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«Agenda Item Page Item Heading Number Number Minutes of Council Meeting held on 10th December, 2015 Community Engagement Committee – 6th January, 2016 ...»

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21st January, 2016



Agenda Item Page

Item Heading

Number Number

Minutes of Council Meeting held on 10th December, 2015

Community Engagement Committee – 6th January, 2016 Planning Development and Environment Committee – 7th January, 2016 Finance and Management Committee – 14th January, 2016 10 Community Garden Centre Concept 36 11 Liaison Accord with Lancaster City Council 38 12 School Parking 40 13 Consultation re Lancaster City Council Parking Charges 2016/17 42 15 Byelaws 45


Minutes of the Meeting of Morecambe Town Council held on Thursday 10th December, 2015, at 7.00 p.m. at Morecambe Town Hall Present: Councillors D. Clifford (Chairman), M. Pattison (Vice Chairman), T. Anderson, J.

Bates, J. Brandwood, S. Burns, I. Clift, C. Cozler, L. Davies, R. Dennison, B. Hughes, Janice Hanson, John Hanson, T. Metcalfe, L. Page and D. Whitaker

Officers in Attendance:

D. Croxall (Town Clerk) and A. Fawcett (Clerk’s Assistant)

50. Apologies for Absence Councillors A. Ashworth, J. Ashworth, B. Barber, C. Brayshaw, D. Brayshaw, T. Brown, P.

Heath, L. Hughes, M. Ogden and N. Semple

51. Declaration of Interests There were no declarations of interest.

Minutes of Meeting held on 3rd December, 2015 52.

To receive as a correct record, the Minutes of the Meeting of the Town Council held on 3rd December, 2015. The minutes set out recommendations in respect of Festivals funding for 2016/17.


That the Ship Ahoy Children’s Festival 2016 be awarded £2,000 subject to the (1)

following conditions:

 the award to be subject Council’s Standard Terms and Conditions in relation to Festival Funding.

 the organiser to arrange training for stewards as part of the Festival’s Risk Management Plan.

 the organiser to seek additional support from local businesses.

(2) That the applications from Morecambe Live in respect of the Blueswater, Morecambe Jazz, Motown Magic, Country Kickback, Club 80’s Tropicana and Zombieville festivals in 2016 be refused on the basis that the resubmitted applications were no different to the original applications.

(3) That the application from the Morecambe Variety Festival be regrettably refused as it had been received after the original closing date for receipt of applications.

(4) That the unallocated amount in the 2016/17 Festivals budget of £1,085 be retained within the Festivals budget for future use.

53. Town Council Strategic Vision 2015-2019 The Council considered its Strategic Vision for the for the next few years. The clerk reminded the Council that the Strategy should be used to inform the 2016/17 budget, and as the budget required completion by the end of January 2016, the Strategy should be agreed at this meeting.

The draft strategy prepared by the Strategy Working Group was submitted for consideration.

The Clerk’s report set out the following issues which were recommended to be addressed in

completing the Strategy:

 The future funding of PCSO’s – as previously indicated if the Council did want to reduce this in any way the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner would need to be informed by 31st December.

 In constructing the budget for 2016/17, there would be a sum of £70,000 at 31st March, 2016 in the Council’s funds which had not yet been allocated.

 The draft Strategy included the statement “Secure the future of Morecambe Town Hall.

To move forward in an appropriate manner, the Council would at some point need to debate what this actually meant to the Council to determine how the Clerk would proceed with this important project.

 Neighbourhood Planning – this would be a long, lengthy and important piece of work.

A grant of £14,000 has been applied for to assist with administration costs and necessary expert planning advice. However, the application if successful was unlikely to cover the Council’s full costs. This would need to be taken into account in the Council’s Strategy and budget considerations.

 Engaging young people had been included within the Community Engagement Strategy and the overall Draft Strategy. If the Youth Council could be set up, it was suggested consideration be given to setting aside a small budget (e.g. up to £5,000 per annum) with appropriate guidelines, to allow the Youth Council to determine an annual project for the benefit of young people.

 With regard to Festivals, the Council had committed to £55,00 of support in 2016/17 with funding awards having been made by Council (£1.085.00 remained in the budget), including the production of publicity campaign for all events in Morecambe.

