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«Legal Notice This SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual is intended only to provide concise, easily read information, useful in planning movements of ...»

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Holiday Good Friday (Friday proceeding Easter Sunday) Victoria Day (Monday of the May Long Weekend) Canada Day (July 1st) Labor Day (First Monday in September) Thanksgiving Day (Second Monday in October) Christmas Day (December 25th) New Years Day (January 1st) Summer Months — From the Friday proceeding the May (Victoria Day) long weekend to the Tuesday following the September (Labor Day) long weekend.

PTH 1 from Headlingley to Winnipeg will be granted the same travel privileges as 4-lane divided highways.

Travel Restrictions on Fridays and Days Preceding Statutory Holidays

Width: No restriction on travel, except for the following during summer months only:

–  –  –

Length: In summer months loads greater than 25 m (82') must be off the road by 3:00 pm on seasonally restricted routes Travel Restrictions on Sundays and Statutory Holidays Width: a) Loads up to 3.4 m (11'2") are permitted to travel on all 2-lane highways

–  –  –

Length: Maximum length 25.0 m (82') regardless of vehicle combination type.

No exceptions are presently allowed for farm equipment.

Divisible load permits generally not available.

Inclement Weather - Carriers should use caution during winter months, as vertical clearances under structures and overhead signs, etc., can be reduced due to packed snow on highways.

The Spring Road Restriction Order, identifying affected roadways, is made available in the fall and again in February prior to the restrictions implementation date.

Please check regularly for changes throughout the restriction period. Delays to the start date will be communicated via this web site and the Road Information Line.

Web site: Refer to this web site often for bulletins and updates, tire calculation charts, the SRR Map and more.

MB-5 06/14 SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual Road Information Line: Information will be available through a verbal description of road restrictions at 1or 1-877-MBRoads (1-877-627-6237).

Permit Information Required — Name and address of carrier; owner of load; owner of vehicle; overall dimensions; load dimensions; dimensions of towed vehicle (if applicable); tractor license; trailer license; no.

of axles; starting point; destination; routes to be travelled; total gross weight; date of entry; date of exit;

load description — Serial # NOT required of mobile homes, IFTA #, IRP#.


Single Trips — Duration of permit is approved on a case-by-case basis. Round trips are available.

Annual Available for the following (IF MB IRP Apportioned, with IFTA & MB Authority) – 12' in width – 98'6" in length – 15' in height – 133,100 lbs. in weight NOTE: These permits may require the submission of bi-weekly report sheets.

FEES Overwidth: $6.00 – $72.00 Overlength: $6.00 – $12.00 Overheight: No Charge Overweight: 3.6 cents / per kilometer / per metric tonne overwt.

Annual: $20.00 – $195.00


Where an oversize or overload permit requires that a sign be provided on the vehicle or load, the driver or operator of the oversize or overload vehicle shall ensure that the sign (a) be a panel that (i) is 245 cm x 30 cm in size, (ii) has black lettering on a yellow or white background, (iii) has upper case series "C" letters of 20 cm in height and 3 cm stroke, and (iv) contains only the words "WIDE LOAD";

Escort Vehicles and Personnel —

Typically, escort vehicles are required when any load exceeds:

4.60 m in width for daytime travel

3.7 m in width for night travel

30.0 m overall length Certification – Pilot Car Escort Certification is not currently required. Escort Vehicle Policy can be found at http://www.gov.mb.ca/mit/mcd/mcpd/evp.html?print FINES As specified in the Manitoba Highway Traffic Act

–  –  –


Application of permits can be done electronically directly by the permittee via the Automated Routing & Permitting System (ARPS). The system is accessible through the general website www.gov.mb.ca


Recent Changes – RE: Government announces amendments to the Vehicle Weights and Dimensions on Classes of Highway Regulation (MR 575/88) The Manitoba Government has amended the Vehicle Weights and Dimensions on Classes of Highway Regulation (MR 575/88). This regulation sets out the permissible weights and dimensions for commercial motor vehicles travelling on Manitoba roads. These amendments, which are effective June 23, 2014, are

intended to:

Increase productively for Manitoba’s motor carrier industry by accommodating newer vehicle configurations;

Reduce barriers and Increase regional competiveness through the harmonization of regulations with neighbouring jurisdictions;

Encourage the use of fuel efficient devices and tires by increasing the permissible weights and dimensions for vehicles adopting these measures;

Meet Manitoba’s obligations set out in various MOUs and agreements with other jurisdictions;

Address road safety issues by prohibiting vehicle configurations that are deemed to be unsafe.


