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«Legal Notice This SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual is intended only to provide concise, easily read information, useful in planning movements of ...»

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Red or orange fluorescent flags must be at least 18" square and must be placed on all extremities of the load.

Flashing hazard warning lamps must be used when the vehicle is traveling 20 miles per hour less than the posted speed limit.

Escort vehicle shall display a “Wide Load” or “Oversize Load” sign on the roof of the vehicle or on the front and the rear that is at least 5' wide, 12" high with letters 8" high.

Escort Vehicles and Personnel —One escort shall be provided for a permit move on any highway in the State if the permit move is: More than 13’ wide, unless the load is a manufactured housing unit; More than 85’ long; 14’6” high or more (pole vehicle required); More than 60 tons gross weight; Traveling when weather or road conditions justify the requirement

of one escort vehicle. Two escorts. The permittee shall provide two escort vehicles for a permit move if the permit move is:

14’ wide or more including a load that is a manufactured housing unit; 140’ long or more. The permittee shall provide for police escort for any permit move which is 16’ wide or more, 75 tons gross weight or more, or the road or weather condition justify, or traveling against traffic may require 2 escort vehicles.

Escort vehicles travel no more than 300' to the front or rear of the permitted vehicle. It must follow the load on any highway with two or more lanes in one direction, and it must precede the load on any highway with only one lane in each direction.

When a pole vehicle escort is required, the pole vehicle must precede the load at a distance sufficient to adequately warn the load driver of an overhead obstruction.

Escorts-A single or double private escort or Maryland State Police escort may be added at any time at the discretion of the Maryland Hauling Permits Unit for safety.

Certification – Pilot Car Escort Certification is not currently required.

FINES Overdimension Only: $100 per violation.

Overweight Fines: Statutory weight limit of 79,000 lbs. is allowed, as is the statutory plus a loading error or tolerance of 1,000 lbs. on only one weight limit (axle or gross); whichever excess is greater.

–  –  –

Fines are calculated from the permit weight, not the legal weight. Operators may be fined for either over axle or over gross violations, but not for both. The driver may not shift the load to avoid an over axle violation.

Fines may not be suspended or reduced, but credit may be given for snow or ice on the vehicle. Vehicle will be impounded for unpaid fines, although bad is not considered part of vehicle for purposes of impoundment.

Police reserve the right to stop overweight vehicles until the excessive weight is removed. Maryland uses both portable and stationary scales. Violation of permit renders the permit subject to immediate revocation and confiscation.

–  –  –


Specific restrictions regarding movements across facilities owned and operated by the MdTA apply.

Questions concerning crossing facilities owned by the MdTA should be referred to the specific facility that will

be crossed. Facilities owned and operated by the MdTA are as follows:

1. I-95 - John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway

2. I-95 – Fort McHenry Tunnel

3. I-695 - Francis Scott Key Bridge


5. U.S. 40 - Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge

6. U.S. 50/301 - William Preston Lane Jr., Memorial Bridge (Bay Bridge)

7. U.S. 301 - Governor Harry Nice Memorial Bridge Contact telephone numbers for the Maryland Transportation Authority Facilities NOTE ** You are required to contact and notify the facility you will cross one hour before attempting to do so.

William Preston Lane Jr., Memorial Bridge (US 50 – Bay Bridge) 410-757-1977 Harry Nice Memorial Bridge (US 301) 301-259-4444 Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge (US 40) 410-537-1197 JFK Memorial Highway (I-95)* 410-537-1108 9 Francis Scott Key Bridge (MD 695) 410-633-1092 Fort McHenry Tunnel (I-95) 410-537-1230 *Staffed by the Maryland State Police *Restrictions are subject to change at any time MARYLAND ROUTE RESTRICTIONS February 20, 2013 See www.sha.state.md.us for current travel restrictions.


I-68 Effective 09/09/2014, all permit loads must crawl Bridge No. 0109600 [Allegany] I-68 WB bridge over CSX Railroad and municipal streets due to severe damage. Please use the lane closest to the median when crossing in either direction. Crawl speed @ 5 mph. CUMBERLAND THRUWAY VIADUCT I-68 Effective September 22, 2014, the Crosstown Bridge on I-68 in Cumberland will be [Allegany] restricted to 14’ wide until approximately October 31, 2014 due to construction and repair.

