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«Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure General Financial Rules, 2005* (* Amendments issued upto March 2010 have been added as ...»

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2. Notice in writing shall be given to the Corporation’s office as soon as possible after any act or acts of dishonesty, default or negligence on the part of any of the employed or of reasonable cause of suspicion thereof or any improper conduct shall have come to the knowledge of the Employer or of any representatives of the employer to whom is entrusted the duty of superintendence over any of the Employed and no amount shall be payable under this policy in respect of that Employed by reason of any act committed after such knowledge shall have come to the Employer or his said representatives. Within three months after such notice the Employer shall deliver to the Corporation full details of his claim and shall furnish proof of the correctness of such claim. All books of accounts of the Employer or any Accountant’s report thereon shall be open to the inspection of the Corporation and the Employer shall give all information and assistance to enable the Corporation to sue for and obtain reimbursement by any one of the Employed or by his estate of any moneys which the Corporation shall have paid or become liable to pay under this Policy. Provided always that the Corporation shall not be entitled to the disclosure of any record or information in respect of which the Employer is entitled to claim privilege in a Court of Law under Sections 123 and 124 of the Indian Evidence Act.

3. Any moneys of any one of the Employed in respect of whom a claim is made in the hands of the Employer and any money which but for any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by such one of Employed would have been due to that Employed from the Employer shall be deducted from the amount otherwise payable under the Policy. Provided that the Employee is entitled under the law to make such deduction. Provided further that in cases in which the loss to the Employer is in excess of the maximum amount payable under the policy, the moneys aforesaid will be applied in the first place to make good the amount of such excess and the balance, if any, shall be deducted as herein provided. The Employer and the Corporation shall share any other recovery (excluding insurance and reinsurance and any counter security taken by Corporation) made by either on account of any loss in the proportions that the amount of the loss borne by each bears to the total amount of the loss.

4. Notwithstanding anything herein contained to the contrary it is also agreed that the Corporation guarantees to the Employer that the Employed shall honestly and faithfully account to the Employer for all moneys or valuables or property which they shall receive or be entrusted with on account of the Employer either in their personal or individual capacity or as member of group working conjointly with other members and that the Corporation will make good and reimburse to the Employer such loss not exceeding the amount of guarantee as the Employer may sustain by any act or acts of default or dishonesty or negligence of the Employed in the capacity and employment aforesaid and that when individual liability cannot be brought home to the Employed the amount to be made good shall be that which falls to the share of the Employed calculating from the total number of men forming such group, i.e., the total loss divided by the total number of men employed on the particular work.

5. The Corporation also agrees that during the period in which the guarantee shall be in force the particulars contained in the Second Schedule shall be with the consent of Employer and on previous notice to and on payment to the Corporation of any additional proportionate premium that may become payable in consequence of any change in the employed by reason of promotion or otherwise be varied as circumstances may require and such additional persona as may be taken into the employment of the employer referred to in the Schedule hereof during such period shall with such consent aforesaid and on previous notice to and on payment to the Corporation of a further proportionate premium at the rate for the time being applicable be added to and included in the said Schedule and the expression Employed used throughout this policy shall as from the respective date on which the names shall be included in the said schedule be deemed to include all persons whether previously named in the said Schedule or subsequently added thereto as aforesaid.

6. If any question or difference shall arise between the parties hereto or their respective representatives touching these presents or the construction hereof or as to the rights, duties or obligations of any persons hereunder or as to any other matter in anywise arising out of or connected with the subject-matter of these presents, the same shall be referred to a single Arbitrator to be named by the Government of India. The Arbitrator so named shall be an officer of Government and shall have all the powers conferred on Arbitrators under the Indian Arbitration Act. The costs of the reference and award shall be in the discretion of the Arbitrator. The making of an award in such reference shall be a condition precedent to any liability of the Corporation or any right of action against the Corporation in respect of such difference. If the Corporation shall disclaim liability for any claim hereunder and such claim shall not within twelve calendar months from the date of such disclaimer have been referred to arbitration under the provision herein contained then the claim shall for all purpose be deemed to have been abandoned and shall not thereafter be recoverable hereunder.

