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«Agenda Item Page Item Heading Number Number Minutes of Council Meeting held on 10th December, 2015 Community Engagement Committee – 6th January, 2016 ...»

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Community Events: The community Engagement Committee are recommending taking part if two events and producing a Morecambe calendar promoting events and generating funds for future community work. The two events are the Christmas Tree Festival and Morecambe Carnival. Initially a small budget of £500 ism suggested.

Garden Share Scheme: This project may require funding other than staff time although at this stage of its development this cannot yet be quantified.

Community Safety measures: The Council should first determine finally its future funding towards PCSOs. The Council would then need to consider other measures it could assist with to enhance community safety, in partnership with the Police and the community. It was therefore extremely difficult to estimate a budget at this stage.

Christmas Lights: The Council should debate this issue. The council was committed to a three year hire agreement for the Pedder Street lights. This has two more years to run at an annual cost of £1,312.47. The council owns six cross street displays and several tree wrapping displays. However, the annual costs for storing and installing/removing remain hire outside a hire agreement. Around Christmas 2015 there were serious issues of maintaining power output to two of the Town Councils displays. This issue would need to be addressed in the review and perhaps a meeting be formally requested with the City Council to explore a more cost effective method of providing and enhancing light provision in Morecambe in partnership basis, rather than both organisations proving their own lights in a piecemeal way.

These discussions should also include the local business community, particularly West End Community partnership and Bare Business Association who put significant resources themselves into Christmas Lighting.

War Memorial: The War Memorial renovation project was likely or require some element of matched funding and it was recommended that a minimum amount of £10,000 be set aside towards this.

Special Projects: The Clerk would recommend that this budget be removed, and a budget head created for each project/priority area e.g. War Memorial etc.

Neighbourhood Plan: This will be a significant project for the Council. Gant funding should allow the Council to employ an appropriate professional to assist. Considerable staff time (funded via the Salaries budget) will be required. It may be prudent to set aside a small addition budget to assist with the Plan’s development.

Securing the Future of Morecambe Town Hall: Discussion are yet to begin in earnest with the current owners of the building. Depending on how this unfolds, significant Town Council funds may be required. The Council already has an Office Fund of £55,000 and it was recommended that this was maintained and funded from the non-recurring surplus balance, given the impending discussions and the fact that our current lease expires in May 2016.

COUNCIL – 21st January, 2016

–  –  –

Community Garden Centre Concept Members will recall the presentation given at the of Council held on 19th November by Councillor David Brayshaw regrading a proposed Community Garden Centre project on land within the current City Council White Lund depot.

The Council agreed the following resolution on 19th November (Minute No. refers):

“That under powers bestowed by the Localism Act, 2011 the Town Council enters into discussions with Lancaster City Council, to register an interest and discuss the feasibility of taking over the operation of the City Council Nursery (in conjunction with local Community Groups including an appropriate Community Interest Company), with a view to creating a Community Garden Centre, and to request Lancaster City Council to set aside appropriate Officer Time to discuss the feasibility of this project.” The Clerk wrote to Lancaster City immediately after the Town Council meeting in November, conveying this resolution dn requesting a meeting.

The following response was received within a letter dated 24th November from the Chief Executive of Lancaster City Council “Unfortunately the Morecambe Visitor had already been in contact and it was necessary to provide a response to them to meet their deadline (copy attached).

In terms of the particular proposal itself, the White Lund Plant and Training Centre is an integral part of the city council operations and the city council intends to retain it for its present function.

If asked, the city council could have provided this clarification in advance of the presentation being made to Morecambe Town Council.

Can I suggest that Councillor Blamire, Leader of the city council, and myself meet with the Chairman of the Town Council and yourself to discuss the best way of communicating so that we can avoid similar problems in the future.” The letter also included a copy of the following statement which the City Council had made to the Morecambe Visitor. Apparently, the Clerk’s letter was not received by the City Council until after the Visitor contacted the City Council for a comment on the matter on the morning after

the Town Council meeting:

“Lancaster City Council Response Enquiry No: 11901 23111/15

Enquiry From:

Greg Lambert - Morecambe Visitor At the meeting of Morecambe Town Council David Brayshaw proposed that he enter into discussions with the council with a view to the possibility of running the nursery at our White Lund Depot. He reported that the nursery was making a loss of £225,000 each year.

