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«Legal Notice This SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual is intended only to provide concise, easily read information, useful in planning movements of ...»

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A single escort must accompany vehicles over 12' in width and up to 16' on two-lane roads. The escort must lead on two-lane roads, follow on four-lane roads. A single lead escort must accompany vehicles over 12' in width but no wider than 16' on multilane roads. Also, a single rear escort must accompany a vehicle with dimensions over 90' in length but no longer than 125' in length. Height 15’10” requires a height pole off interstate.

State police escorts must be used for vehicles and loads over 16' in width, over 125' in length, or 18’ in height. Contact the nearest troop headquarters to make arrangements.

–  –  –

Travel through metropolitan areas may require city or parish permits and/or escorts.

City Police Escorts


Jefferson Parish Any oversize/overweight permit load (504) 598-5880 Bossier City Any oversize/overweight permit load (318) 549-1546

–  –  –

FINES Note – Contact Louisiana State Police-Department of Public Safety, Weights and Standards (225)925-6113 ext 205 for additional information.

Posted Bridges — If a vehicle or combination of vehicles is observed crossing a bridge which has regulatory weight limits and the vehicle or combination of vehicles exceeds the posted weight limit on the bridge, the penalty will be: $100.

Escort Vehicles — If operating as an escort vehicle when required by OVERSIZE/OVERWEIGHT PERMIT unable

to pass required inspection or transporting load without an escort when one is required: the penalty will be:

$100.00 and load impounded until proper escort is obtained.

Overdimension Only — Vehicles and divisible loads exceeding the legal limitations are impounded until the fine has been paid and the load has been made legal. Legal load violations are $100, and twin trailer violations are $100. In both cases, operators must make the load legal, and are still fined anyway.

Overweight Fines — The amount assessed for an overweight penalty will be for the violation with the greatest dollar value — whether based on gross vehicle weight, axle weight(s), or bridge formula. A $10.00 penalty will be assessed for each lesser violation(s).

If a vehicle and divisible load exceeds the legal limitations or DOTD regulations for axle weight or gross vehicle

weight, these schedules will be used:

–  –  –

This chart is for over axle and over gross. The larger penalty is imposed with $10.00 for lesser of the infraction.

2. If a vehicle exceeds the legal maximum gross weight but not the legal maximum axle weight, the Overweight Penalty Schedule is used to assess the penalty.

3. If a vehicle does not exceed the legal maximum gross weight, but exceeds the legal maximum axle weights for any axle or axle groups, the penalties are then computed separately for each axle or group. The sum amount of which is the penalty assessed according to the Overweight Penalty Schedule.

4. If a vehicle exceeds both the legal maximum gross weight and the legal maximum axle weight, both penalties are computed from the Over Gross Weight Schedule, and the greater of the two is assessed as the penalty. When two (2) or more single axle or axle groups are overweight, the sum of the penalties of the overweight axles is compared to the penalty on the Overweight Penalty Schedule, and the greater of the two will be assessed. A $10.00 penalty is assessed for the lesser violation.

–  –  –


See website: PERBA.DOTD.louisiana.gov/troubleboard.NSF Vehicles and loads over 16 feet wide may not travel on Interstate highways in Louisiana.

Oversize loads over 12 feet wide may not travel on the Interstate System through Shreveport, Monroe, Lake Charles, Baton Rouge and New Orleans from 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. and from 3:30 P.M. to 5:30 P.M., Monday

through Friday. The restricted areas are:

1. Shreveport: Interstate 20 from Interstate 220 on the east side of Bossier City to Interstate 220 on the west side of Shreveport

2. Monroe: Interstate 20 from the eastern city limits of Monroe to the western city limits of West Monroe.

3. Lake Charles: All of Interstate 210. Interstate 10 from LA 397 on the east to LA 108 at Westlake on the west.

4. Baton Rouge: All of Interstate 110. Interstate 10 from Bluebonnet on the east to the Mississippi River on the west. Interstate 12 from O’Neal Lane on the east to the junction with Interstate 10 on the west.

5. New Orleans: All of Interstate 610. Interstate 10 from Paris Road on the East to Williams Boulevard on the west. This is not to include US 90 Business from its intersection with Interstate 10 in New Orleans westbound.