I-68 Effective 2/20/2013 MD. 942 (Bridge Street) @ I-68 (Cumberland, MD) is MD-7 09/14 SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual [Garrett] restricted to 14’6” in height, until further notice.

I-70 (EB/WB) Effective Wed., April 30, 2014, a restriction of 14’6” high will be placed on the [Howard] following structures bridge repair.

Bridge #1308200 Morgan Station Road over I-70 Bridge.

Bridge #1308300 Watersville Road over I-70 Bridge.

Bridge#1308400 W. Watersville Road over I-70 Bridge.

Bridge#1309400 MD 94 over I-70 Bridge.

Bridge#1302800 I-70 W/B prior to Route 29 exit 87A.

Bridge#1302000 I-70 E/B over I-70 ramp G Permittee is responsible for route survey for alternative route upon application.

These restrictions will remain in effect.

I-495 (IL)/ I-95 All permit loads crossing Bridge No. 1615905 (I-495/ I-95 IL (innerloop) over MD 4) [Prince Georges] must cross the bridge using the 2 left lanes going to Virginia.

I-95 No permitted loads allowed in the right lane (over I-695 –Bridge #0319900), [Baltimore/ move all loads into the left lane until further notice.

Southside] I-95 BALTIMORE: Permitted loads over 120,000 lbs going to Dundalk Marine Terminal on [Baltimore] I-95 must use Exit 59 (Eastern Ave) to the Baltimore City Line. Loads that are over 120,000 lbs and over 14’6” H must move during night time hours only with a Baltimore City Police Escort. Permittee must apply for a Baltimore City Permit. Please call the Baltimore City Permit office at 443-984-2195 for assistance.

I-95 Permit loads over 120,000 lbs coming from the Dundalk Marine Terminal to I-95N MUST [Baltimore] USE EXIT 57 (O’Donnell St.) from the Baltimore City Line. Permittee must call the Baltimore City Permit Office to apply for a Baltimore City Permit. Call 443-984-2195.

I-95/MD 43 No loads over 11’wide on ramps from I 95 NB to MD 43 EB [Baltimore] No loads over 11’wide on ramps from I 95 SB to MD 43 EB and WB No loads over 12’wide on ramps from MD 43 to I 95 NB I-270 Any oversize move 15' wide traveling Southbound I-270 split to Westbound [Montgomery] I-495 must be coordinated with District 3. (Telephone 301-513-7350) I-495 Loads over 80,000 lbs on I-495 (O/L) at Mac Arthur Blvd into Virginia must use the [Montgomery] far left lane due to fatigue cracking on structure.

I-695 Moves 12’ wide or over must be escorted by Maryland Transportation Authority [Baltimore] Police when crossing the Francis Scott Key Bridge. (Telephone – 410-633-1092) I-695 Moves over 14 feet in width and/or over 14 feet in height are prohibited from [Baltimore] using the MD 695 Southbound (to Northbound MD 695) truck turn around at the Francis Scott Key Memorial Bridge toll plaza. (410-633-1092) I-695 NORTHBOUND and SOUTHBOUND on I-695 at overpass of US 1 Alternate [Baltimore] (outer loop) is restricted in height to 14’6” until further notice.

I-695 Northbound and Southbound over Patapsco River / Hammonds Ferry Road [Baltimore] restricted in height to 14’4” until further notice I-695 Nothing over 15’3” in height on the Inner Loop (towards Towson) at Park Heights [Baltimore] Avenue (Exit 21) until further notice. Loads must stay in far right lane.

I-695 Beginning May 13, 2013, nothing over 14’6” high @ MD 372 EB under I-695 until [Baltimore] further notice.

I-695 Nothing over 14’6” in height under MD 2 Eastbound and Westbound until [Anne Arundel] further notice.

I-695 Nothing over 8’ in width on the Inner Loop Ramp to Eastbound US 40 (towards [Baltimore] Aberdeen) until further notice.

