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«Legal Notice This SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual is intended only to provide concise, easily read information, useful in planning movements of ...»

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(2) All insurance requirements shall be in force as of the date when the permit is requested and shall be maintained for the duration of the permit.

(3) As a minimum prerequisite to obtaining any permit, the applicant shall obtain general liability insurance in the amount of $500,000 and auto liability insurance in the amount of $500,000 to cover bodily injury that occurs to any person and property damage liability that occurs to any structure or roadway on which the permitted vehicle and load travel. The insuring company shall be duly authorized to conduct business in Kansas.

(4) Except for vehicles registered by the Kansas corporation commission (KCC), each permittee shall keep proof of insurance in the permitted vehicle at all times and shall present this proof to any employee of the department or law enforcement personnel upon request. At a minimum, proof of insurance shall include the date the insurance was purchased, the amount of the insurance, the expiration date of the insurance, the name of the insuring company, and the signature of the person authorized to issue the insurance.

Weekend/Night Travel – (1) Night movements shall be allowed for loads that are only overweight.

(2) Permits for over-dimensional loads shall be restricted to daylight movement unless the secretary finds that an emergency exists, in which case a permit for nighttime movement may be issued for the special condition, as the secretary deems advisable. Special conditions shall be noted on the permit.

–  –  –

Inclement Weather - Oversize or overweight loads shall not be transported when visibility is less than one-half mile, or when conditions of moderate to heavy rain, sleet, snow, fog, or smoke exist, or when highway surfaces are slippery due to ice, packed snow, or rain.

Permit Information Required — The application for the permit shall describe the vehicle, or combination of vehicles and all loads or cargo for which the special permit is requested, the route or routes on which operation is sought and whether a single trip or annual operation is requested.

Tractor information; VIN # (last five digits); gross weight; axle weights; axle spacings; widest axle group (outside of tread to outside of tread), load descriptions; overall dimensions; routes to be traveled; effective dates. Copies of blank permit applications may be obtained by calling the KTC at 271-3145, option 2 or go to truckingKS.org and print application.


Standard Permit. KTA Access, Annual, SVC, Large Structure, Haybale, OSR, Cotton, Superload, and Special Vehicle Combination (SVC) Ksfuel, ksreg.

Annual Permits These permits allow for continuous movement of oversize or overweight loads, special mobile equipment, manufactured houses or modular section of buildings during daylight hours.

Annual permits are assigned to a specific power unit.

This permit shall be valid for a period of one year, beginning and ending as specified on the permit.

The annual permit is not transferable to any other mover, company or vehicle.


Definitions: (16) “Large structure” means loads that exceed 16'6" in width and 18' in height, including but not restricted to houses, barns, sheds, granaries, and storage tanks.

A large structure permit shall be valid for a period of 30 calendar days.

When alternate routes are available, movers of a large structure shall reduce the use of state highways to a minimum. Movers of a large structure shall contact all appropriate departmental personnel before moving.

A permit shall not be granted to transport loads on interstate highways, except in extreme circumstances. In such cases, prior approval shall be obtained from the secretary, and the local law enforcement agency shall accompany the movement to provide traffic control. The transporting vehicle shall be the only vehicle traveling on the applicable section of the interstate.

The mover of a large structure shall not park any transporting vehicle on any part of the traveled portion of the highway. Vehicles having to be parked on the right-of-way shall have at least 30 feet of clearance from the traveled portion of the highway.

The mover of a large structure shall notify all appropriate utilities and railroads before moving any large structure.

The mover of a large structure shall contact all appropriate district engineers before any trees are cut or trimmed.

The mover of a large structure shall also make arrangements with the district engineer before removing or relocating signs, hazard markers, or other property of the department.

Moves of large structures shall notify all appropriate utilities and railroads before moving any large structure(s) on Kansas highways.

Large structures greater than 150,000 GVW will be processed as a "superload".

–  –  –

These permits allows for single-trip movements in those circumstances where another permit is not appropriate.

A standard permit may be issued for the movement of oversize or overweight vehicles and loads on a multiple-trip or single-trip basis if implementation of another type of permit is not appropriate.

Each standard permit shall be good for a period of seven days.

A standard permit shall be issued only from point of origin to final destination on routes designated by the secretary.