EQUIPMENT PERMITS are prohibited from traveling on Interstate highways.


Port Of Entry-Gramercy

–  –  –


There are six ways to apply for a permit:

Walk-in Service:

Permits may be purchased by appearing in person at the Truck Permit Office located at 1201 Capitol Access Road in Baton Rouge. All information required on a permit form must be furnished at this time. The applicant must have the exact amount of payment.


Applications for permits which are mailed must include all the information required on a permit form before the permit can be issued.

The application must be accompanied by payment for the exact amount.

The computer generated copy of the permit, which is sent by return mail to the permittee, must be carried at all times in the vehicle for which it was issued.

Wire Service:

Permits may be received at local offices of the wire services or permit services.

These companies will charge a permittee the Louisiana permit fee established by law and a service charge approved by the Department.

All information required on a permit form must be provided to the Truck Permit Office before the permit will be issued.

The transmitted copy of the permit provided by the wire service or permit service must be carried at all times in the vehicle for which it was issued. The permit may be carried in the escort vehicle when applicable.

Internet Permit Applications:

In order to apply for permits via the Internet, you need to have the following:

A PC with Internet Explorer A fax machine (to receive permit hard copies) A Charge Account or Prepaid oversize permit forms Or a credit card for Annual and Oversize only An Internet ID and Password for your Truck Permits Web Account If you are not currently a charge customer, but would like information on how to establish an account, call 800or 225-377-7146 and ask for the Business Office. Details for setting up a Web Account can also be obtained from that office. Additional information relative to the Internet permit application process can be gathered from the Truck Permit Office section of the Louisiana DOTD website which is http://www.dotd.la.gov

Charge accounts:

A Surety Bond must be posted with the Truck Permit Office to establish a permit charge account. The insurance agency must execute the bond in the minimum amount of $1,000 or in increments of $1,000 to an amount equal to or exceeding the customer’s monthly billing.

It is required that the original of the bond, a power of attorney for the principal, and a power of attorney for the insurance company be furnished to the Truck Permit Office.

LA-13 02/15 SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual General Power of Attorney (for Surety Bond): This Form is to be filled out if the company is incorporated or limited liability corporation. It gives authority to a person to execute the Bond on behalf of the corporation and must be dated on or before the Bond is dated.

Customers who fail to pay the full invoice amount on a charge account within 15 days of the billing date may have further charge privileges revoked and the Department may execute their surety bond. Failure to remit payment within a reasonable period of time beyond the 15 days will result in the account being closed.

A charge account allows a customer to purchase books of blank permit forms which may be activated as needed by the permittee. A fee of $5.00 will be charged to cover printing and handling costs for each book of 50 blank permit forms A control number permit form (C-form) can be activated by filling it out completely in ink and then placing a telephone call to the Truck Permit Office. The form is not valid without the permit number which is supplied by the DOTD permit issuing official at the time of activation. The white original of the permit must be carried at all times in the vehicle for which it was issued.

Facsimile copies of valid charge account permits will be acceptable provided the copies are legible and complete. The Department reserves the right to refuse and/or discontinue the acceptance of facsimile copies for technical reasons. For specific account information you can contact the Truck Permit business office via email at DOTDPerbaAccounting@LA.GOV.

Cash Bond:

To establish a cash bond, a cashier’s check, certified check or cash must be posted with the Truck Permit Office. To execute the bond, the check amount should be in the minimum amount of $1,000 or increments of $1,000 to an amount equal to or exceeding the customer’s monthly billing. It is also required that your federal identification number be furnished when opening your account.

The same information in the above section on charge accounts (surety bonds) shall apply to payments on account and use of Control forms for customers with cash bonds.

Prepaid Oversize Permits:

Prepaid oversize permit forms (A-forms) may be purchased for $10.00 each at the Truck Permit Office or by mail. These forms are for customers who do not have a charge account, but wish to purchase forms in advance of their use.

A-forms can only be used for oversize permits and are valid for a single trip and for one day only. If more than one day is required to complete the move, an additional A-form will need to be activated for each additional day.

