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«Brief particulars: Full name: Vipin Mohan Vashishtha Date of Birth: 26th April, 1964 Sex: Male. Communication Address: Dr Vipin M. Vashishtha, Director & ...»

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www.pediatriconcall.com News Letter April-2005 ________________________________________


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December 31, 2004, pp 22.

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June 15, 2004, pp 42-43.

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7-IAP articulates support to PEI. India Communication Update.No. 6, June 2007, UNICEF, New Delhi.


Awards of Professional Recognition:

(i) State/City:

1-Best member of UP chapter of IAP Award in 1998 presented at UP State Conference, Bareilly.

2-President’s excellence award and medal for publishing Pediascene at 29th State Conference of UP Chapter of IAP at Jhansi in 1999.

3-Gold Medal and Certificate of appreciation for exemplary work in the field of Polio Eradication, presented at 25th State Conference of UP Chapter of IAP in 2004 at Ghaziabad.

4-Rotary’s appreciation certificate for dissemination of medical education amongst practitioners through distribution of the news bulletin “Pediascene” in the year 1999.

5-Anilendra Varshney Memorial University Gold Medal” by Agra University for securing maximum marks in Pharmacology, 1985.

6-Merit certificates by Agra University, Agra in seven undergraduate subjects in MBBS course, 1986.

(ii) National:

1-Fellowship, Indian Academy of Pediatrics, 2005.

2-Received national IAP award as secretary of IAP Bijnor branch (best branch award for small city/district without medical college) during the IAP Pedicon held at Jaipur, 1999.

3-Received national IAP award as secretary of IAP Bijnor branch (best branch award for small city/district without medical college) during the IAP Pedicon held at Hyderabad, 2000.

4-Rashtriya Chikitsak Ratan Award” 2003, by Nation’s Economic Development and Growth Society.


(iii) International:

Fellowship in Advanced Vaccinology (ADVAC-9), Annecy, France May 16-30, 2008.

Many biographical citation awards like:

1- Who’s Who in the World, 21st Edition, 2004-09.

2- Morquio’s Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, 5th Edition, 2004-05.

3- Leading Health Professional of the World, 2005.

4- Research Board of Advisor, American Biographical Society, 2003-04.


Membership of Expert Committees:

1-Collaborating with Emory University for a joint IAP-Emory-Gates project as a co-investigator on studying barriers to achieve high RI rates in India.

2-ICMR expert committee on Potential Use of IPV in Interrupting WPV Transmission in Western UP, India, ICMR, New Delhi on August 27, 2007.

3-Participated and made a ppt on IAP-PEC role in PE at the 17th IEAG meeting in Delhi on 29-30 May, 2007.

4-Invited by ICMR, New Delhi to participate in a discussion on formation of a national task force to control the recurring epidemics of brain diseases all over the country on May 2, 2005.

5-Collaborating with National Institute of Virology, Pune on the project of study of measles virus strains circulating in the region of western U.P., 2003-04.

6-Collaborating with National Institute of Virology, Pune in investigation of an epidemic of acute encephalopathic illness in 2-12 year old children in western UP.

7-Invited by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, US to develop a course on Diarrhea & Pneumonia prevention and control for Indian stakeholders, October, 2011.

8-Participated in NTAGI STSC in December 2013.

9-Participated & delivered a ppt on IAP Perspectives on MR initiative during NTAGI STSC meeting in Delhi on February 2014.

10--Participated in India Expert Advisory Group on Polio Eradication meetings in 2007-08, 2013,& 2015.


IAP office bearer posts:

(i) Member of the Executive Board of National /Central IAP:

Twice in 2001 and 2002.

(ii) Office-Bearer of State IAP:

1- President, UP State chapter of Infectious diseases in Children, 2004.

2- Founder and Coordinator, UP chapter of IAP, CMEG, 2003.