7. The expression “Government of India” for the purpose of Clause 6 above shall mean the Secretary to the Government of India in the Administrative Ministry / Head of Department under which the employed is working.

FORM GFR 35 [ See Rule 190. (2) (iii) ]

–  –  –

No……………………… Office of the Controller of Accounts, Ministry / Department of ……………… New Delhi, dated the ……….

To …………………………… …………………………… Subject :- Repayment of loan and payment of interest thereon.

Dear Sir, According to the terms of the loan of Rs………………… sanctioned to you, vide the Ministry / Department ………………………… Letter No……………………, dated………………………… the annual repayment instalment and / or interest thereon, detailed below, will become due on………………………… (i) Repayment ……………………… Rs…………………………… (in words and figures) (ii) Interest …………………………… Rs…………………………… (in words and figures)

2. Please arrange the payment by the due date. It should be noted that the amount of interest has been calculated on the assumption that payment will be arranged promptly; otherwise it will be revised upwards in accordance with the terms of the loan.

3. The amounts due should be tendered, on or before the due date at the …………………… (New Delhi Head Office / Main Office of the Public Sector Bank (PSB) accredited to the Ministry / Department in cash or by cheque or draft drawn on any Scheduled Bank / New Delhi, in favour of the aforesaid PSB Branch. The payment should be accompanied by a memorandum or challan, in duplicate, giving the following details :i) Name of the Ministry / Department……………………………… (ii) Name of the Borrower ………………………………………… (iii) No. and date of loan sanction letter with the loan amount sanctioned ………………………….

(iv) Amount due for payment, separately for interest and payment………………………… (v) Due date of payment…………………………… (vi) The head of the account indicated below, to which the amounts will be adjusted in Government accounts,

should be included in the challan:

Head of Account (i) Instalment of Principal.

(ii) Interest.

4. Separate cheque / draft and challans should be submitted for payment of principal and interest.

5. For outstation loanees, payment of dues together with memorandum / challans is to be arranged through their Bank to the aforesaid PSB Branch in New Delhi by the due date.

–  –  –

(vii) Whether conditions attached to the grant have been accepted by the grantee without reservation.

(viii) Dated initials of the sanctioning authority.

(ix) Date by which statements of accounts along with utilization certificate, etc., are required to be furnished by the grantee.

(x) Date by which utilization certificate is required to be furnished by sanctioning authority to the Accounts Officer, as the case may be.

(xi) Date by which the statements of accounts, etc., are actually received. (In case there has been delay in the receipt of these statements, the reasons therefor as well as efforts made by the sanctioning authority to expedite submission of such statements may be clearly indicated).

(xii) Date of submission of utilization certificate to PAO (in case there has been delay in submission of utilization certificate, the reasons therefor may be clearly indicated).

(xiii) Unspent balance, if any, also indicating whether the unspent balance has been surrendered by the grantee Institution / Organisation.

–  –  –

NOTE : The items of similar nature but having significant distinctive features (e.g. study table, office table, computer table, etc.) should be accounted for separately in stock.

–  –  –

X-2 X-1 X* Where ‘X’ is the immediate preceding financial year.

2. In case of proposal seeking extension of guarantee it may specifically be indicated whether the guarantee fee for the preceding financial year has been paid or not. The amount paid and date of payment should be indicated. In case of default in payment it may be indicated whether default fee in terms of Rule 247 (2) has been levied.


–  –  –

Also, in order to avoid delay in sanction/release of grant-in-aid for the relevant years to the grantee institutions, it has been decided to amend Rule 209(6)(viii) and Rule 212(1) of General Financial Rules, 2005.

A copy of the amendment is enclosed.

2. Ministry of Home Affairs etc. are requested to bring these amendments to the notice of all their attached and sub-ordinate offices for their information.