 Christmas Lights – the Council currently puts £6,000 per annum into this which was a small sum of money which did not go very far. The Council currently owned £6,000 worth of lights and had entered into a three year hire agreement for the illuminations on Pedder Street at a cost of £1,700 over the next two years (2016/17 and 2017/18).

 In the public consultation Christmas Lights provision was not in the top 6 in the ranking list of the 12 questions asked, although Christmas Lights were welcomed by many people and businesses. The key to moving forward with Christmas Lights in the future would be to first of all determine whether it should be retained in the Strategy and hence the budget, then commence planning for 2016 in January, 2016 which should include requesting a formal dialogue with Lancaster City Council to explore how the two Councils could work together more effectively to enhance Christmas Lights provision across the whole town.

The Council debated the issue regarding the inclusion of community safety and PCSO funding within the Strategy. It was agreed community safety remained an important issue. However, some members were concerned at the level of funding from the Council’s budget towards additional PCSO’s within the town.

A number of proposals were made by members regarding the future level of funding of PCSO’s.

During the ensuing debate and in accordance with Standing Orders a recorded vote on all proposals put forward was requested by Councillors Dennison and Burns.

It was proposed by Councillor Dennison and seconded by Councillor Burns:

“That the funding of PCSO’s within Morecambe be retained at the current level in 2016/17, but for one year only.” On being put to the vote the votes recorded in respect of Councillor Dennison’s proposal were

as follows:

For the Proposal (4) Councillors Anderson, Burns, Dennison and Page Against the Proposal (12) Councillors Bates, Brandwood, Clifford, Clift, Cozler, Davies, Janice Hanson, John Hanson, B. Hughes, Metcalfe, Pattison and Whitaker Abstentions (0) None The proposal was therefore lost.

It was the proposed by Councillor Bates and seconded by Councillor Janice Hanson:

“That the Town Council’s funding towards six PCSOs in Morecambe be withdrawn from 1 st April, 2016, unless the Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable were able to clarify in writing to the Town Council by 31st December, 2015 that the Morecambe Neighbourhood Policing Team was to be retained at its current level of operation in 2016/17.” On being put to the vote the votes recorded in respect of Councillor Bate’s proposal were as


For the Proposal (11) Councillors Anderson, Bates, Burns, Clifford, Cozler, Davies, Janice Hanson, John Hanson, B. Hughes, Page and Whitaker Against the Proposal (4) Councillors Brandwood, Clift, Metcalfe and Pattison Abstentions (1) Councillor Dennison The proposal was therefore carried.

The Council then debated the remainder of the Draft Strategy and agreed which Committee/Officer should be responsible for the implementation of each priority area of work within the Strategy.


(1) That the Clerk writes to the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable of Lancashire informing them that the Town Council’s funding towards six PCSOs in Morecambe be withdrawn from 1st April, 2016, unless the Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable were able to clarify in writing to the Town Council by 31st December, 2015 that the Morecambe Neighbourhood Policing Team was to be retained at its current level of operation in 2016/17.

(2) That the draft Strategy as submitted be approved and the following areas of priority

areas of work be agreed for 2016/17:

–  –  –

54. Naming of Heysham/M6 Link Road The County Council had begun the process of choosing an official name for the new route.

As one of the key stakeholders the County Council had written to the Town Council to ask if it wished to put forward initial ideas and suggestions for the official name for the link road.

The County Council were seeking names that were simple and imaginative. The official name would be used on signposts, maps and the internet and will become the authorised, formal name used when describing the road.

A County Council panel would consider the names put forward by all stakeholders and then shortlist the top five names which would be put to a public vote early in 2016 with the official name announced in March 2016.


That following suggested names for the Heysham/M6 Link road be submitted to the County

Council for consideration:

–  –  –

Any queries regarding this meeting, please contact David Croxall, Clerk to the Council on 01524 422929 or via email to clerk@morecambe.gov.uk David Croxall Town Clerk 16th December, 2015

–  –  –

Councillors Present: T. Brown (Chairman), A. Ashworth, J. Ashworth, D. Brayshaw, C.