A "superload" is defined as a combination of vehicles, when loaded, exceeds a GVW of 150,000 pounds or loads having axle group weights greater than is allowed on the standard permit. (see standard permit limit) Superload Permits These permits allow the movement of overweight loads that exceed 150,000 pounds of gross weight.

Movers of superloads shall pay for all damages caused by the movement of the superload.

Movers of superloads shall have a valid superload permit that includes a bridge analysis, which must be completed by the department before traveling on any highway within Kansas.

Superload permits shall be issued only for single-trip movements.

Before escorting superloads within Kansas, escorting companies shall obtain certification in a manner approved by the secretary.


Special Vehicle Combination Program

A SVC driver shall:

Possess a Class A chauffeur’s or commercial driver’s license (CDL) endorsements.

Have a minimum of two years combined experience driving a truck-tractor-semitrailer Have at least one year of experience in driving multiple trailer combinations; and

Have completed:

A supervised SVC driver training program; and A road test provided by the employer company.

No more than one year may have elapsed between a driver’s certification to the time the driver was employed to operate truck-tractor-semitrailer combinations.



When an OSR exceeds the standards defined in K.S.A. 8-1902, 8-1904, 8-1908 and 8-1909, the applicant shall contact “KANSAS TRUCKING CONNECTION” to obtain an annual certification permit before operating the OSR on any state highway.

A certified OSR shall operate only within a 100-mile radius of the designated place of business.

An OSR shall not be allowed to cross any posted bridge or structure which has been restricted to an axle, tandem, or gross weight that is less than the axle, tandem, or gross weight of the OSR.

No OSR shall travel on the Interstate system.

An oversize/overweight permit must be obtained by the owner of any OSR moving outside a 100-mile radius from its designated place of business or when moving an OSR which exceeds the maximum axle or gross weight allowed in these regulations.

–  –  –

Obtain an oversize/overweight permit form from;

Provide the information listed on the form;

Obtain approval from the “KANSAS TRUCKING CONNECTION” for the move; and Pay the appropriate permit fee If approval is by telephone, a copy of the oversize/overweight permit and the permit fee must be mailed to within 24 hours. A return trip shall be allowed on the original OSR permit, if the move can be made within seven calendar days.

An OSR exceeding the axle or gross weights specified in these regulations must make a written request, along with a design of the combination, to the “Kansas Trucking Connection”, who then will pass it on to the “Kansas Trucking Connection” bridge design office for a bridge analysis.

The analysis shall be completed and approval granted before the OSR can be permitted movement on any state highway.

A bridge analysis shall not be required for the return trip, provided that:

The gross weight of the OSR has not changed significantly;

The route used for the return trip is the same as the route originally used by the OSR to reach the worksite;

and The return trip is made within 60 days.

The owner of the OSR shall contact the area or district engineer before moving to determine the condition of the route, to furnish the engineer with the time and date of the move and to receive final approval.

Authorizations for oversize/overweight permits are limited to seven calendar days.

An oversize/overweight permit shall not be renewed. If additional time is necessary, a new oversize/overweight permit shall be purchased.

Issuance of an oversize/overweight permit shall not affect the status of any prior OSR certification, which has been issued to the owner of the OSR.

Deviation from the route, shown on the oversize/overweight permit, shall not be permitted except that marked detours shall be considered part of the original permit.

No oversize/overweight permit shall be modified after it has been issued.

An OSR shall be allowed to operate on Saturdays as part of its regular operation.

Movement of an OSR on Sundays and holidays shall be limited to the crossing of state highways at intersections.

No OSR may pass under or cross any structure, bridge overpass or underpass without a minimum clearance of six inches from any part of such structure, bridge overpass or underpass.

An overweight OSR shall not be allowed to cross any posted bridge or structure which has been restricted to an axle, tandem or gross weight that is less than the axle, tandem or gross weight of the OSR.

Acceptance of the annual certification permit or of any oversize/overweight permit by the applicant shall be evidence the applicant assures full compliance with all requirements contained in K.S.A. 8-1911 and these regulations.

Every OSR is subject to periodic inspections at the discretion of the “Kansas Trucking Connection”, KHP or the local law enforcement agency Each annual certification permit or oversize/overweight permit shall be issued to a specific OSR and applicant, and shall not be transferable to another owner or OSR.

A valid copy of the annual certification permit and any authorized oversize/overweight permit shall be carried in the OSR.

The annual certification permit remains valid for one year.