• Aerodynamic Devices and Wildlife Bumpers: These devices are intended to make vehicles more fuel efficient and safer. An allowance in the overall length of a vehicle of up to 0.61 m to accommodate an MB-8 06/14 SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual aerodynamic device mounted at the rear of the vehicle and up to 0.3 m for wildlife bumpers increases the overall length permitted for a motor carrier. This additional length should encourage the use of these devices.

• Wide-base Single Tires and Track Width: These new generation tires increase the fuel efficiency of a commercial motor vehicle. Several new provisions to increase the maximum permissible weights for vehicles equipped with wide-base single tires, and to reduce the track width required when a carrier wants to retrofit existing trailers, are included in the amended regulation. These provisions will make it easier for carriers to use these types of tires by reducing or eliminating barriers that may have discouraged their use in the past.

• B-Train Length: In response to requests from the motor carrier industry, the permissible length for a BTrain configuration is increasing to 26 m from 25 m. When combined with the allowance for aerodynamic devices and wildlife bumpers, the overall maximum permissible length for this type of vehicle will be up to

26.9 m. This measure will increase productivity while reducing green house gas emissions. It will also bring Manitoba requirements into harmony with those of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.

• Maximum Permissible Weight on a Truck Tractor Steering Axle: An increase in the maximum allowable weight by 500 kg to 6,000 kg for a steering axle on truck tractors with single or tandem drives accommodates the added weight for exhaust emission control technologies, wildlife protection, and other equipment routinely being added to truck tractors.

• Tridem Drive: Repeal of the prohibition of tridem drives is included in the amended regulation. In recognition that tridem drive vehicles are commonplace on Manitoba’s highways, the prohibition on tridem drives is repealed and permits are no longer required to authorize carriers to use vehicles with tridem drives. In order to ensure that these types of vehicles continue to be safe there is a provision to increase the maximum permissible weight on the steering axle from 5,500 kg to 7,300 kg, which allows carriers to maintain a safe differential between the steering and drive axles. These provisions also serve to make Manitoba carriers more competitive since it harmonizes our regulations with those in neighbouring Canadian jurisdictions, and in particular, Saskatchewan.

• Tandem Steering Axles: The amendments include a provision to authorize the use of tandem steering axles on trucks. A corresponding increase in the maximum permissible axle weight is also included. These provisions will harmonize Manitoba’s regulation with Saskatchewan’s regulatory provisions.

• Tandem Steering Truck Tractors Prohibited: This provision prohibits the use of this vehicle configuration for general use. Permits will continue to be issued to carriers for the purpose of heavy haul operations, such as those in the oil fields.

• Tandem Steering Axle and Single Drive Axle Combinations Prohibited: This vehicle configuration is unstable and can cause substantial damage to infrastructure. To ensure the safety of all users of Manitoba’s roads, this vehicle type is prohibited.

• Classes of Highways: Amendments to Schedule B serve to re-classify many of Manitoba’s roads to RTAC loading or seasonal RTAC loading, in recognition that certain existing highways can sustain traffic at RTAC weights without significant negative impacts to the infrastructure. It also establishes CenterPort Canada Way and a portion of PR 221 as “super” RTAC routes with a loading capacity of 63,500 kg. Other changes, under Schedule C, establish certain highways as A1 or seasonal A1 highways. The re-classification of all of these highways will eliminate the need for carriers to obtain permits to travel with loads up to the maximum permissible RTAC or A1 vehicle weights, as set out under Schedule H. This will allow the motor carrier industry to realize gains in both efficiency and productivity.

• Motor Home Length: The current permissible length for motor homes is 12.5 m. Increasing the permissible length to 14 m will accommodate newer motor homes travelling on Manitoba roads, bringing Manitoba’s provisions in harmony with other Canadian jurisdictions.

Pending Changes – None Noted

–  –  –

The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association is pleased to publish this Oversize/ Overweight Permit Manual.

Each state analysis includes information in a standardized format: contact, legal limits, special permit limits, general restrictions, types of permits available, fees, escort needs, fines, and restricted travel areas. Telephone numbers, locations, and hours of operation are listed for ports of entry and permit branches. However, readers are always advised to check with the state offices on current laws and procedures. This project could not have been completed without the advice and consultation of many state officials. We thank all of those who provided permit manuals, maps, laws, regulations, and various other forms of documentation.

