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«EMC® VNX™ Series Release 7.0 Managing Volumes and File Systems on VNX™ Manually P/N 300-011-808 REV A01 EMC Corporation Corporate Headquarters: ...»

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metavolume by using this command syntax, until the disk space is free:

$ nas_volume -delete volume_name

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12. If the metavolume included slice volumes, delete all slice volumes associated with the

metavolume by using this command syntax, until the disk space is free:

$ nas_volume -delete volume_name

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The tasks to check file system consistency and to repair a damaged file

system are:

◆ Run a file system check on page 84 ◆ Start an ACL check on the file system on page 84 ◆ List file system checks on page 85 ◆ Display the file system check information on a file system on page ◆ Display information on all current file system checks on page 86

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Start an ACL check on the file system The nas_fsck command allows you to manually start fsck on a specified file system. The nas_fsck command also lists and displays the status of fsck and aclchk. The aclchk utility finds and corrects any errors in the ACL database and removes duplicate ACL records stored on the file system. The aclchkonly option can only be used on a file system that is mounted but not exported. It cannot be run on an unmounted file system. By default, the fsck and aclchk utilities are enabled.

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Output ACLCHK: in progress for file system ufs1 List file system checks Action

To list current file system checks, use this command syntax:

$ nas_fsck -list


To list current file system checks, type:

$ nas_fsck -list

–  –  –

Display the file system check information on a file system Action

To display file system check information on a single file system, use this command syntax:

$ nas_fsck -info fs_name


fs_name = name of the file system


To display information about file system check for ufs2, type:

$ nas_fsck -info ufs2

–  –  –

Display information on all current file system checks Action

To display information on all file system checks that are currently running, use this command syntax:

$ nas_fsck -info -all


To display information on all file system checks that are currently running, type:

$ nas_fsck -info -all

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As part of an effort to continuously improve and enhance the performance and capabilities of its product lines, EMC periodically releases new versions of its hardware and software. Therefore, some functions described in this document may not be supported by all versions of the software or hardware currently in use. For the most up-to-date information on product features, refer to your product release notes.

If a product does not function properly or does not function as described in this document, contact your EMC Customer Support Representative.

Problem Resolution Roadmap for VNX contains additional information about using the EMC Online Support website and resolving problems.

Topics included are:

◆ EMC E-Lab Interoperability Navigator on page 88 ◆ Known problems and limitations on page 88 ◆ Error messages on page 89 ◆ EMC Training and Professional Services on page 89

Managing Volumes and File Systems on VNX Manually 7.0 87Troubleshooting

EMC E-Lab Interoperability Navigator The EMC E-Lab™ Interoperability Navigator is a searchable, web-based application that provides access to EMC interoperability support matrices. It is available at http://Support.EMC.com. After logging in to the EMC Online Support website, locate the applicable Support by Product page, find Tools, and click E-Lab Interoperability Navigator.

Known problems and limitations Table 6 on page 88 describes known problems that might occur when using volumes and file systems, and presents workarounds.

Table 6. Problems and workarounds

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Error messages All event, alert, and status messages provide detailed information and recommended actions to help you troubleshoot the situation.

To view message details, use any of these methods:

–  –  –

Celerra Error Messages Guide:

◆ Use this guide to locate information about messages that are in the earlier-release •

–  –  –

Use the text from the error message's brief description or the message's ID to search • the Knowledgebase on the EMC Online Support website. After logging in to EMC Online Support, locate the applicable Support by Product page, and search for the error message.

EMC Training and Professional Services EMC Customer Education courses help you learn how EMC storage products work together within your environment to maximize your entire infrastructure investment. EMC Customer Education features online and hands-on training in state-of-the-art labs conveniently located throughout the world. EMC customer training courses are developed and delivered by EMC experts. Go to the EMC Online Support website at http://Support.EMC.com for course and registration information.

EMC Professional Services can help you implement your VNX series efficiently. Consultants evaluate your business, IT processes, and technology, and recommend ways that you can leverage your information for the most benefit. From business plan to implementation, you get the experience and expertise that you need without straining your IT staff or hiring and training new personnel. Contact your EMC Customer Support Representative for more information.

