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«LONDONWEST MIDLANDS ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT Volume 2 | Community Forum Area report CFA7 | Colne Valley November 2013 ES VOL LondonWest Midlands ...»

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 specific measures in relation to air quality and noise will also serve to reduce impacts for the neighbouring communities including discretionary noise insulation for sensitive community resources and, in special circumstances, temporary rehousing (draft CoCP Sections 7 and 13); and  where reasonably practicable, the avoidance of large goods vehicles operating adjacent to schools during drop off and pick up periods (CoCP, Section 14).

CFA Report – Colne Valley/No7 | Community

Assessment of impacts and effects 5.4.3 Details of all assessments of community resources are included, Volume 5: Appendix CM-001-007. Each assessment form presents information that explains the rationale for determining the rating for sensitivity of the affected community resource, magnitude of impact and the assessment of significance.

Harvil Road to Moorhall Road Temporary effects Residential property 5.4.4 Residents on B467 Swakeleys Road (between the junction with the A40 and the junction with Harvil Road) are predicted to experience in-combination effects from traffic, air quality and noise. These effects are significant effects due to increase in HGV movements from construction traffic. The duration of peak construction traffic is described in Section 12, Traffic and transport. In addition, there are predicted to be significant effects on air quality and noise associated with the increase in construction traffic. The combination of these effects will result in a major adverse effect on the amenity of residents along this route, which is significant. This section of road is the border between two study areas and therefore this effect occurs in both areas, CFA6 and CFA7.

Community infrastructure 5.4.5 HOAC provides water-based and land-based outdoor activities all year round. Users include local people, education groups, community groups and those with disabilities for whom specific facilities are in place. In addition to providing a sub-regional role, the activity centre is embedded within the local community, serving local schools, local people and clubs and providing volunteering opportunities. The activity centre also has a role beyond recreation, providing training for new and existing instructors.

There are no other centres providing similar services to those provided by HOAC in neighbouring local authority areas.

5.4.6 The Colne Valley viaduct will cross the HOAC site. The construction of the viaduct will require placement of piers within the site, including approximately ten in the adjoining 18ha lake, where water based activities take place. The erection of viaduct piers at approximately 40m intervals from a parallel construction jetty, the works to replace overhead electricity lines and the scale and duration of the construction works will mean that all the lake used by HOAC will be closed during the construction period.

The works on the National Grid overhead power lines will take place in advance of the construction of the viaduct and take approximately six months, starting in summer

2016. The duration of construction of the viaduct is approximately five years which comprises approximately six months to replace the overhead electricity lines and approximately four and a half years to construct the viaduct.

5.4.7 The location of the Colne Valley viaduct will result in the demolition of three HOAC buildings (see permanent effects) and in combination with the Colne Valley viaduct satellite compound will enclose some of the remaining buildings on two sides, divide the site in two and occupy land across the existing entrance to the site. The location of the satellite construction compound will affect the ability to enter and exit the activity

CFA Report – Colne Valley/No7 | Community

centre and is sited on the existing HOAC car parking area which is used by coaches.

Provision has been made for alternative access into the site, although part of the road will be shared with construction traffic.

5.4.8 The land required for construction of the Proposed Scheme will result in closure of the lake and impair the land based activities of HOAC during the construction period. This is considered to be a major adverse effect and is therefore significant.

5.4.9 If HOAC remains open, it is predicted to experience in-combination effects as a result of the proximity of construction activity. The combination of visual effects and noise effects is considered to create a major adverse effect affecting the amenity of HOAC and is therefore significant. However, the combination of land required for construction and changes to amenity means the centre is unlikely to operate during the five year construction period.

5.4.10 The construction impact will be for a temporary duration however there is the potential that if HOAC was unable to continue to operate from its existing location during this period there would be a longer impact on the operation of HOAC as it is likely that it would take time to re-establish to its current level of activity.

Permanent effects Residential property 5.4.11 Construction works for the Colne Valley viaduct will require the demolition of a residential property at Dew’s Farm and its outbuildings along with an outbuilding opposite Dew’s Farm Cottages. The permanent loss of one dwelling is a minor adverse effect and is therefore not considered to be significant at a community level.