Cozler, T. Metcalfe, and M. Ogden Others Present: Councillor N. Semple Officers in attendance – A. Fawcett (Assistant Clerk) 10. Apologies for Absence - None 11. Declarations of Interest There were no declarations of interest Minutes of Meeting held on 1st September, 2016 12.


That the minutes of the meeting of the Community Engagement and Grants Committee held on 1st September, 2015 be noted.

–  –  –

The Assistant Clerk gave an update at the meeting about the outcome of a conversation with Rachel Dodgson the North West Education Outreach Officer for the Houses of Parliament and was involved with local Pupil Parliaments. She was fully supportive of the idea of Morecambe Town Council setting up a Youth Council and made the following suggestions regarding

membership and the structure:

 A budget for the Youth Council would mean it had more chance of being successful  Year 6 pupils should be included in the membership because it was important to engage them before they go to High School as this age group often had good ideas, were about to embark on their teenage years and this would help bridge the gap between primary and high schools. She believed schools would be very supportive of this.

 Young people should elect their own chair with the Clerk/Assistant Clerk attending meetings and that the chair or a representative report back to each Town Council meeting.

 Start times for meetings should be around 4.30 to 5 p.m. with a one-hour time limit being set.

 Morecambe Town Hall would be an ideal venue for the Youth Council  The membership of the Council should be made up of the following:

–  –  –


That Council be recommended to agree the following in respect of setting up the Youth


 A budget of £1,000 be set aside for the Youth Council to utilise together with the money collected from the face painting for the Urban Child Project. All financial decisions to be agreed by Full Council  The remit of the Youth Council to be the following:

–  –  –

 The Youth Council consist of 32 members aged 10-19, who live, work or attend

school/college in Morecambe and to be structured by the following:

–  –  –

 The Youth Council to be offered the use of the Council Chamber at Morecambe Town Hall and the Clerk to request the City Council to consider the hire of the Council Chamber for free for use by the Youth Council, given that the youth project would benefit the town.

 The Youth Council to agree its own Terms of Reference, a suitable venue and the times the meetings are held, elect its own Chair and Vice Chair and choose its own name, however, all decisions will need to be agreed by Full Council.

 Once the Youth Council has been set up and formalised, it is required to report to the Finance and Management Committee with a budget and any new expenditure, and a representative of the Youth Council to be invited to each Full Council meeting update on progress.

 The Young Person’s Champion to report to each Community Engagement Committee with an update about the Youth Council.

–  –  –

The Committee discussed the report in relation to the community award. Concerns were raised regarding the involvement of the general public in nominations as it appeared to duplicate the Visitor Newspaper’s Annual Awards. Members thought it would be pointless the Town Council asking the public for the nominations if the local newspaper, which is one of the main methods the Council would need to be used to request nominations, undertook a very similar process.

It was suggested that the award followed the same structure as the awards previously presented by the Town Council, i.e. members would be asked to nominate one person from the town, whom they considered should be recognised.


That Council be recommended to agree the following:

 The Clerk to send a nomination form out to Councillors for them to nominate

one member of the community using the following criteria:

 Made significant contribution to the advancement, wellbeing and welfare of the people of Morecambe in a voluntary capacity,  Demonstrated excellent citizenship, or  Committed a one-off act of heroism, selflessness or bravery.

–  –  –

The Committee were of the opinion that the criteria and application form would benefit from amendments to show support for those applicants which did not have substantial funds. In addition, it was believed that the scoring system did not fully support the value of the creative content from a project.


That Council be recommended to agree that:

 The Clerk emails the Grant application form and criteria to all members of the Community Engagement and Grants Committee to offer members the opportunity to suggest amendments.

 Following receipt of suggestions from members of the Committee, the Clerk draft an amended application form and criteria for consideration by the Council.

16. Involvement in Community Events In 2015 the Council participated in the Morecambe Parish Church Christmas Tree Festival.

The Committee were asked if they wished to continue this in 2016.

Suggestions were made for the Council to enter a float in the 2016 Morecambe Carnival. The float could be used to raise funds towards the grants budget and to promote the festivals in Morecambe and the Morecambe in Bloom competition.

To further promote the festivals in Morecambe, it was suggested that the Council could produce a calendar for 2017 featuring photographs from the Major Festivals that take place in the town.


That Council be recommended to agree that:

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