I-895 No loads over 8’6” feet wide. Lane widths are reduced.

[MdTA] U.S. HIGHWAYS US 1 Police escort required for over 11' wide when crossing the Conowingo Dam.

[Harford] Contact North East Police Barracks for Police Escort to cross Conowingo Dam.

(410-398-8101). Bridge under repairs. Expert delays. Police Escort fee $40.00 US 1 No vehicles over 14’-3” in height between Levering Avenue and I-195.

[Howard/Baltimore] US 13 The Pocomoke River Bridge on US 13 connecting Somerset and Worcester Counties is [Somerset/ under construction and is restricted to nothing over 10’ feet wide. This restriction will Worcester] remain in effect until 2016.

US 13 Moves 12' wide and or over 90,000 lbs (45 tons) are restricted 9 - 3:30 pm only.

[Business] US 13 Nothings over 12’ wide Northbound only between Route 364 and Costen Road [Somerset] until further notice.

US 15 No permit loads allowed to enter Virginia on US 15 MD-8 09/14 SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual [Frederick] US 29 Nothing over 14’ in height over MD 175 Southbound only until further notice.

[Howard] US 40 No loads over 11’ in width, 14’3” in height or 60 tons between MD 155 [Hatem Bridge] and MD 222.

US 50/301 Westbound loads over 10’ in width may ONLY move between 9 AM and 2 PM, [Lane Bridge] Monday thru Thursday and between 9 AM and 12 PM on Friday. All permit loads MUST call MDTAP (410) 295 – 8150, at least one hour prior to arrival at the bridge.



SANDY POINT AND FOLLOW DETOUR SIGNS. Loads over 10 feet wide may ONLY move between 5:30 AM and 8:30 AM, Monday thru Friday or between 2:30 PM and 3:00 PM, Monday thru Thursday. All permit loads MUST call MDTAP 410-295-8150, at least one hour prior to arrival at bridge.


US 50 Eastbound Exit 32, Oceanic Drive (to Sandy Point) Right Turn at the top of the Ramp onto Oceanic Drive Left Turn at the Stop sign onto Skidmore Road Prior to the first driveway on the left, stop on the left shoulder and wait for a Maryland Transportation Authority Police (MDTAP) officer.

Effective Monday, June 9, 2014, a restriction of 14’6” in height will be placed on the

following structures for bridge repair and maintenance:

US 113 Bridge #2303001 US 113 NB over US 50 [Worcester] US 113 Bridge # 2303001 US 113 SB over US 50 [Worcester] Permittee is responsible for a route survey for any alternative option upon application.

These restrictions will be in place until further notice.

US 220 When using Route 220 South from I-68 the Route must read I 68-MD 658-MD 53.Alleghany] US 220.

US 220 US 220 NB, near the Park and Ride, to the ramp of I-68 EB is restricted to 10’ wide.

[Alleghany] US 301 Effective immediately: No more than 50 tons permitted on the Nice Bridge. All loads over 10’ [Nice Bridge] wide can move between the hours of 8 am and 8:30 am or 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm, Monday thru Thursday and between 8 am and 8:30 am on Fridays. All loads must call the MdTAP at 301-259-4444 at least one hour prior to the arrival at the bridge.

US 340 Nothing over 9’ wide Eastbound and Westbound at the Virginia Line (Entering [Washington] or leaving Maryland) until further notice.

US 340 Nothing over 14’0” high Eastbound and Westbound at the Virginia Line (Entering or [Washington] leaving Maryland) until further notice.

Maryland State Highways MD 4 Permittee must contact Maryland State Police at Leonardtown for an escort [St. Mary's] when crossing Bridge #4019 over the Patuxent River (Telephone 301-475-8955 Permittee must cross on the centerline of roadway Police Escort $40.00.

MD 10 Effective June 1, 2012. Northbound – No loads over 14’3” in height between [Anne Arundel] MD 710 and MD 695/I-695. Southbound – No loads over 14’3” in height on the MD 695/I-695 Inner Loop Ramp to MD 10 Southound.