3- State Executive Committee Member, 2002 ________________________________________

Organizational activities:

1- Convener, IAP meeting on Saharanpur outbreaks on encephalopathy 2-Convener, 2nd IAP National Consultative Meeting on Polio Eradication and Improvement of RI held at New Delhi on November 24-25.

3- Convener, 6th National Conference of Pediatric Infectious Disese chapter of IAP at Agra, November 2003.

4- Convener, 23rd State Conference of UP Chapter of IAP and CME on Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Bareilly, February, 2002.

5- Organizing Secretary of State level Pediatric Rendezvous, Bijnor, December 1998 6- Organizing Secretary of State level CME on Controversies in Pediatric Practice and state executive meeting at Bijnor, April 2001.

7- Developed audio-visual aids for use in IAP PP Quiz program all over the country.

8- Organizing secretary, Neonatal Advanced Life Support (NALS) course on February 20, 2000 at Bijnor.

9- Organizing Secretary of Symposium on Adolescents Problems and Sex Education, 11th March 2000.

10- Organized a symposium-cum-talk show on “Early schooling and Learning Disabilities” at Bijnor on 22nd November 1999 at Bijnor.

11- Organized a panel discussion on Breast-feeding on 11th August 1999 at Bijnor.

12- Organized workshop on ORT and Diarrhea management on 30th August, 1999 at Bijnor.

13- Conducted a press conference on benefits of breast-feeding to baby, mother, family and to society on 31st July 1999 at Bijnor.

14- Founder of “Parent Education Cell” at Binor on 13th June 1999 and started its activities that included publication of booklets on breastfeeding and pediatric vaccination and brochures/pamphlets on common pediatric infectious illnesses in Hindi for distribution amongst general public.

15- Organizing secretary, An Update on Childhood Convulsive disorders at Bijnor on 14th March 1999.

16- Organizing secretary of IAP PP Quiz on 19th July 1998 at Bijnor.

17- Organized a symposium on breast-feeding on 7th August 1998 at Bijnor.

18- Coordinator and quizmaster of IAP PP Quiz programs in 1999 and 2000 held at Dhampur and Najibabad, respectively.

19- Organized a school camp and Q&A session on teenage problems and sex education in Government Inter College, Bijnor on 1st August 2000.

20- Organized a seminar on Adolescents Health Problems in the evening of 1st August 2000 at Bijnor.

21- Organized debates and essay competitions in Govt. Girls Inter College, Bijnor and Arya Samaj School Bijnor on breastfeeding from 1998-2000.

22- Organizing secretary of “Shishu Swasthaya Mela” on 19th November 2000 at Saraswati Shishu Mandir school, at Bijnor.

23- Organized different health camps including ORS camps, deworming camps, immunization camps etc in and around Bijnor districts between 1998-2002.

24-Convener, IAPVAC 2012.

And many many more since 2012.


List of presentations:

Delivered many guest lectures, chaired different sessions and participated in various discussions during

IAP conferences, workshops and other events. A list of few of them is provided below:

1- Delivered a lecture on “Bird Flu” during the symposium of newer infection in the 42nd National Conference of IAP, Kolkata, 2005;

2- Delivered a lecture on “Polio Eradication: How to move forward?” during the symposium of polio eradication in the 42nd National Conference of IAP, Kolkata, 2005;

3- Participated as panelist on “Dialogue Session on Immunization” during the 41st National Conference of IAP, Chennai, 2004;

4- Participated as panelist in the dialogue session on “Polio eradication: Where are we going wrong?” during the 40th National Conference of IAP, Mumbai, 2003;

5- Co-chaired session during the CME (II) on “Fetus as a patient” during the 40th National Conference of IAP, Mumbai, 2003;

6- Delivered a lecture on “How to speed up your PC without adding extra wares?” during the symposium of CMEG at 39th National Conference of IAP, Bangalore, 2002;

7- Co-chaired sessions on free paper presentation during 39th National Conference of IAP, Bangalore, 2002;

8- Participated as faculty/instructor during the workshop of CMEG conducted during 38th National Conference of IAP, Patna, 2001;

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