Community infrastructure 5.4.12 The construction of the Colne Valley viaduct will require placement of piers in the 18ha Harefield No 2 Lake where HOAC water based activities take place. The introduction of piers in the lake will constrain water based activities being allocated to the most appropriate part of the lake. This allocation of these water based activities is influenced by the weather conditions (primarily wind conditions) which will be affected by the new structures in the lake. The numbers of groups, ability of groups and types of activities also determine which parts of the lake are used. HOAC advises that the introduction of the viaduct in the lake will affect the flow of the wind which has implications for sailing, as well as affecting visibility, which they believe could restrict the areas of the lake that are available for use. It is considered that the use of part of this community resource will be impaired during the operation of the Proposed Scheme.

5.4.13 The piers for the viaduct will also be placed on land that is part of the HOAC site and will require the demolition of three buildings. The area is currently used for land-based outdoor activities at HOAC.

5.4.14 The land required permanently to construct the Proposed Scheme is considered to result in both the current water-based and land-based operations of HOAC being impaired. It is therefore considered to be a major adverse effect and is significant.

CFA Report – Colne Valley/No7 | Community

A412 Denham Way/North Orbital Road Temporary effects Community infrastructure 5.4.15 The construction of the piers for the Colne Valley viaduct will require land to the north-east of the A412 Denham Way/North Orbital Road, off which the Denham Waterski Club is accessed. The construction works will be undertaken to enable access to be maintained to the water ski club through the implementation of traffic management measures. The nearby jetty used to construct the Colne Valley viaduct will require a small amount of land that forms part of the car park for the club. However, any impact on the capacity and operation of the car park will be avoided through the configuration of the compound and its fencing. This is not considered to result in a significant effect.

5.4.16 The construction works are predicted to result in a change in amenity for users of Denham Waterski Club through a combination of effects. The in-combination effects are significant noise effects at the club house and significant visual effects associated with views south, west and north from the club of the construction activity. The club house is used for instruction and tuition, as well as being the focus for events and therefore changes to this environment are considered to affect the club. The effects are likely to coincide for a period of approximately one and a half years. The combination of these effects is considered to result in a moderate adverse effect and is therefore significant.

Open space and recreational public rights of way 5.4.17 The Colne Valley Regional Park (see Section 2) will be crossed by the Colne Valley viaduct. The effects on ecology and landscape are considered elsewhere in this report (see Sections 7 and 9). The construction of the viaduct will result in land being required for the Colne Valley viaduct storage and jetty satellite compounds (off Moorhall Road) and Colne Valley viaduct laydown satellite compound (off the A412 Denham Way/North Orbital Road, south-west of West Hyde House) for approximately three years and nine months. The construction works for piling and erection of the viaduct piers and decking will, in parallel, also take approximately two and a half years within the Regional Park.

5.4.18 Providing opportunities for countryside recreation and encouraging community participation are key objectives for Colne Valley Regional Park (through its Community Interest Company). The Park is accessible to communities in west London as well as providing a recreational resource for nearby communities. Although land within the park will be required for two and a half years, it is considered that the park is sufficiently large that the construction works will not affect the ability of the park to retain its function. Therefore it is considered that there will not be a significant effect on the Colne Valley Regional Park.

5.4.19 The study area, including Colne Valley Regional Park, has a number of PRoW through it (see Map Series CT-06-Volume 2, CFA7 Map Book). These include the Colne Valley Trail and Hillingdon Trail along the banks of the Grand Union Canal, the Old Shire Lane Circular Walk and the South Bucks Way, as well as other informal routes. Those routes that will be intersected by the construction of the Proposed Scheme will be CFA Report – Colne Valley/No7 | Community re-routed, either temporarily or permanently and therefore no significant effects on recreational PRoW are predicted. Impacts on the Grand Union Canal have been avoided through the placement of piers on either bank rather than in the canal.