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Overview The system software supports 32-bit GID (group IDs) on NFS and CIFS file systems. This support enables a maximum GID value of 2,147,483,647 (approximately 2 billion).

–  –  –

◆ Some backup applications have restrictions. Ensure that the application can handle 32-bit UIDs/GIDs.

There is no command to verify whether a file system supports 16-bit or 32-bit GIDs.

–  –  –

A append-only state State of a file when the data in it cannot be modified, but the file can have new data appended to the end of it. In addition, the file itself cannot be deleted. Once a file in the append-only state has been written to, changing it to the locked state by making it read-only locks it into that state until its retention date has passed.

Automatic Volume Management (AVM) Feature of VNX for file that creates and manages volumes automatically without manual volume management by an administrator. AVM organizes volumes into storage pools that can be allocated to file systems.

See also thin provisioning.


business continuance volume (BCV) Symmetrix volume used as a mirror that attaches to and fully synchronizes with a production (source) volume on the VNX for file. The synchronized BCV is then separated from the source volume and is addressed directly from the host to serve in backup and restore operations, decision support, and application testing.

C component file system File system mounted on the nested mount root file system that is part of the nested mount file system.

D disk volume On a VNX for file, a physical storage unit as exported from the storage system. All other volume types are created from disk volumes.

See also metavolume, slice volume, stripe volume, and volume.

–  –  –

expired state State of a file when its retention date has passed. A file in the expired state can be reverted back to the locked state or deleted from the FLR-enabled file system, but cannot be altered.

–  –  –

file system Method of cataloging and managing the files and directories on a system.

file-level retention (FLR) FLR lets you store data on standard rewritable magnetic disks by using NFS or CIFS operations to create a permanent, unalterable set of files and directories.

See also append-only state, expired state, locked state, not locked state, and retention date.

–  –  –

inode “On-disk” data structure that holds information about files in a file system. This information identifies the file type as being a file that includes VNX FileMover stub files, a directory, or a symbolic link.

–  –  –

locked state State of a file when its read/write permission is changed to read-only in a file system enabled for file-level retention. Files committed to the locked (WORM) state cannot be altered or deleted until their retention date has passed.

logical unit number (LUN) Identifying number of a SCSI or iSCSI object that processes SCSI commands. The LUN is the last part of the SCSI address for a SCSI object. The LUN is an ID for the logical unit, but the term is often used to refer to the logical unit itself.

–  –  –

metavolume On VNX for file, a concatenation of volumes, which can consist of disk, slice, or stripe volumes.

Also called a hypervolume or hyper. Every file system must be created on top of a unique metavolume.

See also disk volume, slice volume, stripe volume, and volume.

–  –  –

nested mount file system root File system on which the component file systems are mounted read-only, except for mount points of the component file systems.

not locked state Initial state of a file when it is created. A file that is not locked is treated in the same manner as any file in a file system not enabled for file-level retention (FLR). This means it can be renamed, modified, and deleted until the time that the file is locked.

P Production File System (PFS) Production File System on VNX for file. A PFS is built on Symmetrix volumes or VNX for block LUNs and mounted on a Data Mover in the VNX for file.

R retention date Date until which a locked file in an FLR-enabled file system will be protected. Users and applications manage a file's retention date by using NFS or CIFS to set the file's last access time to a future date and time. The retention timestamp is compared to the file system's FLR clock to determine whether a file's retention date has passed.

S slice volume On VNX for file, a logical piece or specified area of a volume used to create smaller, more manageable units of storage.

See also disk volume, metavolume, stripe volume, and volume.

storage pool Groups of available disk volumes organized by AVM that are used to allocate available storage to file systems. They can be created automatically by AVM or manually by the user.

See also Automatic Volume Management stripe volume Arrangement of volumes that appear as a single volume. Allows for stripe units that cut across the volume and are addressed in an interlaced manner. Stripe volumes make load balancing possible.

See also disk volume, metavolume, and slice volume.

V volume On VNX for file, a virtual disk into which a file system, database management system, or other application places data. A volume can be a single disk partition or multiple partitions on one or more physical drives.

See also disk volume, metavolume, slice volume, and stripe volume.

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