Exception: Permits for the movement of mobile homes shall be issued for a period of 3 days. If movement of the mobile home is restricted for a holiday falling within the 3 day period, additional day(s) will be added on the permit to reflect the days that movement was restricted.

A-forms are activated by filling it out completely in ink, and then placing a telephone call to the Truck Permit Office. The form is not valid without the permit number which is supplied by the DOTD permit issuing official at the time of activation.

The white original of the permit must be carried at all times in the vehicle for which it was issued.

Blank Prepaid Oversize Permit forms must be activated within twelve (12) months from the date of purchase (as stated on the permit forms).

Facsimile copies of valid oversize PREPAID PERMITS will be acceptable provided the copies are legible and complete. The Department reserves the right to refuse and/or discontinue the acceptance of facsimile copies for technical reasons.

Louisiana DOTD offers online permitting, PERBA (Permits Electronic Routing Bridge Analysis) at http://www.dotd.louisiana.gov. In order to use the web application feature of PERBA, you need to have established a charge account with the Truck Permit Office and obtain an ID and password.

The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association is pleased to publish this Oversize/ Overweight Permit Manual.

Each state analysis includes information in a standardized format: contact, legal limits, special permit limits, general restrictions, types of permits available, fees, escort needs, fines, and restricted travel areas. Telephone numbers, locations, and hours of operation are listed for ports of entry and permit branches. However, readers are always advised to check with the state offices on current laws and procedures. This project could not have been completed without the advice and consultation of many state officials. We thank all of those who provided permit manuals, maps, laws, regulations, and various other forms of documentation.

Legal Notice This SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual is intended only to provide concise, easily read information, useful in planning movements of overdimensional and overweight loads. This Permit Manual is not intended to be an accurate summary of all the applicable laws and regulations. Users of the Permit Manual should confirm the information contained herein before dispatching vehicles and loads. The SC&RA cautions Permit Manual users that state laws and regulations are subject to change without notice, and that some time elapses between the effective date of such changes and the amendment of the Permit Manual to reflect those changes. The SC&RA assumes no responsibility for accident, injury, loss or claim, penalties or any other damage resulting from reliance on the contents of this Permit Manual.

–  –  –

Overlimit Permits online service is available 24 hours a day with either a credit card or subscription to InforME. Permits are approved between 7:30am and 5:00pm weekdays at http://www.maine.gov/overlimit Online information: www.maine.gov/sos/bmv/commercial/olperms.htm

–  –  –

WIDTH: 16’ (Police escorts required if 16' or more) HEIGHT: 16’ (over 16' — Contact utilities, pole car required) LENGTH: 124’11” (Police escorts required if 125' or more) Additional conditions may be applied to extreme loads. Allow minimum of 2 days for application review.


General - Permits are valid for seven (7) days. Permit must accompany the described move and must be in the legal name of the permittee. Oversized loads are limited to travel one-half hour before sunrise to onehalf hour after sunset. Travel is allowed on weekends except during July and August when most weekend travel is permitted (call for more information). No travel is allowed on major holidays. Mobile and Modular Homes exceeding 11’6” in width are not allowed to travel on any weekend or on any legal holiday (see the Mobile & Modular Homes section below for more information).

Maine is a member of the New England Transportation Consortium (NETC) multistate permit agreement with the state of New Hampshire. Multistate permits may be obtained only for vehicles and loads falling within

the NETC envelope vehicle configurations. The maximum gross weight limits for an envelope vehicle are:

weight —108,000 lbs. (five axles); 120,000 lbs. (6 or more axles). The maximum size limits for an envelope vehicle are: length — 90'; height —13'6"; width —14' (an additional 6' of overhang for eaves on mobile and modular home components only is permissible). For vehicles exceeding these limits, individual state permits must be obtained from each state permit office.

The Maine Turnpike has its own specified size and weight limitations. For more information, contact (800) 698-7747. Turnpike oversize and overlength permits may be obtained at any Maine Turnpike toll plaza for a fee of $10 (not including the applicable toll). Vehicle must also have a separate overlimit permit from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for travel on all non-Turnpike highways.

Divisible load permits are not available.

Insurance — Proof of insurance is not required to be on file, but the state requires a minimum of $350,000 combined single limit of insurance for for-hire carriers.

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