Just want to know more about what the nursery is currently used for.

Response from:

Coun David Smith, cabinet member with responsibility for Environmental Services, said: "It is entirely false to claim that the nursery makes this loss and in actual fact it is expected to generate a small surplus this year.

"The primary purpose of the White Lund Plant and Training Centre is to provide the plants, trees and flowerbeds the council needs for the district's public parks and gardens.

"Growing our own plants is more cost effective and without the plant centre we would either not be able to provide flowers for Morecambe's award-winning flowerbeds, or have to purchase them from a third party supplier at a higher cost.

"We also supply plants to other councils for their own municipal flower beds and this income stream contributes towards the overheads of White Lund depot.

"The centre's secondary purpose is to provide training opportunities for the long-term unemployed, school children on work placement, and students from Piccadilly Gardens and Lancaster and Morecambe College.

"As yet we have no idea what the proposals are but it does appear they aren't based on any factual information."

A meeting subsequently took place on 15th December attended by the Chief Executive and Leader of Lancaster City Council and the Chairman and Clerk of the Town Council. At the meeting the City Council reiterated their position as set out in the attached letter, and suggested that in future the Town Council communicates ideas/suggestions to the City Council in a different manner (see Item 11) on the agenda.

There are two issues for the Council to consider in light of this response:

 How to respond to the City Council’s letter regarding the Community Garden Concept; and  Future communication with City Council – see separate report on the agenda at Item 11.

Actions Required To consider how to respond from the response received from Lancaster City Council.

COUNCIL – 21st January, 2016

–  –  –

Liaison Accord with Lancaster City Council Further to Item No. 10 regarding the outcome of the approach to Lancaster City Council regarding the Community Garden concept, the City Council have forwarded a proposed Liaison Accord for consideration (set out below).

The City Council are asking the Town Council to commit to the Accord, as they believe this would strengthen and enhance communication/liaison between the two organisations over maters such as the Garden Centre proposal, and other issues where City Council land and property would be affected by any proposals from the Town Council.

If the Town Council agree to adhere to the Accord, future negotiations in respect of the use of toilets, the Town Hall etc.. would then fall under the requirements of this Accord.

Liaison Accord for Morecambe Town Council and Lancaster City Council Lancaster City Council is the District tier of Local Government for Lancaster District.

Morecambe Town Council is the Parish Council for the wards of Bare, Harbour, Heysham North, Poulton, Torrisholme and Westgate within Lancaster District.

Both Councils, being Local Government authorities, are autonomous bodies governed by elected members who are elected to represent the citizens of their area.

Both councils have powers to undertaken certain activities and both have powers to raise funds to take actions in accordance with their priorities and powers.

When two autonomous councils cover the same area this means that membership, interests and responsibilities will on occasion overlap.

This protocol is designed to enhance the liaison between the two councils to assist with effective and efficient governance for local citizens.

Both councils will undertake, as far as is reasonable and practical, to provide prior liaison with the other council on issues which can be identified as being of mutual concern.

This liaison will be undertaken quarterly through joint meetings of senior elected members and officer representatives of each council.

Matters that arise that cannot be held over for quarterly meetings will be dealt with by ad hoc meetings.

Both councils will endeavour to raise matters informally and as early as possible in the decision making cycle with the aim of enhancing collaboration.

All Councillors from each Council will be expected to operate within the spirit of the accord.

Any Councillors who do not operate within the spirit of the accord will be accountable for their actions to their own Council.

Actions Required  To consider the Accord  To consider who would represent the Town Council at the quarterly meetings if it was agreed to adopt the Accord COUNCIL – 21st January, 2016

–  –  –

School Parking Introduction Members will recall that previous consideration has been given to the issue of parking outside schools following concerns expressed by local residents.

The following resolutions were agreed at the meeting of Council on 19th November regrading

this issue:

 That the Clerk writes to other Town/Parish, City/Borough, and County Councils seeking financial assistance towards the large scale media campaign to help spread awareness about the importance of parking safely around schools and reports back to a future meeting outlining the funding offered by other Council’s prior to any commercial media campaign being committed to.

 That the Clerk makes arrangements to undertake a local media campaign regarding the dangers of school parking.

