game.

There are two ways to play with half sets:

Treat the Sets Independently – In this version of the game, there will be 10 different sets. With no duplicate cards, getting a full set of anything is quite challenging.

Combine the Sets by Color Group – In this version of the game, there will be 5 supersets: The sarcophagi/mummification superset, the canopic jars/jewelry superset, etc. For the statues/tomb art superset, there are 14 distinct cards. If you were to complete this set, you would get 14 x 14 = 196 points!

Longer Games If you want more challenge, and higher scores, you can make the game longer by including extra cards, as described in the “Five- and Six-Player Games” optional rule on page 18.

Five- and Six-Player Games Valley of the Kings: Afterlife includes enough starter cards for four players. By using the starter cards from the original Valley of the Kings, you can play with up to eight players. We found that five- and sixplayer games work well.

Five-player Game – Take all six Sarcophagus cards from Valley of the Kings and all six Mummification cards from Valley of the Kings: Afterlife to form a red superset. Take all eight Canopic Jar cards from Valley of the Kings and all eight Jewelry cards from Valley of the Kings: Afterlife to form a brown superset. For your additional sets, use Amulets or Chambers, Books or Weapons, and Statues or Tomb Art. Use any six purple unique cards from either set.

Six-player game – This is the same as the five-player game, except that you use all ten Amulet cards from Valley of the Kings and all ten Chamber cards from Valley of the Kings: Afterlife to form a yellow-orange superset. Use any ten purple unique cards.

Valley of the Kings Solitaire Below are two Valley of the Kings solitaire games: Starter Solitaire and Master Solitaire. These two games will sharpen your skills when playing against others.

For both games the following additional rules apply:

You may examine the boneyard whenever you wish.

You may examine your discard pile whenever you wish.

You may not execute an action that refers to another player.

Duplicate set cards in your tomb count against you.

Starter Solitaire To win you must get a perfect score, that is, you must entomb 3 mummification, 4 jewelry, 5 chambers, 6 weapons, 7 tomb art, 6 uniques, and 10 starter cards. This scores a total of 164 points.

Master Solitaire This game has the same goal as Starter Solitaire by scoring a total of 164 points, except that you no longer get one free entombment per turn. You must therefore use card actions to populate your tomb.

Credits Game Design: Tom Cleaver Development: John Goodenough Art: Banu Andaru Graphic Design: John Goodenough Proofing: Nicolas Bongiu, Todd Rowland, Mark Wootton Production: David Lepore Playtesters: Jason Aemisegger, Jon Bancroft, Walt Brewer, Martin Campion, Latricia Fahringer, Thomas Froman, John Hicks, Dave Johnston, Cory Maloney, Nick Maloney, Jill Patrick, Will Pell, Lonny Robinson, Michael Runge, Jason Stucker, Richard Tatge, Thorin Tatge, Christie Thompson Copyright & Contact © 2015 Alderac Entertainment Group. Valley of the Kings, Alderac Entertainment Group, and all related marks are ™ and © Alderac Entertainment Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

Printed in China.

Warning: Choking Hazard! Not for use by children under 3 years of age!

For more information, visit our website:

www.alderac.com/valleyofthekings and www.alderac.com/forum Questions? Email CustomerService@alderac.com Quick Reference Setup End of Game The game continues until all

1. Set Up Players

conditions have been met:

2. Set Up Starter Cards No cards are left in the stock.

3. Set Up Draw Decks No cards are left in the pyramid.

4. Set Up Stock All players have taken the same

5. Set Up Pyramid number of turns.

6. Set Up Boneyard Players then count their victory points

7. Determine Starting Player (VP) in their tomb and the player with the most points wins!

Taking a Turn

During your turn you must follow these four steps in order:

1. Play Cards: Each card in your hand can be used for only one of

these purposes:

Buy a card from the base of the pyramid.

Execute the action listed on the card.

Entomb the card (once per turn).

2. Discard: When you have played all the cards you chose to play, discard all of your cards in play and all cards remaining in your hand to your personal discard pile.

3. Rebuild Pyramid: If you have made no changes whatsoever to the pyramid during your turn, sacrifice any card in the pyramid by putting the selected card on top of the boneyard. Regardless of whether or not you changed the pyramid, replace cards removed from the pyramid with cards from the stock starting from the base up.

4. Draw New Hand: Draw a new hand of 5 cards.

After you have completed each step, the next player clockwise around

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