The section of the Old Shire Lane Circular Walk from the junction with the A412 5.4.20 Denham Way/North Orbital Road near West Hyde House, west and north-west, to its intersection with the M25 runs alongside areas of construction activity including the Chiltern tunnel main construction compound. This part of the walk is approximately

2.5km in length. Part of this route will be temporarily diverted to the south of the existing route, adding 1.2km to the route. The section of the route that heads north toward the crossing of the M25 at Chalfont Lane will be closed during the construction period for five and a half years. This requirement for land to construct the Proposed Scheme is considered to result in a moderate adverse effect on the Old Shire Lane Circular Walk and therefore its users, which is significant. In addition, the users of the remaining section of the route within this study area are predicted to experience a change in amenity when using the alternative route, principally as a result of the views of and noise from, the construction activity.

Permanent effects 5.4.21 Construction works for the Colne Valley viaduct will require the demolition of three outbuildings associated with residential property at Weybeards Cottages. The impact of the permanent loss of these outbuildings is assessed as a negligible effect and not considered to be significant.

West Hyde and Maple Cross Temporary effects 5.4.22 No significant temporary effects have been identified.

Permanent effects 5.4.23 No significant permanent effects have been identified.

Cumulative effects 5.4.24 No temporary or permanent cumulative effects have been identified for any of the areas during construction.

Other mitigation measures 5.4.25 The assessment has concluded there are significant adverse effects arising during construction in relation to community resources.

5.4.26 HS2 Ltd has, and will continue to engage with HOAC regarding the impact of the Proposed Scheme and the options for HOAC during construction. The options could include for example, continuing to explore potential refinements to the construction approach during detailed design, combined with restrictions on activities during the construction period. HS2 Ltd is aware that it is HOAC’s preference to be relocated from their existing location and this is being discussed within the on-going dialogue.

HS2 Ltd will continue to work closely with HOAC, and other relevant stakeholders, and remains committed to seeking to agree a solution with HOAC to allow the facility to continue to operate during the construction period.

CFA Report – Colne Valley/No7 | Community

Summary of likely significant residual effects 5.4.27 At HOAC, land used for water-based and land-based activities will be temporarily required during construction. The Proposed Scheme will also require land permanently at the site. Effects on the amenity of users during the construction period are also predicted, if the site remains open during construction. However, overall it is unlikely that HOAC will continue to operate during the construction phase and this effect will therefore be significant 5.4.28 The amenity of residents along sections of Harvil Road will be temporarily affected in locations between the junction with Swakeleys Road north to Harvil Farm and at South Harefield, just south of the junction with Moorhall Road. The users of Denham Water Ski Club will experience a change in amenity due to construction activity and the operation of the Proposed Scheme that will be significant.

The land required for construction will result in the closure of part of Old Shire Lane 5.4.29 Circular Walk. Due to the length of the alternative route users will be significantly affected.

Effects arising from operation 5.5 Avoidance and mitigation measures 5.5.1 The alignment of the route through the study area reduces adverse environmental impacts during operation on the Colne Valley Regional Park and Grand Union Canal.

5.5.2 Noise fence barriers have also been included as part of the Proposed Scheme to reduce noise effects as identified in Section 11 (sound, noise and vibration).

Assessment of impacts and effects Colne Valley 5.5.3 Residents of approximately five properties next to Denham Grove (De Vere Hotel), off Tilehouse Lane are predicted to experience in-combination effects due to the operation of the Proposed Scheme. The combined effects are significant operational noise and significant visual effects. The combination of these effects will result in a major adverse effect on the amenity of residents, which is significant.

5.5.4 The construction assessment has identified that it is unlikely that HOAC can continue to operate at their existing location during the construction period. In the event that it does prove possible for HOAC for continue to operate during construction as a result of on-going discussions or alternatively, HOAC is re-established on its existing location after construction then there will be an impact during the operation of the Proposed Scheme. This will include changes to the areas used for their on-site activities and storage and restrictions on the use of the lake, affecting water-based activities as a result of the Colne Valley viaduct.

5.5.5 In addition there are significant operational noise effects and significant visual effects predicted from the operation of the Proposed Scheme. The combination of these effects will result in a major adverse effect on the amenity of users and staff at HOAC during operation of the Proposed Scheme which is significant.

–  –  –

Cumulative effects 5.5.6 No significant cumulative effects have been identified.

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