 That Councillor Barber assists the development of the local media campaign with regard to encouraging Radio Lancashire to become involved.

Requests for Financial Support The Clerk wrote to all Parish and Town Councils within The Bay catchment area outlining the Town Council’s concern over the potential safety problems caused by irresponsible parking outside schools at the end of November.

Several responses have been received supporting the need for action and in principal a wide ranging high profile campaign, although no offers of financial assistance have been received to date.

A follow up email was sent to all those Parishes during week commencing 4th January.

Local media Campaign The Clerk met with the new editor of the Morecambe Visitor on 1st December. This was a very positive meeting and the Visitor will shortly be undertaking a campaign in their newspaper to promote responsible parking outside schools. This will take place over several weeks using articles and relevant real life stories from local residents and schools where possible.

The Town Council will use its social media and website to back up this campaign once it commences.

The Bay’s Proposal The Bay have been asked to reconsider their initial proposal and details of this should be received prior to the meeting. Details of any amended proposal will be forwarded to members prior to the meeting.

Radio Lancashire Councillor Barber has spoken to Radio Lancashire, although she is still awaiting a response on how they could assist.

Funding If the Council wish to take actions which cost, the Clerk would suggest utilising the funding available in the Healthy Streets budget totalling £4,000.

Actions Required To consider whether to proceed with a larger scale media campaign in partnership with The Bay COUNCIL – 21st January, 2016

–  –  –

Consultation re Lancaster City Council Parking Charges 2016/17 The City Council’s Cabinet will be considering its Corporate Fees and Charges report at the meeting to be held on 16th February and proposals for car parking charges for 2016/17 will be included in the report.

The proposals at Appendix A in respect of off street parking charges have been forwarded to the Clerk on 14th January, and the Town Council has been invited to comment on the proposals.

The full report will be published on the City Council’s web site on 4th February and will be accessible via the following link:http://committeeadmin.lancaster.gov.uk/ieDocHome.aspx?Categories= Comments on the proposals are requested to be submitted preferably by Friday 5th February to the City Council but no later than Friday 12th February and comments received will be made available to Cabinet Members before the meeting.

Actions Required:

The Council is required to consider the proposals and determine if it wishes to make any comments to the City Council for consideration by the Cabinet on 16th February.

Appendix A: The City Council Annual Review of Parking Fees and Charges 2016/17 Proposals Off Street Parking Charges (Generally) Pay and Display Option 1A To increase all Up to 1 hour parking charges across all car parks in Lancaster and Morecambe from £1.30 to £1.40 and from £1.10 to £1.20 on the Festival Car Park in Morecambe.

Williamson Park, Lancaster To increase the Up to 1 hour charge from 0.90p to £1.00 To increase the Full Day charge from £1.50 to £1.60 Option 1B To implement the following tariff increases in Lancaster:To increase the Up to 1 hour charge from £1.30 to £1.40 To increase the evening parking charge from £1.40 to £1.50 To increase the Up to 3 hours long stay charge from £2.40 to £2.60 Williamson Park To increase the Up to 1 hour charge from 0.90p to £1.00 To increase the Full Day charge from £1.50 to £1.60 Option 1C To implement the following tariff increases in Lancaster:To increase the Up to 1 hour charge from £1.30 to £1.40 To increase the Up to 3 hours long stay charge from £2.40 to £2.60 To increase the Up to 5 hours long stay charge from £3.90 to £4.30 To increase the Up to 10 hours long stay charge from £6.50 to £7.00 Williamson Park To increase the Up to 1 hour charge from 0.90p to £1.00 To increase the Full Day charge from £1.50 to £1.60 The officer preferred option is Option 1A This maintains consistent charging across all the main car parks in Lancaster and Morecambe and avoids any confusion over charging arrangements that could lead to operational and enforcement problems.

Mobile Phone Parking This optional service was introduced on a trial basis in June last year and allows customers to purchase their parking via their mobile phone and mobile app. There is no registration fee for the service and customers are charged a 20p convenience charge and can choose to pay a further 10p for a text reminder to advise them their time is running out and giving them the option to top-up their payment.

The service has proved extremely popular and over 10,000 parking sessions have been purchased up to mid-December. For the service to be made permanent approval is required to include £5,000 in next year’s draft budget and subsequent years.

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