Effective Monday, June 9, 2014, a restriction of 14’6” in height will be place on the following

structures for bridge repair and maintenance:

MD 12 Bridge #2203400 West Zion Rd US 13 over West Zion Rd [Wicomico] MD 12 Bridge #2204001 US 13 NB over MD 12 [Wicomico] MD 12 Bridge #2204301 US 13 SB over MD 12 [Wicomico] Permittee is responsible for a route survey for any alternative option upon application.

These restrictions will be in place until further notice.

MD 17 Nothing over 40 tons on Bridge #10024 over Potomac River on MD 17 until further [Frederick] notice.

MD 22 No permit vehicles allowed South of Exit 85 from I-95 along the Aberdeen [Harford] Thruway to the Aberdeen Proving Ground.

MD 26 Any move over 45' long may not travel route MD 26 to MD 75.

[Frederick] (EXTREMELY SHARP TURN) MD 28 No loads Eastbound or Westbound over Washington Run until further notice.

[Frederick] MD-9 09/14 SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual MD 43 Nothing over 12’ wide to I-95 North until further notice.

MD 45 Nothing over 5 tons between MD 439 and I-83/MD45 Interchange (Exit [Baltimore] 33 Parkton).

MD 51 Height of Western Maryland Railway bridge at Paw Paw is 13'5".

[Allegany] MD 54 Nothing over 40 tons on MD 54 between MD 313 (Mardela Springs Road) [Wicomico] and the Delaware State Line County Until Further Notice MD 63 Oversize loads 14'6" high or higher and/or 12' wide or wider must travel 8pm [Washington] and 6:00 a.m. between US 40 and the Pennsylvania State Line.

These loads require a special escort.

MD 65 Nothing over 14’ high on Bridge #2111803 and #2111804 over I-70, until further [Washington] notice.

MD 68 No permit loads permitted between intersection of MD 632/MD 68 and [Washington] MD68/Alt. US 40. There are (3) posted bridges in this area.

MD 75 Railroad Bridge between MD 80 and I-70, 12'6" vertical clearance [Frederick] MD 75 No trucks allowed on MD 75 between Baldwin Road and MD 80 either direction [Frederick] MD 76 Nothing over 14' wide or over 10 tons. Permitted on MD 76 in Frederick [Frederick] County.

MD 77 Nothing over 40' long between US 15 and Foxville Road.

[Frederick] MD 77 Front/rear escorts required from Foxville Road to MD 64 for all permit loads.

[Frederick] MD 97 No permit loads between Route 108 and I-70 UNLESS MAKING [Howard/ LOCAL DELIVERIES.

Montgomery] MD 100 Beginning August 18, 2014, MD 100 EB and WB over MD 2 will be restricted to [Anne Arundel] 14’6” high. This restriction will be in effect until on or about October 18, 2014.

MD 109 No loads over 90’ feet long from I-270 NB to ramp MD 109.

[Montgomery] MD 136 Nothing over 80,000 lbs. at Bridge #12033 – MD 136 over Deer Creek closed [Harford] MD 144 Bridge #10038 MD 144 Westbound over Monocacy River is closed to all [Frederick] traffic.

MD 151 No permit loads allowed on Bridge NO. 3099 (both directions), MD 151 over the [Baltimore] Patapsco River/Back River Railroad Bridge until further notice.

MD 186 No permit loads permitted until further notice.

[Montgomery] MD 198 MD 198 WB ramp to I 95 SB is restricted to 15 wide until further notice.

[Prince Georges] MD 200 Eastbound and Westbound. No loads over 12 feet wide, 16 feet high, 85 feet in length [Montgomery/ or 80,000 pounds. All permitted loads must travel in the right lane and move between Prince George’s] 9 am – 3:30 pm Monday through Friday. Only Continuous Travel Authorization Permits may move 5:00 am – 11:30 pm Saturday and Sunday.

MD 213 No overweight loads and nothing over 10’wide over the C & D Canal until further [Cecil] notice.

MD 213 Centreville- No permit loads permitted on MD 213 in Centreville [Queen Anne] MD 261 Bridge #4011 over Fishing Creek restricted to 50,000 lbs. for single unit [Calvert] vehicles and 60,000 lbs. for combinations units.

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