All axles shall be permanently fastened to the OSR.

–  –  –

The tires for an added axle shall be the same size and type as those on the nearest axle.

All pressure-controlling devices shall be located outside the cab of the OSR and shall not be accessible to the driver while inside the cab of the OSR.

Each axle of a tandem or triple configuration of an OSR shall always carry a proportional amount of -weight.


Information for Transporters All Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR’s) apply to Custom Harvest Operations Oversize permits are not required for farm implements transported during daylight hours on KS & U.S.

Highways, only on the interstate system. K.S.A. 8-1911(a) Overwidth permits ($10.00) can be purchased that are valid from May 1 to November 15, for use on designated Interstate Highways with a maximum width of 14 feet, and can be included with the harvest permits. K.S.A.8-1911(c) and 8-1902 Custom harvesters are required to display red warning flags, 12 inches square, on overwidth loads. K.S.A.

8-1715 and 36-1-36 Two combine headers may be transported side by side. Permits are required for Interstate travel.

OVERSIZE LOAD sign, and flags required at all times. 36-1-36 8-1902(e) Commercial Drivers License (CDL) is required for drivers of vehicles with GVWR in excess of 26,000 lbs.

These are available at age 18 for interstate custom harvesters Slow moving vehicle emblems must be covered when equipment is being operated at speeds in excess of 25 M.P.H K.S.A. 8-1717(h) Kansas farm registered vehicles are required 30-day permits for custom harvesting operations and the fee is $26.00 regardless of registered gross weight K.S.A. 8-143h Kansas farm registered vehicles may only purchase a 30-day permit for the gross weight, which they are registered. They can raise the gross weight in the county they are registered Vehicles towing trailers must have enough gross weight registration to cover everything hauled or towed.

K.S.A. 8-142(7) Trucks used in custom harvesting operations are required fuel permits if they meet certain requirements

If not using a Harvest Permit or having Apportioned Registration, you are required:

Out of state custom harvesters traveling through Kansas are subject to 72 hr. permits ($26.00) and a fuel permit. K.S.A. 8-127(b) 79-34,118 Kansas custom harvesters returning to Kansas are subject to a fuel permit. 79-34,122(b) Service vehicles with farm registration are required a 30 day permit and fuel permit (if applicable). K.S.A.

8-143h & 79-34,122(b) County Courthouses can only sell 30 & 60 day permits. Fuel and oversize permits are available only at a Motor Carrier Inspection Station located along the Kansas borders and through the “Central Permit Office” at (785) 368-6501. Permits can be faxed or mailed to you before you enter Kansas. If you are in doubt, cannot find a station, or will not be going near one you need to contact the “Central Permit Office" at (785) 368-6501. Drivers can be cited for not having proper permits and fined up to $500.00. K.S.A. 66-1324 When two trailers are towed both trailers must be equipped with lights and brakes Overwidth permits will not be issued for towing implements of husbandry on the Interstate system. (Grain carts, etc.) K.D.O.T. Oversize policy The KHP and local law enforcement agency shall enforce the provisions of these regulations.

–  –  –

(1) An OSR does not comply with these regulations The annual certification permit cannot be produced Further movement of the OSR will create an unsafe condition or may cause injury to the traveling public.


The secretary of transportation shall charge and collect fees as follows:

(1) Twenty dollars for each single-trip permit;

(2) Twenty-five dollars for a five-year permit for vehicles authorized to move bales of hay under subsection (j) on non-interstate highways;

(3) One hundred and fifty dollars for each annual permit; or (4) Two thousand dollars per year for each qualified company for special vehicle combination permits authorized under K.S.A. 8-1915, and amendments thereto, plus $50 per year for each power unit operating under such annual permit.


Signs — Oversize load signs must appear on vehicles over 8'6" in width (black 8" lettering with 1.125" brush stroke on yellow background). Sign dimensions are 12" x 60".

Red flags or orange, clean, free from lettering, 12" square, must be placed on all four corners or widest part of load and all extremities of the over dimensional vehicle.

Escort Vehicles and Personnel — Two escorts both front and rear must accompany vehicles over 14' in width on two-lane roads. Superloads and Large structure moves must have front and rear escorts at all times. All vehicles transporting oversize or overweight loads shall travel at a distance not to exceed 300' in front or 300' to the rear of the over dimensional load.

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