3. Hindi version of this O.M. will follow.

–  –  –

To All the Secretaries & Financial Advisers of Ministries/Departments of the Government of India.

Copy forwarded to C&AG (with usual no. of spare copies) and to Secretary Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi and as per standard endorsement.

–  –  –

Substitute the existing clause of this Rule by the following:ii)(d) The bid of the highest acceptable responsive bidder should normally be accepted. However, if the price offered by that bidder is not acceptable, negotiation may be held only with that bidder.

–  –  –

Substitute the existing second para of this Rule by the following para:In respect of recurring grants, Ministry or Department concerned should release any amount sanctioned for the subsequent financial year only after Utilization Certificate on provisional basis in respect of grants of the preceding financial year is submitted. Release of grants-in-aid in excess of 75% of the total amount sanctioned for the subsequent financial year shall be done only after the Utilization Certificate and the Annual Audited Statement relating to grants-in-aid released in the preceding year are submitted to the satisfaction of the Ministry/Department concerned. Ministry or Department would, however, ensure even flow of expenditure throughout the year. Reports submitted by the Internal Audit parties of the Ministry or Department and inspection reports received from Indian Audit and Accounts Department and the performance reports, if any, received for the year should also be looked into while sanctioning further grants.”

–  –  –

Subject: Amendment to Appendix-12 of the General Financial Rules, 2005.

The undersigned is directed to say that in pursuance of Budget Division, Department of Economic Affairs’ th O.M. No.1/1/2006-TCE dated 25 April, 2007, it has been decided to amend the provisions under Part I of Appendixof General Financial Rules, 2005. Accordingly, in paras 2 and 4 of Appendix-12 of General Financial Rules, 2005, for the words “the Deputy Secretary(Budget)”, the words “the Deputy Secretary (Budget) or the Director (Budget), as the case may be” shall be substituted.

2. Hindi Version of this O.M. will follow.

–  –  –

To All the Secretaries & the Financial Advisers of Ministers/ Departments of the Government of India.

Copy forwarded to C&AG (with usual No. of spare copies) and to Secretary, Union Public Service Commission, etc. as per standard endorsement list.

–  –  –

Subject: Amendment in Rule 275(4) of GFRs, 2005 - inclusion of HoDs reg.

The undersigned is directed to invite attention to the provisions of Rule 275(4) of GFRs, 2005 which interalia states that tte Ministry or Department of Central Government, Administrators and the Comptrlier and AuditorGeneral in respect of persons serving in Indian Audit and Account Department may, however, exempt a government servant officiating in such a short-t rm vacancy from furnishing security if the circumstances warrant such exemption subject t certain conditions mentioned therein.

2. This Ministry has examined references pointing out that in the pre-revised GFR 1963 ‘Heads of Departments’ were also listed as competent authority to exempt Government servant who officiate against the post of cash or store handling Government servant on short term basis from furnishing security. Accordingly, it has now been decided to amend Rule 275(4) as in the Annexure to this OM, so as to include ‘Heads of Departments’ also as competent authority to exmpt such Government servant officiating against the post of cash or store handling government servant on short-term basis from furnishing security, as was earlier included under pre-revised GFRs,1963.

3. These orders will take effect from date of issue.

4. All the Ministries/Departments are requested to bring the amendments to the notice of their attached and subordinate offices for their information and necessary action.

–  –  –

To All the Ministries /Departments of Government of India Copy (with usual number of spare copies) forwarded to C&AG, UPSC etc., as per Standard endorsement list.

–  –  –

AMENDMENT TO RULE 275(4) OF GENERAL FINANCIAL RULES, 2005 In Rule 275(4):In line 2 of page 71 of General Financial Rules, 2005, after the words ‘Indian Audit and Accounts Department’, insert ‘and Heads of Departments’.

(M/o Fin.(Exp.) O.M. No. 8(9)/E.II (A)/2008 dated 13th October, 2008

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