Legal Notice This SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual is intended only to provide concise, easily read information, useful in planning movements of overdimensional and overweight loads. This Permit Manual is not intended to be an accurate summary of all the applicable laws and regulations. Users of the Permit Manual should confirm the information contained herein before dispatching vehicles and loads. The SC&RA cautions Permit Manual users that state laws and regulations are subject to change without notice, and that some time elapses between the effective date of such changes and the amendment of the Permit Manual to reflect those changes. The SC&RA assumes no responsibility for accident, injury, loss or claim, penalties or any other damage resulting from reliance on the contents of this Permit Manual.

–  –  –

Oversize permits for pre-manufactured homes the maximum dimensions allowed for:

· Mini-home - box width including corner boards

5.00 m; extreme width including eaves 5.50 m;

overall length 30.0 m; maximum height on chassis 4.50 m.

· Modular home - box width including corner boards 4.32 m; extreme width including eaves

4.72 m; overall length 30.0 m; maximum height on chassis 4.72 m.

· Should the manufacturer hinge the roof such that the maximum height on the chassis does not exceed 4.50 m, the width of the modular home section may equal, but not exceed dimensions, as stipulated above for a mini-home.

–  –  –

NB-2 08/14 SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual


General - Trip Permits are valid for seven days, with exceptions possible on extraordinary loads. Divisible Loads – All loads must be legal length when loaded end to end, legal height when stacked, and legal width when loaded side by side.

One week prior to moving loads exceeding 4.88 m (16 ft.) in width or 30 m (98 ft.) in length, the permit holder must notify the nearest detachment of the RCMP (or municipal police where applicable) and abide by police direction for traffic control as required.

The Special Permit office issues permits for:

· Oversize and/or overweight loads · New mini, mobile, and modular homes · Specific vehicle configurations that do not conform to Regulation 2001-67.

The District offices issue permits for oversize:

· Loads that do not exceed 4.27 m in width, 30.00 m in length, and/or 4.50 m in height · Large Building moves originating in that district · When the width of a building exceeds 5.50 m a Large Building move application form must be completed.

The Stationary weigh scales issue permits for oversize:

· Loads that do not exceed 4.27 m in width, 30.00 m in length, and/or 4.50 m in height The permit does not release the holder from responsibility for damages caused as a result of the conveyance of permitted loads.

The permit shall be carried in the vehicle or combination of vehicles conveying the load and is subject to inspection and revocation by a Peace Officer.

All traffic rules of the road or other safety requirements deemed necessary by a Peace Officer must be obeyed.

The permit is not valid for conveyance of loads upon highways, roads or streets within the jurisdiction or control of a municipality.

When the height of the load exceeds 4.88 m (16 ft.) the permit holder must contact utilities at least three days in advance of the move regarding clearance of overhead wires.

The permit does not authorize manufacturer’s ratings, of vehicle components, to be exceeded.

In addition to seven-day (single-trip permits), longer periods of three-month or one year are available, these longer duration permits are subject to restrictions concerning weights, dimension, load type and routes.

Insurance - Trucks entering the province are required to have proof of $1 million in public liability and damage insurance. If you are carrying dangerous goods, you are required to carry $2 million in public liability and damage insurance.

Weekend/Night Travel - * Loads not exceeding 3.05 m (10 ft.) in width, 30.0 m (98 ft. 5 in.) in length and 4.27 m (14 ft.) in height may also travel at nighttime and are permitted unrestricted weekend travel and unrestricted Holiday travel, on all highways.

*Loads not exceeding 3.65 m (12 ft.) in width, 30.0 m (98 ft. 5 in.) in length and 4.27 m (14 ft.) in height may also travel at nighttime on multi-lane divided highways only and are permitted unrestricted weekend travel and unrestricted Holiday travel on all highways.

* Loads not exceeding 4.88 m (16 ft.) in width, 30.0 m (98 ft. 5 in.) in length and 4.88 m (14 ft. 9 in.) in height are permitted restricted weekend travel and restricted Holiday travel, on all highways. (no night travel permitted) * Loads not exceeding 5.50 m (18 ft.) in width, 30.0 m (98 ft. 5 in.) in length and 4.88 m (14 ft. 9 in.) in height are permitted restricted weekend travel and restricted Holiday travel, on multi-lane divided highways only. (no night travel permitted) Travel at nighttime is not permitted for any vehicle with a GVW exceeding 62,500 kg or for any vehicle with a GVW less than 62,500 kg that requires traffic control.

Holiday - * Loads outside of the parameters listed above are not permitted to travel at nighttime, weekends or on Holidays.

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